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Peter Schickele (1935-     )

Peter Schickele, composerComposer, musician, author, satirist---Peter Schickele is internationally recognized as one of the most versatile artists in the field of music. His works, now well in excess of 100 for symphony orchestras, choral groups, chamber ensembles, voice, movies and television, have given him, according to John Rockwell of The New York Times "a leading role in the ever-more-prominent school of American composers who unselfconsciously blend all levels of American music". His commissions are numerous and varied, ranging from works for the National Symphony and the Minnesota Opera to compositions for distinguished instrumentalists and singers. Schickele's Symphony No. 1, "Songlines" was premiered by the National Symphony under Leonard Slatkin, and has since been played by the New York Philharmonic, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra and other orchestras around the country. He is the recipient of five Grammies. Among his many, diverse projects is a weekly, syndicated radio program, Schickele Mix, which has been heard nationwide over Public Radio International since January 1992 and won ASCAP's prestigious Deems Taylor Award.
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Oh! Calcutta!, musical (1969) [co-written with Robert Dennis and Stanley Walden]


Overture to "The Civilian Barber", orchestra (1953)
Songs from Shakespeare, orchestra (1954, arr. 1992)
Invention for Orchestra (1958)
Requiem for String Orchestra (1959, rev. 1968)
Serenade, orchestra (1959)
Celebration with Bells, orchestra (1960)
A Zoo Called Earth, pre-taped narration and orchestra (1970)
Three Girls, Three Women, orchestra (1972)
Three Strange Cases, narrator and orchestra (1972)
American Birthday Card, narrator and orchestra (1976)
The Chenoo Who Stayed to Dinner, legend for narrator and orchestra (1977) [arr. w/o narrator as "Legend", 1992]
The View from the Roof, 3 orchestras (1989)
Elegy for String Orchestra (1992)
Legend for Orchestra (1992) [instrumental version of "The Chenoo Who Stayed to Dinner", 1977]
Thurber's Dogs Suite, orchestra (1994) [after Drawings by James Thurber]
What Did You Do Today at Jeffey's House?, orchestra (1994)
Symphony No. 1, "Songlines", orchestra (1995)
Concerto for Chamber Orchestra (1998)
One for the Money, orchestra (1999)
Symphony No. 2, "The Sweet Season", chamber orchestra (2001)
Folk Song Set, chamber orchestra (2002)

Pavilion Piece, band (1961)
The Tribe of Ahasuerus March and Prayer, band (1975)
Little Suite for Summer, wind ensemble (1977)
Metropolitan Wind Serenade, band (1995)

Soloist(s) w/Orchestra
Piano Concerto No. 1, G major, piano, organ and electric piano (1967)
The Fantastic Garden, rock group and orchestra (1968) [from "Three Views from the Open Window", DATE????]
Requiem Mantras, rock group and orchestra (1972)
Pentangle Five Songs, horn and orchestra (1976)
Five of a Kind Concerto, brass quintet and orchestra (1978)
Piano Concerto No. 2, "Ole!", F Major , piano, 2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba (1978)
Far Away from Here Music, bluegrass band and orchestra (1984)
Scenes from Breughel, renaissance ensemble and orchestra (1986)
What Did You Do Today at Jeffey's House? (3 pieces), horn and piano (1988) [also with orchestra]
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (1990)
Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra (1994)
Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (1999)
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra In Memoriam F.D.R. (2000)
Morning, Noon and Night, concerto for oboe, violin and orchestra (2001)

Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra (????)

Mass for Men's Voices, male chorus (1957)
Carol, female chorus (1960)
Birth of Christ, chorus and piano (1960)
Three Choruses from cummings, chorus (1960)
After Spring Sunset, chorus (1961)
Two Prayers, chorus (1961) [Grant This to Me; Thee, I Pray]
The Last Supper, female chorus (1965)
Silently, Invisibly, chorus and piano (1972)
Things to Try on a Summer Day, unison chorus and piano (1972)
Roundup, 2-, 3-, and 4-part rounds, chorus (1973)
Roundup at the Raunch, 2- and 3-part rounds, chorus (1973)
Diptych, chorus, piano and optional percussion (1975)
Music for a Wedding, unison chorus, flute, percussion and piano 4-hands (1978)
Three Meditations, female chorus (1978)
Three Pirate Songs, male chorus and piano (1978) [Captain Fate; Take a Strain, Boys; We Have Crossed the Equator Again]
Two Meditations, male chorus (1978) [Richard at Vezelay; Jonah's Song]
Summer Music, chorus or solo voices (1979)
Concerto for Piano and Chorus, "The Twelve Months", piano and chorus (1987)
    Prologue (August)
            - 30 Days Hath (September)
            - Now Lay Up Thy Barley Land (October)
            - Now Neptune's Sullen Month Appears (November)
            - Now the Winter Nights Enlarge (February)
            - Plaint (January)
            - Wondrous News the Angel Brings (December)
            - Before My Lady's Window Gay (May)
            - Cadenza (March)
            - Interlude (April)
            - Celebration With Bells (June)
            - Epilogue (July)
Guide My Soul, chorus and organ (1988)
Happy Birthday, Beth, 2-part chorus (male or female) (1988)
Songs I Taught My Mother, chorus and rhythm person (1988)
Go for Broke, a comedy for chorus (1989)
Blake's Proverbs, chorus, piano 4-hands, 4 percussionists and double bass (1991)
Amazing Grace, chorus (arr. 1994)
Ritual, chorus, 2 sopranos and Pre-Columbian instruments for 10 players (1995)
Incantations, chorus, flute, oboe, violin, double bass, percussion and harp (1998)
My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord, chorus, piano and string orchestra (1998)

