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Max Steiner (1888-1971)

Max Steiner, composerAustrian-born film composer Max Steiner was the grandson of the musical impresario who discovered Strauss and brought Offenbach to Vienna. Growing up with a rich heritage of opera and symphony all about him, Steiner developed into a musical prodigy; at the age of thirteen he graduated from the Imperial Academy of Music, completing the course in one year and winning the Gold Medal of the Emperor. Already a composer at 14 and conductor at 16, Steiner moved from Austria to England in 1905, remaining there to conduct at His Majesty's Theatre until 1914. With the outbreak of the war, Steiner emigrated to America, where he kept busy with Broadway musicals and operettas. One of his most beneficial American jobs was to compose the music to be conducted during screenings of the silent film The Bondman (1915); he became a friend of William Fox, the film's producer, giving Steiner early entree into the Hollywood that would so gainfully employ him in later years. In 1929, he was brought to fledgling RKO Radio Studios to orchestrate the film adaptation of Ziegfeld's Rio Rita (1929). Always confident in his talents, Steiner was realistic enough to understand that he was hired by RKO because he cost a tenth of what someone like Stowkowski would charge. While at RKO, Steiner developed his theory that music should be a function of the dramatic content of a film, and not merely background filling. His scores for such films as Symphony of Six Million (1932), The Informer (1935), and, especially, King Kong (1933) are carefully integrated works, commenting upon the visual images, augmenting the action, and heightening the dramatic impact. While Steiner's detractors would characterize his spell-it-out technique as "Mickey Mousing" (in reference to the music heard in animated cartoons), producers, directors, and stars came to rely upon Steiner to make a good film better, and a great film superb. After 111 pictures at RKO, Steiner was hired by David O. Selznick, who assigned the composer to write the score for Gone with the Wind (1939). Virtually 75 percent of this 221-minute epic required music of some sort, and Steiner rose to the occasion with what many consider his finest work. One concept refined in Gone with the Wind was to give each important character his or her own separate musical motif -- quite an undertaking when one realizes how many speaking parts there were in the film. Around that time Steiner began working at Warner Bros, where he penned the studio's famous "opening logo" fanfare and also provided evocative scores for such classics as Now Voyager (1941), Casablanca (1942) and Mildred Pierce (1945). A proud, vain man, Steiner frequently found himself the butt of good-natured practical jokes from his fellow composers, but at Oscar time it was usually Steiner who had the last laugh. Steiner remained active until 1965, contributing scores to The Caine Mutiny (1954), The Searchers (1955), A Summer Place (1959) and many other films. It was only at the very end of his career, with such retrogressive scores as Youngblood Hawke (1964), that Max Steiner's once-revolutionary technique began to sound old hat.
-  Hal Erickson, All Music Guide

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The Beautiful Greek Girl, operetta (1904) (1902?)

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The Bondman, silent film score (1915) [w/Steiner conducting an orchestra at William Fox's Riverside Theater in Manhattan, NY]
The Case of Sergeant Grischa, film score (1930) [film is lost]
Dixiana, film score (1930) [uncredited]
Beau Ideal, film score (1931) [uncredited]
Cimarron, film score (1931) [uncredited] [first original film score]
Kept Husbands, film score (1931) [uncredited]
Bachelor Apartment, film score (1931)
Cracked Nuts, film score (1931) [uncredited]
Young Donovan's Kid, film score (1931) [uncredited]
Transgression, film score (1931) [uncredited]
The Public Defender (Million Dollar Swindle), film score (1931) [uncredited]
High Stakes, film score (1931)
The Runaround, film score (1931)
The Gay Diplomat, film score (1931)
Friends and Lovers, film score (1931)
