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Jean Sibelius (1865-1957)

Jean Sibelius, composerJean Sibelius was Finland's leading post-Romantic composer of symphonies and a national icon. Beginning as a follower of Richard Strauss, Sibelius achieved fame with his symphonic poems Kullervo and Finlandia, and his early symphonies also gained many supporters. A crisis in 1908 over a throat tumor darkened Sibelius' mood, and music composed after this time bears a brooding character, most notable in the later symphonies and tone poems. Sibelius stopped composing in 1925 and spent his long retirement revising his works and being fêted as a grand old man of classical music. His 90th birthday celebration brought worldwide adulation.
-  Blair Sanderson, All Music Guide

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Numerous early works  -  listed  here

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En Saga, symphonic poem, orchestra, op. 9 (1892; final version, 1902)
Porilaisten marssi (Regimental march of the Pori infantry regiment), arr. for a small (?) orchestra (1892, lost)
Karelia (Overture, 8 Tableaux and 2 Intermezzi), orchestra (1893)
    - Karelia Suite, orchestra, op. 11 (1893)
            - Intermezzo
            - Ballade
            - Alla Marcia
    - Karelia Overture, orchestra, op. 10 (1893)
Lemminkäinen Suite (Four Legends from the Kalevala), orchestra, op. 22 (1893) [includes The Swan of Tuonela]
Skogsrået (The Wood Nymph), orchestra, op. 15 (1894)
Vårsång (Spring Song), orchestra, op. 16 (1894)
Scènes historiques I, orchestra, op. 25 (????)
Finlandia, orchestra w/opt. chorus, op. 26 (1899)
Symphony No. 1, E minor, orchestra,op. 39 (1899/1900)
Symphony No. 2, D major, orchestra, op. 43 (1902)
Cassazione, orchestra, op. 6 (1904)
Romance, C major, string orchestra, op. 42 (1904)
Kuolema, orchestra, op. 44 (1904/1906)
    - Valse triste
    - Scene with Cranes
Dance Intermezzo, orchestra, op. 45, no. 2 (1904/1907)
Pelléas et Mélisande, suite, orchestra, op. 46 (1905) [from incidental music]
Symphony No. 3, C major, orchestra, op. 52 (1907)
Pohjolan tytär (Pohjola's Daughter), orchestra, op. 49 (1906)
Pan and Echo, orchestra, op. 53a (1906)
Nightride and Sunrise, orchestra, op. 55 (1909)
Dryadi (The Dryad), orchestra, op. 45, no. 1 (1910)
Two Pieces from Kuolema, orchestra, op. 62 (1911)
Symphony No. 4, A minor, orchestra, op. 63 (1911)
Barden (The Bard), orchestra, op. 64 (1913/1914)
Scènes historiques II, orchestra, op. 66 (????)
Aallottaret (The Oceanides), orchestra, op. 73 (1914)
Symphony No. 5, E-flat major, orchestra, op. 82 (1915; rev. 1916 and 1919)
Symphony No. 6, D minor, orchestra, op. 104 (1923)
Symphony No. 7, C major, orchestra, op. 105 (1924)
Tapiola, orchestra, op. 112 (1926)
Andante Festivo, string orchestra (1925/1930)
Symphony No. 8, orchestra (incomplete and destroyed by composer; very few sketches survive)

Jääkärimarssi, band (1915)

Soloist(s) w/Orchestra
Violin Concerto, D minor, op. 47 (1903/1905)
Two Serenades (D minor; G minor), violin and orchestra, op. 69 (1912)
Solemn Melodies, violin (or cello) and orchestra, op. 77 (1914-15)
Six Humoresques, violin and orchestra (1917; 2 published as op. 87b; 4 published as op. 89)

Chorus w/Orchestra
Kullervo, choral symphony, soprano, baritone, male chorus and orchestra, op. 7 (1892) [text: from Kalevala]
    - Introduction
    - Kullervo's youth
    - Kullervo and his sister
    - Kullervo goes to war
    - Kullervo's death
            - Kullervo's Lament, baritone and piano (1893; rev. 1917-18; arr. w/orch, 1957) [music from the work's final movement]
Rakastava (The Lover), male voices and string orchestra; or string orchestra and percussion, op. 14 (1893/1911)
Sandels, improvisation, chorus and orchestra, op. 28 (1898)
Snöfrid, reciter, chorus and orchestra, op. 29 (1899)
Tulen synty (The Origin of Fire), [chorus and orchestra?], op. 32 (1902)
Oma Maa (Our Fatherland), chorus and orchestra, op. 92 (1918)
Jordens sång (Song of the Earth), chorus and orchestra, op. 93 (1919)
Väinön virsi (Väinö's song), chorus and orchestra, op. 110 (1926)