Gloria, chorus (????)
Name Songs, unison chorus and soprano recorder (????)
On This Plain of Mist, female chorus, bass clarinet and marimba (????)
Songs on Old French Poems, unison chorus and soprano recorder (????)
Three Songs for a Wedding, female chorus and piano 4-hands (????)
Triptych, chorus and soprano recorder (or piccolo or flute) (????)
Who is This Child?, chorus (????)

Seven Bagatelles, flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon (1959)
Fanfare for a Lost Cause, flute, oboe, clarinet, trombone, violin, viola and cello (1960)
Monochrome I, flute octet (1960)
String Trio (1960)
Three Faces of Eve, solo tpt, ten sax & big band (5-4-4, vibes, pf, db, drums) (1960; rev. 1990) [Jazz or Jazz-Inflected Pc]
Aspendicitis, 3 fl, 2 tbn, 2 db, drums (1961) [Jazz or Jazz-Inflected Piece]
Bachanale,  2 tpts, 2 ten sax, pf, db, drums (1962) [Jazz or Jazz-Inflected Piece]
Cool Clear Walter,  viola  d'amore, 2 fl, bass cl, db (1962) [Jazz or Jazz-Inflected Piece]
Take Me Back to Funk, Nebraska, big band (1962; arr. 1988)
Diversions, oboe, clarinet and bassoon (1963)
Part-time Invention,  flute, harpsichord, db, drums (1964) [Jazz orJazz-Inflected Piece]
Three Scenes for Five Instruments, flute, oboe, bassoon, violin and harpsichord (1965)
Summer Trio, flute, cello and piano (1966)
Last Tango in Bayreuth, bassoon quartet (1973)
Monochrome III, 9 clarinets (1974)
Monochrome IV, 6 violas (1974)
Commedia, 2 oboes and bassoon (1977)
Piano Concerto No. 2, "Ole!", F Major, piano, 2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba (1978)
Trio Serenade, 2 flutes and piano (1979)
Dances for Three, 2 clarinets and bassoon (1980)
Serenade for Eleven Instruments, flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, string quartet, double bass and piano (1981)
Monochrome V, flute octet (1982)
Music for an Evening, string quartet and piano 4-hands (1982)
Quartet, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (1982)
String Quartet No. 1, "American Dreams" (1983)
Divertimento, 2 clarinets and bassoon (1984)
Nellermojo, tpt, tbn, alto sax, ten sax, bar sax, pf, db, drums (1984) [Jazz or Jazz-Inflected Piece]
Little London Trio, 2 violins and viola (1985)
Broadway Boogie, flute, clarinet, harp, piano, string quartet and double bass (1987)
String Quartet No. 2, "In Memoriam" (1987)
Dream Dances, flute, oboe and cello (1988)
Harvard Fair for Big Band, 5-4-4, pf, db, drums (1988) [Jazz orJazz-Inflected Piece]
Serenade for Six, bassoon, violin, viola, cello double bass and piano (1988)
String Quartet No. 3, "The Four Seasons" (1988)
String Sextet (1990)
Delta Jukebox, 2 bassoons and piano (1991)
Serenade for Three, clarinet, violin and piano (1992)
String Quartet No. 4, "Inter-Era Dance Suite" (1992)
Four Sketches, string quartet (1955-1993)
Blue Set No. 1, jazz string quartet (1993) [Jazz or Jazz-Inflected Piece]
Queen Anne's Lace Suite, 4 cellos (1994)
Blue Set No. 2, 4 bassoons (1996) [Jazz or Jazz-Inflected Piece]
Finish Line at the Rat Race, alto saxophone, 2 trumpets, horn, 2 trombones, tuba and 2 percussion (1997)
Percussion Sonata No. 2, "Woodstock", 4 wind chimes and assorted percussion instruments (5 Players) (1997)
Quintet No. 2, piano and string quartet (1997)
String Quartet No. 5, "A Year in the Country" (1998)
Three Cellos, 3 cellos (2007)
A Year in the Catskills, woodwind quintet (2009)

