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Luigi Nono (1924-1990)

Luigi Nono, composerLuigi Nono achieved prominence after World War II as an uncompromising modernist seeking to revolutionize music in Europe. Along with fellow Italians Luciano Berio and Bruno Maderna, Nono attended the influential Darmstadt Summer Courses and became associated with other young modernists such as Pierre Boulez and Karlheinz Stockhausen. In many ways, Nono was the most radical of them all, choosing to combine a keen political engagement with a musical orientation that mixes austere beauty with fierce intensity. Nono grew up in Venice as part of a reasonably well-to-do family. He studied composition with Gian Francesco Malipiero as an auditor but he graduated with a law degree. While he never practiced, his political interests were likely sharpened during that period. In 1946, just out of university, Nono met two important figures: Luigi Dallapiccolo, the first Italian to compose 12-tone music, and Maderna, the innovative composer and conductor who became his friend and mentor. Around this time, Nono was introduced to the writing of Federico García Lorca, whose poetry he would set on a number of occasions, and whose political engagement would ignite his interest. He joined the Italian Communist Party in 1952. His interest in electronic music developed in 1952, through lectures and demonstrations given by Werner Meyer-Eppler in Bonn. The first professional association Nono developed was with the Studio di Fonologia in Milan. Directed by Berio and Maderna, Nono carried on working there after the others had left, producing a whole series of pieces, both  prerecorded and mixed (instruments/voices and tape), into the 1970s. Nono's first stage work, Intolleranza 1960, was presented at the 1961 Venice Biennale. Collage-like, with a large collection of political texts, this "azione scenica" provoked a great deal of controversy. But Nono was unrelenting in his commitment to combining radical texts with revolutionary music. In 1964, he put his beliefs to the test by beginning a series of lecture-concerts in factories and other locales all over Italy. By far, the majority of Nono's compositions use voice, the "message" being of critical importance. In the 1980s, Nono began a fruitful collaboration with the Experimentalstudio der Heinrich Strobel-Stiftung in Freiburg, developing elaborate schemes for transforming the sounds of live instruments.
- James Harley/AllMusic