Boat-ride, male chorus (or chorus), op. 18, no. 3 (1893) [text: from Kalevala]
Työkansan marssi (March of the Labourers ), chorus (1893) [text: Juho Heikki Erkko]
Soitapas sorea neito, tenor and chorus (1893-94) [text: Kanteletar]

Svartsjukans nätter, narrator, violin, cello and piano (1893) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg]
Overture in F minor, brass septet, JS146 (1889)
Allegro, brass septet, JS25 (1889)
Andantino and Menuett, brass septet, JS45 (1890-91)
Prelude, brass septet, JS83 (1891)
Duo, C major, violin and viola (c.1891-1892)
Tiera, brass septet and percussion, JS200 (1899)
String Quartet, B flat major, op. 4
Voces intimae, string quartet, op. 56 (1909)

Solo Instrument
Adagio, D minor, [????], JS12 (1890)
Rondo, D minor, viola and piano, JS162 (1893)
Romance, violin (or cello) and piano, op. 78, No. 2 (????)

Six Impromptus, piano, op. 5 (1893) [nos. 5 & 6 arr. for string orchestra (Impromptu), 1894]
Piano Sonata, F major, op. 12 (1893)
Ten Pieces, piano, op. 24 (1894-1903)
Kylliki, 3 lyric pieces on subjects from the Kalevala, piano, op. 41 (1904)
Ten Pieces, piano, op. 58 (1909)
Three Sonatinas (F# min; E maj; Bb min), piano, op. 67 (1912)
Two Rondinos, piano, op. 68 (1912)
Ten Pensées lyriques, piano, op. 40 (1912-14)
Four Lyric Pieces, piano, op. 74 (1914)
Five Pieces, piano, op. 75 (1914)
Thirteen Pieces, piano, op. 76 (1914)
Ten Bagatelles, piano, op. 34 (1914-16)
Five Pieces, piano, op. 85 (1916)
Six Pieces, , piano, op. 94 (1919)
Six Bagatelles, piano, op. 97 (1920)
Eight Short Pieces, piano, op. 99 (1922)
Five Romantic Compositions, piano, op. 101 (1923)
Five Characteristic Impressions, piano, op. 103 (1924)
Intrada, organ, op. 111a (1925)
Five Esquisses, piano, op. 114 (1929)
Surusoitto (Funeral Music), organ, op. 111b (1931)

Viisi joululaulua (5 Christmas songs), voice and piano, op. 1 (1895–1913)
    - Now Stands Yule At The Snowy Gate
    - Now Is Christmas Coming
    - Christmas Carol (Julpsalm)
    - Christmas Song (Julvisa)
    - The Shining Snows Are Driven High
Runeburg Songs (7 songs), op. 13 (1890-91)
    - Under strandens granar ('Neath the fir-trees), voice and piano (1892) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg]
    - Kyssens hopp (Kusses Hoffnung), voice and piano (1892) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg]
    - Hjärtats morgon (The heart's morning), voice and piano (1890) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg]
    - Våren flyktar hastigt (Spring is flying/Frühling schwindet eilig), voice & pf (1891) [text: J. L. Runeberg] [arr. w/orch, 1914]
    - Drömmen (The Dream), voice and piano (1891) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg]
    - Till Frigga, voice and piano (1892) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg]
    - Jägargossen (The Hunter Boy/Der Jägerknabe), voice and piano (1891) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg]
Tule, tule, kultani, voice and piano (1892) [folk song arrangement]
Svartsjukans nätter, narrator, violin, cello and piano (1893) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg]
Seven Songs, [voice and piano], op. 17 (1891-1904)
    - Se’n har jag ej frågat mera (Then I questioned no further), voice & pf (1891-92) [text: Runeberg] [arr. w/orch, 1903]
    - Sov in!, voice and piano (1891-92) [text: Karl August Tavaststjerna]
    - Fågellek, voice and piano (1891) [text: Karl August Tavaststjerna]
    - Vilse (Astray), voice and piano (1898;  rev. 1902) [text: Karl August Tavaststjerna]
    - En slända (Dragonfly), voice and piano (1904) [text: Oscar Levertin
    - Illalle (To Evening), voice and piano (1898) [text: Aukusti Valdemar Forsman/Koskimies]
    - Lastu lainehilla (Driftwood), voice and piano (1902) [text: Ilmari Calamnius/Kianto]
Luonnotar, soprano and orchestra, op. 70 (1913)