Emperor's New Clothes, narrator, oboe, violin, viola, cello and piano (????)
Octet (????)
Percussion Sonata No. 1, "Aspen", percussion ensemble (min. 12 players) (????)
Quintet No. 1, piano and string quartet (????)
River Run, double bass and harpsichord (????)

Monochrome II, 7 trombones (1960)
Hornsmoke, a Horse Opera, brass quintet and narration (1975)
Polka from "Hornsmoke", brass quintet (1976)
Piano Concerto No. 2, "Ole!", F Major, piano, 2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba (1978)
A Little Mosey Music, brass sextet (1983)
Mozart on Parade, brass quintet (1983)
Variations on a Joke, brass quintet (1984)
Brass Calendar, brass quintet (1993)

A Small World, 2 Flutes (1962)
Windows Three Pieces, viola (or flute or clarinet) and guitar (1966)
A Little Welcome Serenade, flute and violin (1975)
Little Suite for Autumn, violin and viola (1979)
Little Suite for Winter, clarinet and tuba (1981)
Duo Caprice, 2 violins (1993)
River Music, viola and cello (1993)
Top o' the Millennium, 2 violas (2000)

Solo Instrument
Tombeau de P.D.Q. Bach, violin and piano (1954)
Two Pleasant Songs, flute and piano (1954)
The Boston Wonder, flute and piano (1959)
Elegies, clarinet and piano (1974)
Stepping Out, double bass and piano (1976)
Three Uncharacteristic Pieces, trumpet and piano (1981)
Spring Serenade, flute and piano (1983)
Vermillion Suite, cello (1987)
Music for Mary, alto recorder (or flute) and piano (1988)
What Did You Do Today at Jeffey's House? (3 pieces), horn and piano (1988) [also with orchestra]
Mountain Music, cello and piano (1989)
Summer Serenade, bassoon and piano (1989)
New Goldberg Variations, cello and piano (1995)
DCB, flute and piano (1996)
Eagle Rock, cello and piano (1996)
Seven Miniatures, violin and piano (1997)
Deep Funk, Part 2, Dance Sonata for Solo Viola (2002)

Gardens, oboe and piano (????)

Overture to "The Civilian Barber", piano 4-hands (1953)
Ceremonial March, piano (1955)
Three Folk Settings, piano (1955)
Little Suite for Josie, piano (1957)
First Sonatina, piano (1957)
Razzle-Dazzle Triptych, piano (1958)
Second Sonatina, piano (1958)
Variations on a Medieval Theme, organ (1958)
Canzona, organ (1960)
Presents I, piano (1960)
Small Serenade, piano (1961)
Third Sonatina, piano (1964)
In My Nine Lives, piano (1967)
Piano Concerto No. 1, G major, piano, organ and electric piano (1967)
Presents II, piano (1958-72)
Two-Bit Epiphanies, piano 4-hands (1973) [Acapulco Hotel, July; Ghost Ranch, Los Angeles County, noon; Nada, Nevada, 6 a.m.]
Little Suite for Summer, piano 4-hands (1977)
Epitaphs, piano (1979)
Little Suite for Susan, piano (1980)
Morning Music, piano 4-hands (1983)
Hollers, Hymns and Dirges Eight Folk Settings, piano (1988)
Monochrome VI, 10 pianos (1989)
Fantasy for Organ (1990)
Four Pop Settings, piano (1992) [Along the Navajo Trail; Brazil; Fascinatin' Rhythm; Tea for Two]
Chapbook for Piano 6-hands (1994)
Two Miniatures, piano left-hand (1996) [Boogie; Lullaby]
Little Mushrooms, piano 4-hands (1997)
Nights at the Bear, piano (1999) [Saturday Night; Slow Summer Night; The 12-Bar Bear Bar Blues]

