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Ruth Wiesenfeld (1972-     )

Ruth Wiesenfeld is a composer, performer and practitioner of the Feldenkrais-Method which she teaches at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler (Berlin). She studied with James Fulkerson, Joan La Barbara and Frank Denyer. Wiesenfeld holds a BA in contemporary dance (European Dance Development Center, Arnhem, NL) and a PhD in music composition (Dartington College of Arts, UK). Her works have been commissioned and performed by soloists, ensembles, festivals and dance companies such as Ensemble Kaleidoskop, Internationales Klangkunstfestival Berlin 2010, European Overtone Choire, Alfonso Leal del Ojo, Torbay Symphony Orchestra, The Barton Workshop, No Thrills (Berlin) and Sasha Waltz & Guests amongst others. Her main interest is in the performer's quality of presence on stage. She is fascinated with developing compositional strategies to elicit in a performance moments of palpable resonance and fulfilled presence.

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I name you, trombone (????) [for James Fulkerson]
Begegnung (Moment), [????] (????)
fete galante (1999) [music and dance by Ruth Wiesenfeld]
Ja'el, double bass (2002)
Stories Still ..., cello and pre-recorded tape (2004) [text: Samuel Beckett]
Hautfelder, 5 violas (2006)
    - Hautfelder (Fields of Skin), string quartet (2007) [No. 1; No. 2; No. 3]
spun yarn, orchestra (2008)
farb_laut c, double bass (2008)
Capsicum, animated film score (2008)
    -  [dir: Deborah Phillips; music: Wolfgang in der Wiesche; text collagen/sound mix: Ruth Wiesenfeld]
Out of Darkness (2009) [collab. w/Marianne Pollich, Michael Eimann, and Gemma  McGregor]
    - Out of Darkness, chorus, w/overtones (2011)
Inflexionen, flute (2010)
Inflexions, marimba and flute (2011?)
PURPUR, chamber ensemble (2011)
Raureif, metal object, melodica and 3 busy performers (2012)
Das stille Band, a choreographic a cappella opera (2012) [choreography by Magda Korsinsky]

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Listening as a Sense of Touch (Ruth Wiesenfeld, Orpheus Institute/Ghent)

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