Fanny Foley Herself, film score (1931)
Consolation Marriage (Married in Haste), film score (1931) [uncredited]
Way Back Home, film score (1931) [uncredited]
Are These Our Children?, film score (1931)
Secret Service, film score (1931) [uncredited]
Peach-O-Reno, film score (1931)     [uncredited]
Men of Chance, film score (1932) [1931] [uncredited]
Travelling Husbands, film score (1931) [uncredited]
Girl of the Rio, film score (1932)
Ladies of the Jury, film score (1932) [uncredited]
The Lost Squadron, film score (1932) [uncredited]
Symphony of Six Million, film score (1932)
State's Attorney (Cardigan's Last Case), film score (1932) [uncredited]
Is My Face Red?, film score (1932)
What Price Hollywood?, film score (1932)
Roar of the Dragon, film score (1932) [uncredited]
Bird of Paradise, film score (1932)
Thirteen Women, film score (1932)
The Most Dangerous Game, film score (1932)
A Bill of Divorcement, film score (1932) [uncredited]
The Conquerors, film score (1932)
Penguin Pool Murder, film score (1932) [uncredited]
The Half Naked Truth, film score (1932) [uncredited]
The Animal Kingdom (The Woman in His House), film score (1932) [uncredited]
The Monkey's Paw, film score (1932) [1933]
Lucky Devils, film score (1933) [uncredited]
King Kong, film score (1933) [one of the first American films to have an extensive musical score]
Sweepings, film score (1933)
The Silver Cord, film score (1933)
Diplomaniacs, film score (1933)
Melody Cruise, film score (1933) [uncredited]
Morning Glory, film score (1933)
Little Women, film score (1933)
The Right to Romance, film score (1933) [uncredited]
Son of Kong, film score (1933)
The Lost Patrol, film score (1934) [Best Music (Score) Nomination; as head of RKO Radio Studio Music Department]
Stingaree, film score (1934) [uncredited]
The Life of Vergie Winters, film score (1934)
Murder on the Blackboard, film score (1934) [uncredited]
Of Human Bondage, film score (1934)
The Fountain, film score (1934)
The Age of Innocence, film score (1934) [uncredited]
The Gay Divorcee (1934) [Best Music (Score) Nomination; as head of RKO Radio Studio Music Department]
The Little Minister, film score (1934)
Star of Midnight, film score (1935) [uncredited]
The Informer, film score (1935) [Winner of Best Music (Score) Oscar]
Break of Hearts, film score (1935) [uncredited]
She, film score (1935)
Metropolitan Nocturne, film score (1935)
The Three Musketeers, film score (1935)
I Dream Too Much, film score (1935) [uncredited]
Follow the Fleet, film score (1936) [uncredited]
Little Lord Fauntleroy, film score (1936)
The Garden of Allah, film score (1936) [Best Music (Score) Nomination]
The Charge of the Light Brigade, film score (1936) [Best Music (Score) Nomination]
Winterset, film score (1936) [score by Nathaniel Shilkret and Max Steiner (uncredited)]
God's Country and the Woman, film score (1937)
The Green Light, film score (1937)
A Star Is Born, film score (1937)
Kid Galahad, film score (1937) [uncredited]
Slim, film score (1937) [uncredited]
The Life of Émile Zola, film score (1937) [Best Music (Score) Nomination]
That Certain Woman, film score (1937)
Submarine D-1, film score (1937)
First Lady, film score (1937)
Tovarich, film score (1937)
White Banners, film score (1938)
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, film score (1938) [uncredited]
Gold Is Where You Find It, film score (1938)
Jezebel, film score (1938) [Best Music (Scoring) Nomination]
Crime School, film score (1938)
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, film score (1938)
Four Daughters, film score (1938)
The Sisters, film score (1938)
Angels with Dirty Faces, film score (1938)
The Dawn Patrol, film score (1938)
They Made Me a Criminal, film score (1939)
The Oklahoma Kid, film score (1939)
Dodge City, film score (1939)
Dark Victory, film score (1939) [Best Music (Original Score) Nomination]
Confessions of a Nazi Spy, film score (1939) [uncredited]
Daughters Courageous, film score (1939)
Each Dawn I Die, film score (1939) [uncredited]
The Old Maid, film score (1939)
Dust Be My Destiny, film score (1939)
Intermezzo: A Love Story, film score (1939) [uncredited]
We Are Not Alone, film score (1939)