Songs for Baritone, Bassoon and Trombone (1958)
The Flow of Memory, mezzo-soprano, flute, bass clarinet and piano (1963)
Three Songs for a Wedding, medium voice and piano (1966) [Love's Commission; Love's Matrimony; Sudden Light]
The Lowest Trees Have Tops, cantata, soprano, flute, viola and harp (1974)
The Maiden on the Moor, counter-tenor or contralto and chamber orchestra (1975)
Weiss und Rot, three duets, baritone and bass voices (1976)
Summer Music, chorus or solo voices (1979)
How Sweet the Winds Do Blow, baritone, cornetto, sackbut, bass viol and drum (1991)
If Love Is Real, 2 voices and small orchestra (1991)
Answers to Questions We Are Often Asked, soprano, flute and harp (1993)
Suite from "The Rivals", mezzo-soprano, baritone, flute, clarinet, violin, bassoon, double bass and harpsichord (1997)
Two Songs on Elizabethan Lyrics, medium voice and piano (1998)

Fim/TV Scores
Poland, film score (1964)
Song of Innocents, film score (1964)
Israel, film score (1965)
The Crazy Quilt, film score (1966)
The Sounds of Alienation, TV film score (1966)
Big People, Small People, film score (1967)
Funnyman, film score (1967)
Someday, film score (1967)
Film for the Texas Pavillion at the Hemisfair, film score (1968)
Three Riddle Films, TV film score (1969) [Sesame Street]
Where the Garbage Goes, TV film score (1969) [Sesame Street]
Sweet Visions, film score (1970)
Silent Running, film score (1972)
Where the Wild Things Are, film score (1973)
A Likely Story, film score (1974)
Abduction of Figaro, film score (1984) [P.D.Q. Bach]

Incidental Music
The Rivals, songs and incidental music for the Sheridan play, fl, cl, vln, bsn, db and hpchd (1997)

Quodlibets (Pastiche Pieces)
Swing Sweet, Low Chariot, 1or 3 countertenors (opt.) and chamber orchestra (1997)
Viola Dreams Quodlibet, string quartet (1997)

Original Narrations for Other Composers' Music
Beatleset (Lennon/McCartney), soprano, cl, bsn, hn, celeste, pf, 2 vln, 2 va, 4 vc and db (2000)
Fili mi Absalon (Schutz), string quartet (1995)
Sneaky Pete and the Wolf (Prokofiev) (1993) [narration of Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf"]