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II mantello rosso (ballet, 3, T. Gsoysky, after F.G. Lorca), Berlin, 1954
Intolleranza 1960 (azione scenica, 2, after idea by A.M. Ripellino,
various texts), Venice, 1961; rev. as Intolleranza 1970 (1, new
scene with text by J. Karsunke), Florence, 1974
Die Ermittlung (incid music, P. Weiss), tape, Berlin, 1965, rev. as
concert work Ricorda cosa ti hanno fatto in Auschwitz, 1966
Al gran sole carico d'amore (azione scenica, 2, Nono), 1972-4; Milan, 1975
Prometeo (tragedia dell'ascolto, M . Cacciari), 1981-4, Venice, 1984, rev. 1985
Also stage productions of various concert works
Variazioni canoniche sulla serie dell'op.41 di A. Schonberg, chbr orch, 1950
Composizione no.l, orch, 1951
Polifonica - monodia - ritmica, fl, cl, b cl, sax, hn, pf, perc, 1951
Tre epitaffi per Federico Garcia Lorca, 1951-3:1. EspaSa en el
corazon (Garcia Lorca, P. Neruda), S, Bar, small chorus, insts; 2. Y
su sangre ya viene cantando, fl, chbr orch; 3. Memenro: romance
de la guardia civil espaiiola (Lorca), spkr, speaking chorus, chorus, orch
Due espressioni, orch, 1953
11 mantello rosso, suite no.2, orch, 1953 [after ballet]
II mantello rosso, suite no.l, S, B, chorus, orch, 1954 [after ballet]
Liebeslied (Nono), chorus, insts, 1954
La victoire de Guernica (P. Eluard), chorus, orch, 1954
Musica da scena per William Shakespeare: Was ihr wolk, fl, cl, tpt,
gui, perc, 1954, unpubd
Canti per 13,13 insts, 1954-5
Incontri, 24 insts, 1955
II canto sospeso (letters of Resistance fighters), S, Mez, T, chorus, orch, 1955-6
Varianti, vn, ww, str, 1957
La terra e la compagna (C. Pavese), S, T, chorus, insts, 1957-8
Cori di Didone (G. Ungaretri), chorus, perc, 1958
Piccola gala notturna veneziana in onore dei 60 anni di Heinrich
Strobel, 14 insts, 1958, unpubd
Composizione no.2 (Diario polacco '58), orch, 1958-9
Ha venido: canciones para Silvia (A. Machado), S, 6 female w , 1960
Intolleranza 1960, suite, S, chorus, live or recorded orch, 1969
Sara dolce tacere (Pavese), 8 solo w , 1960
Canti di vita e d'amore: sul ponte di Hiroshima, 1962:1. Sul ponte di
Hkoslrima (G. Anders), S, T, orch; 2. Djamila Boupacha (J.L.
Pacheco), S; 3. Tu (Pavese), S, T, orch
Canciones a Guiomar (Machado), S, 6 female w , insts, 1962-3
Da un diario italiano, 2 choruses, 1964
Voci destroying muros (various), 4 female w , speaking w , chorus,
orch, 1970 [partly reworked in Ein Gespenst geht urn in der Welt]
Ein Gespenst geht um in der Welt (K. Marx, C. Sanchez, H.
Santamaria), S, chorus, orch, 1971
Siamo la gioventu del Vietnam (anon., G. Federici), unison w , 1973
Fragmente-Stille, an Diotima, str qt, 1979-80
;Donde estas, hermano?, 2 S, Mex, A, 1982
A Carlo Scarpa architetto, ai suoi infuiiti possibili, orch in microintervals, 1984
No hay rarninos, hay que caminar... Andrej Tarkowskij, 7 inst groups, 1987
'Hay que caminar' sohando, 2 vn, 1989
Omaggio a Emilio Vedova, tape, 1960
La fabbrica ifluminata (G. Scabia, Pavese), Mez, tape, 1964
Ricorda cosa ti hanno fatto in Auschwitz, tape, 1966
A floresta e jovem e cheja de vida (G. Pirelli, etc.), S, 3 spkrs, cl, bronze sheets, tape, 1966
Per Bastiana Tai-Yang Cheng (L'oriente e rosso), orch, tape, 1967
Contrappunto dialettico alia mente, tape, 1967-8
Musica-manifesto no.l, 1968-9:1. Un volto e del mare (Pavese), w ,
tape; 2. Non consumiamo Marx, tape
Musiche per Manzii, tape, 1969
Y entonces comprendio (C. Falqui), 6 female w , chorus, tape, elecs, 1969-70
Como una ola de fuerza y luz (J. Huasi), S, pf, orch, tape, 1971-2
Fur Paul Dessau, tape, 1974
Nottumi-albe, pf, tape, 1974—
. . . sofferte onde serene..., pf, tape, 1976
Frammenti da Al gran sole carico d'amore (Nono), 3 S, Mez, 2B, SATB, orch, tape, 1976
La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura, madrigale per piti
caminantes con Gidon Kremer, vn, tape
Con Luigi Dallapiccola, 6 perc, live elecs, 1979
Das atmende Klarsein (R.M. Rilke), SATB, b fl, live elecs, 1981
Io, frammento dal Prometeo (M. Cacciari), 3 S, SATB, b fl, b cl, live elecs, 1981
Quando stanno morendo (Diario polacco no.2) (M. Cacciari, after C.
Milosz, E. Ady, V. Chlebnikov and B. Pasternak), 2 S, Mez, A, b fl, vc, live elecs, 1982
Omaggio a Gyorgy Kurtag, A, fl, cl, tuba, live elecs, 1983, rev. 1986
Guai ai gelidi mostri (M. Cacciari), 2 A, va, vc, db, fl, cl, tuba, live elecs, 1983
A Pierre (Dell'azurro silenzio, inquietum), cb fl, cb cl, live elecs, 1985
Risonanze erranti (Liederzyklus a Massimo Cacciari), Mez, fl, tuba, 5 perc, live elecs, 1986, rev. 1987
Caminates . . . Ayacucho (G. Bruno), Mez, fl, SATB, SATB, org, 3 inst groups, live elecs, 1986-7
Post-prae-ludium no.l 'per Donau [eschingen]', tuba, live elecs, 19 87

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El jinete del cubo, short film score (1966)
Un hombre de éxito, film score (1986)


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