Gone with the Wind, film score (1939) [Best Music (Original Score) Nomination]
Four Wives, film score (1939)
British Intelligence (Enemy Agent), film score (1940) [uncredited]
Granny Get Your Gun, film score (1940) [uncredited]
Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet, film score (1940)
Virginia City, film score (1940)
All This and Heaven Too, film score (1940)
City for Conquest, film score (1940)
A Dispatch from Reuters, film score (1940)
Father Is a Prince, film score (1940) [uncredited]
The Letter, film score (1940) [Best Music (Original Score) Nomination]
Santa Fe Trail, film score (1940)
The Case of the Black Parrot, film score (1941) [uncredited]
The Great Lie, film score (1941)
Shining Victory, film score (1941)
Sergeant York, film score (1941) [Best Music (Scoring of a Dramatic Picture) Nomination]
The Bride Came C.O.D., film score (1941)
Dive Bomber, film score (1941)
One Foot in Heaven, film score (1941)
They Died with Their Boots On, film score (1941)
All Through the Night, film score (1941) [uncredited]
Captains of the Clouds, film score (1942)
Larceny, Inc., film score (1942) [uncredited]
In This Our Life, film score (1942)
The Gay Sisters, film score (1942)
Desperate Journey, film score (1942)
Now Voyager, film score (1942) [Winner of Best Music (Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture) Oscar]
Casablanca, film score (1942) [Best Music (Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture) Nomination]
The Battle of Britain, film score (1943) [uncredited]
Mission to Moscow, film score (1943)
Watch on the Rhine, film score (1943)
Murder on the Waterfront, film score (1943) [uncredited]
Passage to Marseille, film score (1944)
The Adventures of Mark Twain, film score (1944) [Best Music (Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture) Nomination]
Since You Went Away, film score (1944) [Winner of Best Music (Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture) Oscar]
Arsenic and Old Lace, film score (1944)
The Corn Is Green, film score (1945)
Mildred Pierce, film score (1945)
Saratoga Trunk, film score (1945)
San Antonio, film score (1945)
Rhapsody in Blue, film score (1945) [Best Music (Scoring of a Musical Picture) Nomination; shared with Ray Heindorf]
Tomorrow Is Forever, film score (1946)
My Reputation, film score (1946)
Her Kind of Man, film score (1946) [uncredited]
One More Tomorrow, film score (1946)
A Stolen Life, film score (1946)
The Big Sleep, film score (1946)
Cloak and Dagger, film score (1946)
The Beast with Five Fingers, film score (1946)
Night and Day, film score (1946) [Best Music (Scoring of a Musical Picture) Nomination; shared with Ray Heindorf]
Pursued, film score (1947)
Love and Learn, film score (1947)
The Unfaithful, film score (1947)
Cheyenne, film score (1947)
Deep Valley, film score (1947)
Life with Father, film score (1947) [Best Music (Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture) Nomination]
My Wild Irish Rose, film score (1947) [Best Music (Scoring of a Musical Picture) Nomination; shared with Ray Heindorf]
The Voice of the Turtle, film score (1947)
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, film score (1948)
My Girl Tisa, film score (1948)
Winter Meeting, film score (1948)
The Woman in White, film score (1948)
Silver River, film score (1948)
Key Largo, film score (1948)
Johnny Belinda, film score (1948) [Best Music (Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture) Nomination]
Fighter Squadron, film score (1948)
The Adventures of Don Juan, film score (1948)
The Decision of Christopher Blake, film score (1948)
South of St. Louis, film score (1949)
A Kiss in the Dark, film score (1949)
Flamingo Road, film score (1949)
The Fountainhead, film score (1949)
White Heat, film score (1949)
Beyond the Forest, film score (1949) [Best Music (Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture) Nomination]
Without Honour, film score (1949)
The Lady Takes a Sailor, film score (1949)
Mrs. Mike, film score (1949) [uncredited]
Backfire, film score (1950) [uncredited]
Young Man with a Horn, film score (1950) [uncredited]
The Damned Don't Cry, film score (1950) [uncredited]
Caged, film score (1950)
Return of the Frontiersman, film score (1950) [uncredited]