Kung Kristian (King Christian), incidental music, op. 27 (1898)
Kuolema, incidental music, op. 44 (1903)
Pelléas et Mélisande, incidental music, op. 46 (1905) [also Suite for orchestra]
Belshazzar's Feast, incidental music, op. 51 (1906)
Svanevit (Swan-white), incidental music, op. 54 (1908)
Jedermann, incidental music, op. 83
The Tempest, incidental music, soloists, chorus and orchestra, op. 109 (1925)

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Early Works
Vattendroppar (Raindrops), violin and cello (1881?)
Duo, 2 violins (1881-82?) [Adagio (- Allegro)]
Menuetto, 2 violins and piano (1883)
Piano Trio, G major?, 2 violins and piano (1883)
Andantino for cello and piano (1884)
Piano Quartet, D minor, 2 two violins, cello and piano  (1884?)
Piano Trio, A minor, violin, cello and piano (1884?)
Sonata for Violin and Piano, A minor (1884?)
Andante grazioso, violin and piano (1884-85)
[Untitled], A major, piano (1885)
[Untitled], A minor, piano (1885)
Con moto, piano (1885)
[Untitled], Eb major, piano (1885)
String quartet, Eb major (1885)
Molto moderato - Scherzo (Allegretto), string quartet (1885)
    - Scherzo arr. for piano, 1886
[Untitled], A minor, violin and piano (1886)
Allegro, violin, cello and piano (1886)
[Untitled], D major, solo violin (1886)
[Untitled], E major and E minor, piano (1886)
Piano Trio in A minor, "Havträsk trio" (1886)
Theme and Variations, D major, piano (1886)
[Untitled], A major, violin and piano (1886-87)
[Untitled], A minor, violin and piano (1886-87)
[Untitled], C major, violin and piano (1886-87)
Den lilla sjöjungfrun (The Little Mermaid), narrator and string quartet (1886-87?; lost) [text: Hans Christian Andersen]
[Untitled], E minor, violin and piano (1886-87)
[Untitled], G major, violin and piano (1886-87)
[Untitled], Bb minor, violin and piano (1886-87)
Hör du vinden, narrator and piano (1886-87) [part of the work is missing]
[Untitled], A major, violin and piano (1887)
Andante, piano (1887)
    - arr. harmonium and piano as "Andante cantabile", 1887
Andante cantabile, violin and piano (1887)
Andante molto, cello and piano (1887)
Au crépuscule, piano (1887)
Duo, violin and cello (1887)
[Untitled], F major, violin and piano (1887)
[Untitled], Bb minor, violin and piano (1887)
Quartet, violin, cello, harmonium and piano (1887)
Menuetto [and] Allegro, 2 violins and cello (1887) [also titled "Allegro [and] Menuetto"] [possibly connected with Serenata, 1887]
Piano Trio, D major, "Korppoo trio", violin, cello and piano (1887)
Scherzo, violin, cello and piano 4-hands (1887) [part of the work is missing]
Serenata, 2 violins and cello (1887) [possibly connected with "Menuetto [and] Allegro", 1887]
Theme and Variations, D minor, solo cello (1887)
Tempo di valse, G minor, cello and piano (1887) [piano part is missing]
Trånaden (5 mvts), narrator and piano (1887) [text: Erik Johan Stagnelius]
Allegretto, Eb major, violin and piano (1887-88)
Andantino, violin, cello and piano (1887-88)
[Untitled], Ab major, piano (1887-88)
[Untitled], Eb minor, violin (or cello?) and piano (1887-88)
Moderato - Maestoso, violin and piano (1887-88)
Suite (5 mvts), D minor, violin and piano (1887-88)
Romance, B minor, violin and piano, op. 2, no. 1 (1888; rev. 1911)
Perpetum mobile, violin and piano. (1888; rev. 1911 as "Epilogue")
[Untitled], A minor, piano (1888)
Adagio, D major, piano (1888)
Alla marcia, string quartet (1888)
Allegretto, Bb minor), piano (1888)
Allegretto, C major, violin and piano (1888)
Allegretto, D major, string quartet (1888)
Allegretto, G minor, piano (1888)
Andantino, string quartet (1888)
Andantino, E major, piano (1888)
Andantino, B major, piano (1888)
En visa, voice and piano (1888) [text: Baeckman]
Ensam i dunkla skogarnas famn, chorus (1888) [text: Emil von Quanten]
[Untitled], Bb minor, cello and piano (1888) [part of the work is missing]
Hur blekt är allt, chorus (1888) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg]
Largo, piano (1888)
Moderato - Presto, piano (1888)
