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David Tudor (1926-1996)

David Tudor, composer & pianistTudor's career as a concert pianist began with a performance of Pierre Boulez in 1950 and lasted through the 1960s. He became known for performing, and in many cases premiering, works by contemporary avant-garde composers, including Morton Feldman, Earle Brown, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and La Monte Young. He worked closely with John Cage for many years, notably giving the premier performance of 4'33" on 29 August 1952. Toward the end of the 1950s he began to work in tape compositions, and by the end of the 60s his focus had shifted completely away from the piano and toward the budding world of electronic music, Tudor building his own machines and composing for them accordingly. His performed work frequently incorporated components of light, theatrics, and later film. Much was comissioned by the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, where Cage was music director, a position Tudor assumed following Cage's death in 1992.

COMPOSITIONS                                                            Tudor Links     ~ ~ ~     Works by Genre
Laser Concert (1979) [collab. w/Lowell Cross]
[untitled] (1952)
The Whole World - The Run: The Juggleress (1953) [19th century piano music selected by David Tudor]
Solo for Piano for Indeterminacy (1958) [composer: John Cage]
Winter Music (electronic version) (1961) [composer: John Cage]
Variations II (1961) [composer: John Cage]
Piano Concert (1961) [composer: Richard Maxfield]
Solo for Piano (electronic version) (1962) [composer: John Cage]
Variations II & III (1963) [composer: John Cage]
Activities for Orchestra (1964) [composer: Toshi Ichiyanagi]
Music for Piano #4 (electronic version) (1964) [composer: Toshi Ichiyanagi]
Fluorescent Sound (1964) [collab. w/Robert Rauschemberg: ElginTie]
Light Piece for David Tudor (1965) [composer: Pauline Oliveros; with visuals by Anthony Martin]
Talk 1 (1965) [composer: John Cage]
Book for 3 (Theatre version) (1966) [composer: Michael von Biel; with visuals by David Orcutt]
Book for 3 (version for rotisseries and modulators) (1966) [composer: Michael von Biel]
Solo(s) for Voice 2 (electronic version) (1966) [composer: John Cage]
Bandoneon! (1966) [with projected video images by Lowell Cross]
Fontana Mix (version for bass, drum and electronic circuits) (1967) [composer: John Cage]
Fontana Mix (version for piano and electronic circuits) (1967) [composer: John Cage]
The Music of Conlon Nancarrow (1968) [composer: Conlon Nancarrow]
Assemblage (1968)
Video III (1968)
Reunion (1968) [collab. w/John Cage, David Behrman, Lowell Cross, Gordon Mumma]
[untitled] (1968) [composers: John Cage, David Tudor, Gordon Mumma]
Rainforest (1968) [collab. w/Merce Cunningham]
Video/Laser I (1969)
4 Pepsi Pieces (1970)
    - Pepsibird
    - Anima Pepsi
    - Pepscillator
    - Microphone
Video/Laser II (1970)
First Week of June (1970) [composers: John Cage, David Tudor, Gordon Mumma]
Monobird (1972)
Untitled (1972)
Rainforest 2 (1972)
Melodics for Amplified Bandoneon (1972)
52/3 (1972) [composers: Jasper Johns, David Tudor, Gordon Mumma]
Rainforest 3 (1973)
Laser Rock (1973)
Laser Bird (1973)
Microphone (1 to 9) (1973)
Free Spectral Range I (1973) [collab. w/Lowell Cross]
Free Spectral Range II (1973) [collab. w/Lowell Cross]
Island Eye Island Ear (1974) [collab. w/Fujiko Nakaya]
Photocell Action (1974) [with light composition by Anthony Martin]
Toneburst (1975) [collab. w/Merce Cunningham]
Forest Speech (1976)
Pulsers (1976)
Free Spectral Range III (1976) [collab. w/Lowell Cross]
Free Spectral Range III (2nd performance) (1976) [collab. w/Lowell Cross]
Rainforest IV (1976) [collab. w/Composers Inside Electronics]
Video Pulsers (1977) [collab. w/Viola Farber, Robert Rauschenberg: Brazos River]
Free Spectral Range IV (1977) [collab. w/Lowell Cross, Carson D. Jeffries]
Forest Speech 2 (1978) [collab. w/Groupwork]
Pulsers 2 (1978)
Weatherings (1978) [collab. w/Merce Cunningham]
Laser Concert (1979)
Laser Concert (1980) [collab. w/Lowell Cross]
Phonemes (1981) [collab. w/Merce Cunningham]
Phonemes (1981)
Sextet for Seven (1982) [collab. w/Merce Cunningham]
Sea Tails (1983) [collab. w/Jackie Monnier]
Dialects (1984)
Fragments (1984) [collab. w/Merce Cunningham]
Hedgehog (1985)
Tailing a Dream (1985) [collab. w/Jackie Monnier]
Web, for John Cage (1985)
Sea Tails (Sound Totem Version) (1986) [collab. w/Jackie Monnier]
Electronics with Talking Shrimp (1986)
9 Lines Reflected (1986) [collab. w/Jackie Monnier]
For 'Bye-Bye Kipling' (1986) [collab. w/Jackie Monnier]
Line & Cluster (1986)
Le Dos du Rève (1987) [collab. w/Jackie Monnier]
Web for John Cage, II (1987)
Webwork, electronic work (1987) [collab. w/Merce Cunningham]
Five Stone, clay drums & unspecified realization (1988)[composers: w/John Cage; collab. w/M. Cunningham - "Five Stone Wind"]
Virtual Focus, electronics (1990) [collab. w/Merce Cunningham]
Coeffcient: Frictional Percussion and Electronics (1991)
Coefficant (1992)
Neural Network Plus, electronic work (1992) [collab. w/Merce Cunningham - for dance pieces "Enter"]
Neural Synthesis nos. 1-9, electronic work (1992-94)
The Second Week of January (1994) [composers: David Tudor, T. Kosugi, John D.S. Adams, D'Arcy Philip Gray
    ; collab. /Merce Cunningham and Mikhail Barishnykov]
Untitled (1975/1994) (1994) [collab. w/Merce Cunningham, based on "Toneburst"]
Soundings: Ocean Diary, electronic work (1994) [collab. w/Merce Cunningham, Andrew Culver]
Toneburst: Maps and Fragments, [live electronics] (1996) [collab. w/visual artist Sophia Ogielska]

WORKS BY GENRE                                                            Tudor Links     ~ top of page ~
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TUDOR  LINKS                                                            Works by Genre      ~ top of page ~
The Art of David Tudor: Indeterminacy and Performance in Postwar Culture (Amy C. Beal, et al, Leonardo Music Journal)
Cage = 100: Tudor and the Performance Practice of Concert for Piano and Orchestra (Isaac Schankler, NewMusicBox)
David Tudor: Live Electronic Music (Leonardo Music Journal)
David Tudor in Darmstadt (Amy C. Beal,
David Tudor, Performer & Composer of Live Electronic Music: A Survey of Available Recordings (Grant Chu Covell, La Folia)
David Tudor's Realization of John Cage's "Variations" (James Pritchett,
Gain: Reflections on David Tudor (Nicolas Collins)
Obituary: David Tudor (The Independent)
Presenting David Tudor - A Conversation with Bruce Duffie (
Remembering David Tudor: A 75th Anniversary Memoir (Lowell Cross)

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