The Flame and the Arrow, film score (1950) [Best Music (Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture) Nomination]
The Glass Menagerie, film score (1950)
The Breaking Point, film score (1950) [uncredited]
Rocky Mountain, film score (1950)
Dallas, film score (1950)
Close to My Heart, film score (1951)
Storm Warning , film score (1951) [uncredited]
Operation Pacific, film score (1951)
Sugarfoot, film score (1951)
Raton Pass, film score (1951)
Lightning Strikes Twice, film score (1951)
On Moonlight Bay, film score (1951)
Force of Arms, film score (1951)
Jim Thorpe - All American, film score (1951)
Come Fill the Cup, film score (1951) [uncredited]
Distant Drums, film score (1951)
Room for One More, film score (1952)
This Woman Is Dangerous, film score (1952) [uncredited]
Mara Maru, film score (1952)
The Lion and the Horse, film score (1952)
The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima, film score (1952) [Best Music (Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture) Nomination]
This Is Cinerama, documentary film score (1952) [uncredited]
Springfield Rifle, film score (1952)
The Iron Mistress, film score (1952)
The Jazz Singer, film score (1952) [Best Music (Scoring of a Musical Picture) Nomination; shared with Ray Heindorf]
Trouble Along the Way, film score (1953)
The Desert Song, film score (1953)
The Charge at Feather River, film score (1953)
So This Is Love, film score (1953)
So Big, film score (1953)
The Boy from Oklahoma, film score (1954)
The Caine Mutiny, film score (1954) [Best Music (Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture) Nomination]
King Richard and the Crusaders, film score (1954)
The Violent Men, film score (1955)
Battle Cry, film score (1955) [Best Music (Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture) Nomination]
The Last Command, film score (1955)
The McConnell Story, film score (1955)
Illegal, film score (1955)
Hell on Frisco Bay, film score (1955)
Come Next Spring, film score (1956)
Helen of Troy, film score (1956)
The Searchers, film score (1956)
Bandido, film score (1956)
Death of a Scoundrel, film score (1956)
All Mine to Give, film score (1957)
China Gate, film score (1957)
Run of the Arrow, film score (1957) [uncredited]
Band of Angels, film score (1957)
Escapade in Japan, film score (1957)
Darby's Rangers, film score (1958)
Fort Dobbs, film score (1958)
Marjorie Morningstar, film score (1958)
The Hanging Tree, film score (1959)
John Paul Jones, film score (1959)
A Summer Place, film score (1959)
The FBI Story, film score (1959)
Ice Palace, film score (1960)
Cash McCall, film score (1960)
The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond, film score (1960) [uncredited]
The Dark at the Top of the Stairs, film score (1960)
The Sins of Rachel Cade, film score (1961)
Portrait of a Mobster, film score (1961)
Parrish, film score (1961)
Susan Slade, film score (1961)
A Majority of One, film score (1961)
Rome Adventure, film score (1962)
The Chapman Report, film score (1962) [uncredited]
FBI Code 98, film score (1963)
Spencer's Mountain, film score (1963)
A Distant Trumpet, film score (1964)
Youngblood Hawke, film score (1964)
Two on a Guillotine, film score
Those Calloways, film score (1965)
Including stock music composer, orchestrator, musical director, conductor, etc for some 300 other films . . . see IMDb

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77 Sunset Strip, TV series (203 episodes, 1958-1964)
Maverick, TV series (124 episodes, 1957-1962)
Adventures in Paradise, TV series (87 episodes, 1959-1962)
The Lawless Years, TV series (47 episodes, 1959-1961)
Assignment: Underwater, TV series (38 episodes, 1960-1961)
The Alaskans, TV series (36 episodes, 1959-1960)
Sugarfoot, TV series (2 episodes, 1959)
Kings Row, TV series - end theme (7 episodes, 1955-1956)
Hawaiian Eye, TV series (133 episodes, 1959-1963)

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Devotion (1931) [Myles Connolly, Max Steiner] [from "Consolation Marriage"]
There's a Sob In My Heart (1931) [Humphrey Pearson, Max Steiner] [from "Traveling Husbands"]
Unfinished Sonata, piano (1932) [from "A Bill of Divorcement"]
