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Robert David Rusconi (1976-    )

Roberto David Rusconi, composerBorn in Venice, Italy, Robert David Rusconi graduated from Padua Conservatory in Composition, Piano, Choir Conducting and Electronic Music. While working in Italy he won several international prizes, including the Valentino Bucchi and the 2 Agosto. In 2001 he moved to the UK as a cultural refugee, due to the terrible cultural situation that was storming his homeland. He also spent two years in Phuket, Thailand, supporting a New Music Academy based around "El Sistema" and teaching in the local British International School of Phuket. Rusconi lives in East London, is president of Intrasonus, and a Founder Member and Shortlisted composer of SoundandMusic.  His catalogue includes numerous chamber and ensemble works, that have been played by such outstanding ensembles and performers as Klangforum Wien, D. Alberman and R. De Saram, Garth Knox and Burkard Weber, JACK, Kairos and Amar String Quartet, Ensemble Aventure, BIT20 and Insomnio. His works have been performed in Europe, Russia, South Korea, Canada and USA. As a composer and educator he has worked on several EU Cultural and Educational Projects and produced a Unicef CD, Blue Gold, which deals with the worldwide water shortage issue. In October 2009 the Malmo Symphony Orchestra performed his orchestral work Lo Sguardo di Ecate at ISCM World Music Days in Sweden. He has been awarded the 2012 Experimental Studios Freiburg Stipendien by SWR2. He has also been the recipient of British Council Travel bursary, Akademie for Altemusic und Audio Art and Matrix 2009 Stipendien, Aldeburgh and Dartington residencies. In 2011 he received the third prize at the BBVA Foundation Prize in Spain, where the Orchestra Nacional de Espagna performed his work. Also in 2011 he won first prize at the ZEITKlang Composition Competition in Wien with De Arte Respirandi performed by KAIROS String Quartet Berlin. Robert David Rusconi has been chosen to represent the United Kingdom at the ISCM World Music Days 2013 in Austria and Slovakia, and is a finalist at the ECPNM European Competition for Live Electronic Music Projects 2012. He has also been awarded a second scholarship for MATRIX 2012 by the Experimental Studio Freiburg. Currently, Rusconi is completing his PhD at King’s College London with George Benjamin. He is an advisor at the Interplay London Festival which will take place in 2013.

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[under construction]
Fragmento, clarinet (????) - this was not in the new works list you just sent
Mujo, [flute?] (2005?)
Variazioni e Fuga, [cello and piano?] (????)
Fantasia con ut in mi, [flute, clarinet, cello and piano?] (2003?)
Innodia, cello (2006) [Fragmento VI???]
Monodia, viola (2007)
La nascita dei coralli, [ensemble] (2007) - what is the instrumentation???
Improvvisamente, di notte ... poi pił niente, violin, cello and piano (2007) - this was not in the new works list you just sent
Il Sogno di Empedocle, string quartet (2007)
Notturno...improvviso, violin, cello and piano (????)
Raga "Inner Urge" (The dark side of light), piano, double bass, live electronics and video (2008)
La nascita degli anemone, [guitar and percussion?] (????) - should it be "anemoni"???
Isole nella corrente, piano (2008)
Bicinium Sacrum, viola and cello (2008)
Lamentazione, violin (2008) [Fragmento III ???]
Icelegy, [reed quintet???] (????) - what is the instrumentation???
La visione di Zarlino, violin, cello and piano (2008)
Saint Peter and His Tears, clarinet, piano and string quartet (2008)
Frescobaldi Transcription VIII, string quartet (2008?)
Ecate, [ensemble???] (2009?) - what is the instrumentation??? [is this work related to "Lo Sguardo di Ecate"???]
Polymorphosis, string quartet (2009?)
Shakti Fragment, [4 tablas, 4 percussionists?] (2009)
Sound within the noise, [????/chamber work] (2009?) - what is the instrumentation???
The brain is wider than the sky, [ensemble] (2009?) - what is the instrumentation???
Chalong Temple, flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2009)
"...after rain...from heaven...", violin and piano (2009)
Lo Sguardo di Ecate, orchestra (2009)
Shaping the silence, [ensemble?] (2010?) - what is the instrumentation???
Litania, [ensemble] (2010?) - what is the instrumentation???
Wu Wei, orchestra (2010)
Memento, orchestra (2010?)
De Arte Respirandi, string quartet (2010)
    - De Arte Respirandi, [ensemble version] (2011) - what is the instrumentation???
Horus Conclusus, string quartet (2011) - this was not in the new works list you just sent
Iter Itineris Project Materia Daedala Rerum Triptych, ensemble (2011?) - what is the instrumentation???
Piano Quintet No. 1, "Chrysalis" (2011)
Elegie, double bass and live electronics (2012)

De Materia solida et corporea, [ensemble???] (????) - this was not in the new works list you just sent
De Materia aerea et incorporea, [ensemble???] (????) - this was not in the new works list you just sent

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Soloist(s) w/Orchestra

Chorus w/Orchestra



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