Näcken (The Watersprite), voice, violin, cello and piano (1888) [text: Gunnar Wennerberg's poem "Runa om Necken"]
När sig våren åter föder, chorus (1888) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg]
O, om du sett, narrator and piano (1888) [text: Ellen Hackzell]
Piano Trio, C major, "Loviisa trio", violin, cello and piano (1888)
Più lento - Tempo di valse, piano (1888)
Presto, string quartet (1888)
Suite (4 mvts),  E major, violin and piano (1888)
Serenade, voice and piano (1888) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg]
Tanke, se hur fågeln svingar, chorus (1888) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg]
Theme and Variations, C# minor, string quartet (1888) [part of the work is missing]
Theme and Variations, G minor, string quartet (1888)
Upp genom luften, chorus and piano (1888) [text: Per Atterbom]
Vivace, piano (1888)
Ack, hör du fröken Gyllenborg, chorus (1888-89) [folk song arrangement]
Adagio, F minor, string quartet (1888-89)
Allegretto, A major, string quartet (1888-89)
Allegro, string quartet (1888-89)
Allegro, violin and piano (1888-89)
Andante - Allegro, string quartet and piano (1888-89)
Andante - Allegro molto, string quartet (1888-89)
Andante molto sostenuto, string quartet (1888-89)
Då världar ännu skapade ej voro, voice, cello(?) and piano (1888-89) [text: ???]
[Untitled], Eb major, piano (1888-89)
[Untitled], Bb minor, cello and piano (1888-89) [part of the works is missing]
Moderato - Allegro appassionato, string quartet (1888-89)
Orgier, voice and piano (1888-89) [text: Lars Stenbäck]
Più lento, string quartet (1888-89)
Skogsrået, voice and piano (1888-89) [text: Viktor Rydberg]
A Betsy Lerche, piano (1889)
Allegretto, E major, piano (1889)
Allegro, wind septet and triangle (1889)
Andantino, violin, viola and cello (1889)
Canon, violin and cello (1889)
Fantasia, cello and piano (1889) [piano part missing]
Florestan (4 mvts), suite, piano (1889)
Fuga för Martin W[egelius], string quartet (1889)
String Quartet, A minor (1889)
Ouverture, wind septet (1889)
Suite (5 mvts), A major, violin, viola and cello (1889) [aka "Trio"] [violin part of mvts 4 and 5 is missing]
Sonata for Violin and Piano, F major (1889)
Tempo di valse, F# minor, "Lulu waltz", cello and piano (1889)
Sonat fragment för Becker, piano (1889-90)
Vi kysser du fader min fästmö här?, female chorus and piano (1889-90) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg]
String Quartet, B flat major, op. 4 (1890)
    - 3rd mvt arr. for string orch as "Presto (Scherzo)", 1894
Hjärtats morgon, voice and piano (1890) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg] [pub. as op. 13, no. 3]
Adagio, D minor, string quartet (1890)
Likhet, voice and piano (1890) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg]
Piano Quintet, G minor, string quartet and piano (1890)
Cirkusmarsch (Circus march), [orchestra?] (1890-91; lost)
Fäktmusik (Fencing music), [????] (1890-91; lost)
Våren flyktar hastigt (Spring is flying), voice and piano (1891) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg] [arr. w/orch, 1914] Op. 13 no. 4
Drömmen (The Dream), voice and piano (1891) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg] Op. 13 no. 5
Jägargossen (The Hunter Boy), voice and piano (1891) [text: Johan Ludvig Runeberg] Op. 13 no. 7
Fågellek, voice and piano (1891) [text: Karl August Tavaststjerna] Op. 17 no. 3
Overture, E major, orchestra (1891)
De musikaliska liken (The Musical Corpses), [????] (1891; lost)
Piano Quartet, C minor/C major, 2 violins, cello and piano (1891)
Preludium, wind septet and triangle (1891) [aka "Förspel"]
Scène de ballet, orchestra (1891)
Theme and Seven Variations, piano (1891; lost)
Se’n har jag ej frågat mera (Then I questioned no further), voice & pf (1891-92) [text: Runeberg] [arr. w/orch, 1903]Op. 17 no. 1
Sov in!, voice and piano (1891-92) [text: Karl August Tavaststjerna] Op. 17 no. 2
Andantino - Menuetto, wind septet (1891-92)
Duo, violin and viola (1891-92)
Scherzo, piano (1891-92)


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