Out of the Blue (1932) [Edward Eliscu, Max Steiner] [from "Bird of Paradise"]
King Kong (Theme) (1933) [Max Steiner]
Buy a Kiss (1933) [Val Burton, Will Jason, Max Steiner] [from "After Tonight"]
Josephine (1933) [Val Burton, Will Jason, Max Steiner] [from "Little Women"]
Morning Glory (1933) [Joe Young, Max Steiner] [from "Morning Glory"]
Lost Patrol (Theme) (1934) [Max Steiner]
Funny Little World (1934) [Ann Ronnell, Max Steiner] [from "Down to Their Last Yacht"]
The Informer (Theme) (1935) [Max Steiner]
I Can't Waltz Alone (1935) [Dorothy Fields, Max Steiner] [from "Alice Adams"]
Midnight in Manhattan (1935) [Jack Scholl, Max Steiner] [from "Star of Midnight"]
The Charge of the Light Brigade (Theme) (1936) [Max Steiner]
A Star is Born (1937) [Dorothy Dick, Max Steiner] [from "A Star is Born"]
Gone With the Wind (Theme) (1939) [Max Steiner]; also My Own True Love (Tara's Theme) [words, 1959, Mack David]
Dust Be My Destiny (1939) [M.K. Jerome, Jack Scholl, Max Steiner] [from "Dust Be My Destiny"]
The Rhapsody, 2 pianos (1940) [from "City for Conquest"]
I Have So Much More (1941) [Stanley Adams, Max Steiner] [from "The Great Lie"]
All My Life (1941) [Max Steiner] [from " They Died With Their Boots On"]
We Watch the Sky-ways (1941) [Gus Kahn, Max Steiner] [from "Dive Bomber"]
Now Voyager (Theme) (1942) [Max Steiner]; also It Can't Be Wrong (Now, Voyager Theme) [words, Kim Gannon]
Since You Went Away (Theme) (1944) [Max Steiner]
Orchid Moon (1944) [Al Stillman, Max Steiner] [from "The Conspirators"]
Someday I'll Meet You Again (1944) [Ned Washington, Max Steiner] [from "Passage to Marseillies"]
As Long As I Live (1945) [Charles Tobias, Max Steiner] [from "Saratoga Trunk"]
Goin' Home (1945) (Charles Tobias, Max Steiner] [from "Saratoga Trunk"]
Mildred Pierce (Theme) (1945) [Max Steiner]
San Antonio (Theme) (1945) [Max Steiner]
A Stolen Life (Theme) (1946) [Max Steiner]
While You're Away (1946) [Stanley Adams, Max Steiner] [from "My Reputation"]
Tomorrow is Forever (1946) [Charles Tobias, Max Steiner] [from "Tomorrow is Forever"]
Deep Valley (1947) [Charles Tobias, Max Steiner] [from "Deep Valley"]
Kathy (1949) [Ned Washington, Max Steiner] [from "Mrs. Mike"]
So Big (Theme) (1953) [Max Steiner]; also So Big (Theme) [words, Ned Washington]
Full Speed Ahead (1954) [Alfred Perry, Max Steiner] [from "The Caine Mutiny"]
Honey Babe (1955) [Paul Francis Webster, Max Steiner] [from "Battle Cry"]
Jim Bowie (1955) [Sidney Clare, Sheila MacRae, Max Steiner] [from "The Last Command"]
Bandido (1956) [Jack Barnett, Max Steiner] [from "Bandido"]
Come Next Spring (1956) [Lenny Adelson, Max Steiner] [from "Come Next Spring"]
Stephanie (1956) [Carl Sigman, Max Steiner] [from "Death of a Scoundrel"]
Band of Angels (1957) [Carl Sigman, Max Steiner] [from "Band of Angels"]
My Very, Very Own (1957) [Norman Bennett, Max Steiner] [from "All Mine to Give"]
Sugarfoot (Theme) (1957) [Ray Heindorf, Max Steiner, Paul Francis Webster] [from TV series "Sugarfoot"]
77 Sunset Strip (Theme) (1958) [Ray Heindorf, Max Steiner] [from TV series "77 Sunset Strip"]
A Summer Place (Theme) (1959) [Max Steiner] [later, words by Mack Discount]
What Do I Care (1959) [Al Stillman, Max Steiner] [from "The F.B.I. Story"]
The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs (Theme) (1960) [Max Steiner]
Rome Adventure (1962) [George Weiss, Hugo Luigi, Max Steiner] [from "Rome Adventrue"]
On My Way (1964) [Ray Evans, Jay Livingston, Max Steiner] [from "Youngblood Hawke"]
Angel (1965) [Jay Livingston, Ray Evans, Max Steiner] [from "Those Calloways"]
The Right to Love (1965) [Ervin Drake, Max Steiner] [from "Two on a Guillotine"]

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King Kong - Max Steiner (Jonathan Broxton, Movie Music UK)
King Kong - 75th Anniversary Tribute to the First Major Film Score (Film Music Review/Amer. Music Preservation)
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Max Steiner - Father of Film Music (TV documentary by Jacob Groll, Vienna Film Fund)
Max Steiner - Setting the Mood with the Dean of American Film Music (Nick Zegarac, The Hollywood Art)
Max Steiner The RKO Years 1929-1936 (Ian Lace, MusicWeb International)

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