P.D.Q. Bach Works
"Safe" Sextet, S. R33-l45-r[pass it once]78
"The Preachers of Crimetheus," S. 988 Ballet in One Selfless Act
The "Trite" Quintet, S. 6 of 1, Half a Dozen of the Other
1712 Overture for really big orchestra, S. 1712
A Consort of Christmas Carols S. 359
Throw the Yule Log On, Uncle John
O Little Town of Hackensack
Good King Kong Looked Out
O Little Town of Hackensack
Throw the Yule Log On, Uncle John
O Little Town of Hackensack
A Little Nightmare Music an Opera in One Irrevocable Act
Beethoven Symphony No. 5 Sportscast: New Horizons in Music Appreciation
Birthday Ode to "Big Daddy" Bach, S. 100
Blaues Gras (Bluegrass Cantata), S. 5-string
Breakfast Antiphonies, S. 8:30
Canine Cantata: "Wachet Arf!", S. K9 ("Sleeping Dogs Awake!")
Cantata Singalonga Melior Cave Canem
Canzon per sonar a sei Count them - sei, S. 62 [tpt, 2 hn, tbn, tuba]
Canzonetta "La Hooplina" The Girl from Hoople, S. 16 going on 30 [2 tpt, 2 hn, tbn, tuba]
Capriccio "La Pucelle de New Orleans" ("The Maid of New Orleans")
Chaconne a son gout
Classical Rap, S. 96th St
Concerto for Bassoon vs. Orch., S. 8'
Concerto for Horn and Hardart, S. 27
Concerto for Piano vs. Orchestra, S. 88
Concerto for Two Pianos vs. Orchestra (S. 2 are Better Than One)
Concerto for Two Pianos Vs. Orchestra Piano I
Concerto for Two Pianos Vs. Orchestra Piano II
Diverse Ayres on Sundrie Notions, S. 99 44/100 [bargain-counter tenor, worm/snake, vln, va, vc, hpschd/kbd.core]
Dutch Suite in G
Echo Sonata
Erotica Variations
Fanfare for Fred
Fanfare for the Common Cold S. 98.7 [2 tpt, 2 hn, tbn]
Fantasieshtick, S. 1001 [piano and orchestra]
Four Curmudgeonly Canons
Four Folk Song Upsettings, S. 4 [mezzanine soprano and devious instruments]
Goldbrick Variations S. 14 [piano]
Grand Serenade for an Awful Lot of Winds and Percussion
Grande Serenade for an Awful Lot of Instruments, S. 1000a
Gross Concerto No. 2 for Flutoid Instruments and Orchestra, S.-1
Gross Concerto, S.-2
Hansel and Gretel and Ted and Alice Opera in One Unnatural Act
Hindenburg Concerto, S. Lz 129
Howdy Symphony, S. 67/8
Iphigenia in Brooklyn, S. 52, 162
Knock Knock, S. 4/1 [choral cantata]
Konzertshtick for Two Violins Mit Orchestra, S. 2+
Liebeslieder Polkas
To His Coy Mistress No. 1 from "Liebeslieder Polkas"
To the Virgins, Make Much of Time No. 2 from "Liebeslieder Polkas"
The Passionate Shepherd to His Love No. 3 from "Liebeslieder Polkas"
Why So Pale and Wan, Fond Lover? No. 4 from "Liebeslieder Polkas"
It Was a Lover and His Lass No. 5 from "Liebeslieder Polkas"
The Constant Lover No. 6 from "Liebeslieder Polkas"
Song to Celia No. 7 from "Liebeslieder Polkas"
Interlude and Farewell Ungrateful Traitor Nos. 8 & 9 from "Liebeslieder Polkas"
Who is Sylvia? No. 10 from "Liebeslieder Polkas"
Lip my Reeds
Little Pickle Book (Pockelbuchlein) Organ
Little Pickle Book (Pockelbuchlein), S. 6 [organ]
March of the Cute Little Wood Sprites Band
Minuet Militaire, S. 1a
Missa Hilarious, S. N2
No-No Nonette, S. 86
Notebook for Betty Sue Bach S. 13 going on 14 [piano]
Oedipus Tex, S. 150 [dramatic oratorio or opera in one cathartic act]
Overture to La clemenza di Genghis Khan, S. 1227
Perückenstücke (Hairpiece from The Civilian Barber), S. 4F [soprano, pump fl, police trom, dbe-reed hookah, strings]
Pervertimento, S. 66
Prelude in C Major
Prelude to Einstein on the Fritz, S. E=mc2
Royal Firewater Musick, S. 1/5 (Dudeldorf Version)
Royal Firewater Musick, S. 1/5 (Original Version)
The Seasonings, S. 1½ Tsp.
Serenude, S. 36-24-36
Shepherd on the Rocks with a Twist, S. 12 to 1 [bargain-counter tenor and devious instruments]
Should, S. 365 a Chorale Prelude for the New Year
Sinfonia concertante, S. 98.6
Six Contrary Dances for Concert Band
Sonata Abassoonata
Sonata Da Circo Circus Sonata, S. 3 [ring organ, or whatever]
Sonata for Viola, Four Hands
Sonata Innamorata for Piano Four Hands, S. 1+1
Sonata Piccola for Piccolo and Piano
Suite from "The Civilian Barber, S. 4F"
Suite No. 1 for Cello All By Its Lonesome
Suite No. 2 for Cello All By Its Lonesome
The Abduction of Figaro, Opera in Three Acts
The Abduction of Figaro, Overture S. 384, 492
The Art of the Ground Round
The Definitive Biography of P.D.Q. Bach
The Household Moose (1956)
The Musical Sacrifice
The Only Piece Ever Written For…
The Seasonings Oratorio [SATB soloists, chorus and orchestra]
The Short-Tempered Clavier Preludes and Fugues in All the Major and Minor Keys Except for the Really Hard Ones [piano]
The Stoned Guest, S. 86 proof Half-Act Opera
Three Chorale-Based Piecelets, S. III [organ]
Three Teeny Preludes, S. 001 [piano]
Toot Suite, S. 212° [calliope or organ 4-hands]
Trio (Sic) Sonata
Trumpet Involuntary from "Iphigenia in Brooklyn, S. 52, 162"
Twelve Quite Heavenly Songs (Arie Proprio Zodicale), S. 16° [bargain-counter tenor, basso blotto, keyboards]
Two Hearts, Four Lips, Three Little Words [chorus]
Two Madrigals from the Triumphs of Thusnelda S. 1601
The Queen to Me a Royal Pain Doth Give
My Bonnie Lass She Smelleth
Unbegun Symphony
Variations on an Unusually Simple-Minded Theme, S. 1 [piano and orchestra]

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Lunching With Peter Schickele (Jeanette Fang, The Julliard Journal Online)
Peter Schickele (Jane Gottlieb, Find Articles at BNET)
Peter Schickele: a bio-bibliography (Tammy Ravas, Greenwood Pub.,
Peter Schickele at the Library of Congress (Charles T. Downey, Ionarts)
Peter Schickele Steps Outside his P.D.Q. Bach Persona for Blair Premiere (Russell Johnston, Nashville Scene)

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