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Search Tips at Pytheas

To search for a specific item on a particular web page:

                - If using Windows,  select EDIT, then FIND from the menu and enter a search string (word, phrase and/or number) in the FIND dialog box. The FIND feature is not case-sensitive, so upper- and lower-case don't matter.

Improving your Search results:

1. Be specific. Enter more than one word, if necessary. For example, if you’re looking for information on piano concerto, type in both words rather than just piano.

2. If there are no results for your search, try another search, using only the most important words relating to your topic.

3. Use the word OR to broaden your search. For example, searching for sonata OR symphony will return items that have at least one of these words.

4. Use the word NOT to exclude words from your search. For example, to find piano concertos and not piano sonatas, type piano concerto NOT sonata.

5. Use Quotes to search for a specific phrase, for example, "film score". This will find only those items that have that exact phrase in them

6. Use parentheses ( ) to tell the search engine what to do first. For example, to find items on piano or flute and concerto or sonata, type (piano OR flute) AND (concerto OR sonata)

7. Use an asterisk * at the end of the main word to search for a word with several different endings. For example, to find concerto or concertos or concertino or concertante, type concert*. Use a question mark ? to limit these alternate endings to just one letter. For example, to find sonata or sonatas but not sonatinas , type sonata?.


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