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Sound Art - Electronic, Tape, Computer & Electroacoustic Music

Pytheas Sound Art
Contemporary Electroacoustic Music

Delia Derbyshire: Falling, from "The Dreams" (1964)

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Electroacoustic Pioneers, Manifestos, Inventions and Premieres


Filippo Marinetti
(1876-1944) @ Wikipedia
Luigi Russolo (1883-1947) @ Wikipedia
Edgard Varèse (1883-1965)
Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948) @ Wikipedia
Léon Theremin (1896-1993)  -  the inventor of the Theremin (c.1919-20) @ Wikipedia
Tristan Tzara (1896-1963) @ Wikipedia
Maurice Martenot (1898-1980)  -  the inventor of the Ondes Martenot (1928) @ Wikipedia
~  ~  ~
Magnetic Wire Recorder invented

~  ~  ~
George Antheil (1900-1959)
Otto Luening (1900-1996)
Pierre Schaeffer (1910-1995)
Josef Tal (1910-2008)
~  ~  ~  
Balilla Pratella, "Technical Manifesto of Futurist Music"

~  ~  ~  
Vladimir Ussachevsky (1911-1990)
John Cage (1912-1992)
~  ~  ~  
Luigi Russolo, "The Art of Noises"

~  ~  ~  
Milton Babbitt (1916-    )
Pietro Grossi (1917-2002) - pioneer of computer music
~  ~  ~  
Theremin invented by Léon Theremin

~  ~  ~  
Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001)
Lejaren Hiller (1924-1994) - pioneer of computer
Luciano Berio (1925-2003)
Earle Brown (1926-2002)
Morton Feldman (1926-1987)
Gottfried Koenig (1926-    )
David Tudor (1926-1996)
Pierre Henry (1927-    ) - pioneer of the musique concrète
~  ~  ~  
Ondes Martenot invented by Maurice Martenot

~  ~  ~  
Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007)
Robert Ashley (1930-    )
Mauricio Kagel (1931-2008)
Alvin Lucier (1931-    )
François Bayle (1932-    )
Pauline Oliveros (1932-    )
Morton Subotnick (1933-    )
Mario Davidovsky (1934-    )
Christian Wolff (1934-    )
~  ~  ~  
Audio Tape Recorder invented

~  ~  ~  
Gordon Mumma (1935-    )
Terry Riley (1935-    )
David Behrman (1937-    )
Delia Derbyshire (1937-2001)
~  ~  ~  

1948, October 5th
Pierre Schaeffer's "Etude aux chemins de fer" broadcast on French radio

Elektronische Klangerzeugung: Elektronische Musik und Synthetische Sprache
(Stockhausen's thesis)

Lejaren Hiller & Leonard Isaacson:Iliac Suite for String Quartet
. . . first complete work of computer-assisted composition

Forbidden Planet - film score by Louis & Bebe Barron composed entirely
w/electronic circuits & tape recorders

BBC Radiophonic Workshop established

early 1960's
Live electronics pioneered by members of Milton Cohen's "Space Theater" in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Buchla Music Box, the first electronic synthesizer, invented by Don Buchla

Moog Synthesizer invented by Robert Moog

"Switched-On Bach" by Walter/Wendy Carlos and Benjamin Folkman released

1983, August
MIDI Specification 1.0 finalized

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Electronic Music Midwest (Lewis University, Romeoville, IL)
Electronic Music Studios (London)
Electronic Music Studios (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Electronic Music Studios (University of Iowa)
EMS/Elektronmusikstudion - Centre for electroacoustic music (Stockholm, Sweden)
FEMS/Florida Electroacoustic Music Studio (University of Florida School of Music)
Gassmann Electronic Music Studio (Claire Trevor School of the Arts, University of California, Irvine)
HUSEAC/Harvard University Studio for Electroacoustic Composition
International Computer Music Association
Int'l Confederation of Electroacoustic Music (ICEM)/La Confédération Internationale de Musique Electroacoustique (CIME)
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Electronic, Computer and Electroacoustic Festivals
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San Francisco Electronic Music Festival (San Francisco, CA)
Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music (Washington, DC)  -   September 2010
Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts (University of Minnesota)
Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival (Modlin Center for the Arts, University of Richmond, VA)

Selected Discography
Discography of Philips' "Prospective 21e Siècle" Series (compiled by Ed Maurer)
    - French pressings [41 titles]
    - Dutch pressings [1 title]
    - English pressings [4 titles; duplicates of French pressings]
    - Japanese pressings [3 titles; duplicates of French pressings]
    - Spanish pressings [1title; duplicate of French pressing]

Electronic Panorama: Paris, Tokyo, Utrecht, Warszawa (1970), 4 LPs [Philips' "Prospective 21st Siecle" Series]
(available online at  Internet Archive Avant Garde ProjectAGP 13    and    AGP 14 )
    LP 1: Groupe De Recherches Musicales De L'O.R.T.F.
        - Ivo Malec: Spot [1:35]
        - Luc Ferrari: Visage V [10:32]
        - Guy Reibel: 2 Variations En Étoile [16:42]
        - Bernard Parmegiani: Ponomatopées [6:15]
        - Bernard Parmegiani: Générique [1:15]
        - Pierre Schaeffer/Pierre Henry: Bidule En Ut [2:00]
        - Ivo Malec: Dahovi II [7:15]
        - Pierre Schaeffer: Étude Aux Allures [3:28]
        - François Bayle: Solitioude [2:15]
    LP 2: Studio Voor Elektronische Muziek Utrecht
        - Jaap Vink: Screen [7:30]
        - Milan Stibilj: Rainbow [3:25]
        - Frits Weiland: Textuur [4:16]
        - Jacob Cats: Lux [3:35]
        - Alireza Maschayeki: Shur [5:12]
        - Luctor Ponse: Radiophone [3:22]
        - Jos Kunst: Expulsion [9:00]
        - Gottfried Michael Koenig: Funktion Blau [6:11]
    LP 3: Studio Of Radio NHK, Tokyo
        - Toshiro Mayuzumi: Mandara [6:20]
        - Maki Ishii: Kyoō [13:15]
        - Minao Shibata: Improvisation [9:32]
        - Makoto Moroi: Shōsanke [13:20]
    LP 4: Studio Eksperymentalne Polskie Radio
        - Krzysztof Penderecki: Psalmus [5:05]
        - Andrzej Dobrowolski: Musique Pour Bande Magnétique Et Hautbois Solo [9:00]
        - Arne Nordheim: Solitaire [12:00]
        - Włodzimierz Kotoński: Microstructures [8:02]
        - Bogusław Schaeffer: Symphonie [16:53] [performed according to the graphic score by Bohdan Mazurek]

Selected Discography of Women's Electro-acoustic Music (University of North Texas)

. . . and more
from The Wizards Laboratory (1972) on YouTube
Clara Rockmore - the master of the notoriously difficult Theremin, and later championed by synthesizer-creator Bob Moog
Louis and Bebe Barron
Else Marie Pade
Elaine Radigue
Michele Bokanowski
Daphne Oram
Maddalena Fagandini
Glynis Jones
Elizabeth Parker
Yoko Ono
Pril Smiley
Daria Semegen
Wendy Carlos
Annette Peacock
Beatriz Ferreyra
Maggi Payne
Cynthia Webster


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