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Contemporary Music - Thoughts & Ideas

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With Ge Gan-ru, Avant-Garde Crosses Cultures
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List of Articles, Blogs, Journals and Online Books on Contemporary Music

Online Books

Blogs and articles on contemporary art music can be found in the far reaches of the web.

Here's a list of some that we've found interesting. Tell us about any others you know of - we'd love to add them to our growing list. Also check out our Thoughts Archive and Online Books

Contemporary Music Thoughts and Ideas: Articles, Blogs, Journals and Online Books

2 Pointzero Music
21st Century Music
across the waves (sylvi macCormac)
Alex Ross: The Rest is Noise
Another World of Sound
Arcane Candy
Aural Pleasure
Avant Music News
aworks:: "new" american classical music
Basically Modern
because they are dead (Paul Bailey)
Blind Ear Music
Boring Like a Drill (Ben Harper)    check his Idex of Names
cecdiscuss: The International Electroacoustic Community Discussion Group Mailing List
Circuit - Musiques contemporaines (in french)
Classical-Drone (Caleb Deupree)
Classical Iconoclast
Classical Music Blogs
Common Tone
Composing Thoughts
Computer Music Blog
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz's Blog
The Detritus Review
Diaries of a Contemporary Music Lover
Discourses in Music
Dr. Dick's Blog
The Drift (George Grella)
Eastside View
eclectic i
Edge of the Center (SUNY Buffalo, New York, USA)
Ethan Ham - Technology Based Contemporary Art
Experimental Music Catalogue
ex tempore - A Journal of Compositional and Theoretical Research in Music
Felsenmusik (Daniel Felsen)
Film Music: The Neglected Art
5:4 (5 against 4)
Forgotten String Quartets/1900-Present
The Future of Modern Music
Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review
The Glass (Chris McGovern)
The Harbinger: Modern Composers
The History of Electronic Music @ pHinnWeb
I Care If You Listen (Thomas Deneuville, editor)
The Incessant Noise
Industrial Music Library
The Journal of Music
John Clare's Composing Thoughts LIVE
Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar
KunstMusik - Schriften zur Musik als Kunst (Art music - writings on music as an art) (in German)
Kyle Gann see PostClassic    PostClassic - Kyle Gann on Music After the Fact
The Living Composer (Berlin, Germany)
Lucid Culture
Marcus Maroney - Sounds Like New
Mizzou New Music Initiative News
Mozart in the Jungle (Blair Tindall)
The Muse at Sunset (Forrest Covington)
Music after 1968
Musical Assumptions (Elaine Fine, composer)
Musical Contrarian: Horizons "83
Music Matters (Daniel Harding)
My Big Gay Ears (Joseph Dalton)
Neils MU4100 Blog
Networked Music Review
NewMusicBox (web magazine of The American Music Center)
New Music Connoisseur
New Music Forum
New Music reBlog
New From Third Angle and Beyond (Ron Blessinger)
No Extra Notes (Richard Zarou)
Of Music and Men
The Omniscient Mussel
On Contemporary Music
On an Overgrown Path
On Greek Classical Music
Opera in the 20th Century
Orpheus Music: The Electronic Music Time Machine
The Other Music (
Paris Transatlantic Magazine
Perspectives of New Music
Pith Music (Adorno Ensemble)
PostClassic - Kyle Gann on Music After the Fact
Pretentious Bullshit: Adventures in Music (John Phastings)
The Rambler
Reading Sound (John Priestly)
Renewable Music (Daniel Wolf)
The Rest is Noise see Alex Ross
Roger Bourland/Writes About Music and Life
Le Roi s'amuse
Sandow: Greg Sandow on the Future of Classical Music
The Score (Canadian Music Centre)
Sequenza 21/The Contemporary Classical Music Portal
Sonograma Magazine
A Spiral Cage
Stranota - glancing at innovative instruments and musicians
Switch Sound - Making Music in the Information Revolution
The View From Here (Andrew Patner)
Vinyl Fatigue (Lawrence Austin)
What I Like About… (Isaac Watras)
You Could Feel the Sky (Brendan McNamara)

Online Books & Resources

Contemporary Anthology of Music by Women (James Briscoe,
Contemporary Composers On Contemporary Music (Elliott Schwartz and Barney Childs, com)
Electronic and Experimental Music (Thomas B. Holmes, Charles Scribner's Sons,
The Music of Louis Andriessen (Yayoi Uno Everett,
The Music Makers (Deena & Bernard Rosenberg,
Settling Scores: A Life in the Margins of American Music (Joseph Franklin, com)
20th Century Music (in 3 Parts) (Jack Logan, Ph. D.)
What's the Matter with Today's Experimental Music? Organized Sound Too Rarely Heard (Leigh Landy,
Dr. Michael Delahoyde - 20th Century Arts and Humanities
    - Minimalism
    - Ragtime
    - Jazz
    - Music at the End of the 20th Century
    - 20th Century Music


Pytheas Featured Thoughts Archive
Giving New Composers a Hearing (March 23, 1981, Time Magazine)
For Contemporary Music Times are Hard (January 8, 1991, Allan Kozinn, The New York Times)
Sites and Sounds: Filling the new-music map (Alex Ross, The New Yorker)
What is a Piece of Music? (Adam Frey, San Fransisco Contemporary Music Players Blog)
Innovative Women Composers: Chen Yi
Schoenberg's 2nd String Quartet - The Day Music Went Mad (Norman Lebrecht, La Scena Musicale)
The Geometry of Music (Michael D. Lemonick, Time)
Chen Yi - Composer speaks her own language (Emily Brown, Accent, Ithaca College)
Kile Smith - Ensembles Unite in an Ambitious "Vespers" (David P.Stearns, Philadelphia Inquirer)
A Gallic Ghost Story (Bill Morelock, Minnesota Public Radio)
A Bold, Brash Cello Symphony (Michael Walsh, Time Magazine)
The Symphonic Alchemist: Kulesha transforms human experience into music (Robert Rival, SOCAN)
Concerto for Two Universes - Music of Mason Bates (by Donna Perlmutter, Los Angeles Times)
"like raindrops we have dispersed all over the immense world ..." an interview with Karel Husa (The Free Library)
Composer & Quartet Educate & Entertain (Christopher Hyde, Maine Sunday Telegram)
Voices in the Dark  -  The Music of Alfred Schnittke (Adrian Searle, The Guardian)
Qu Xiao-Song - A Master of Tense Silence (Yingying,
Jean Coulthard - A Life in Music (A Book Review by J. Drew Stephen, CAML Review)
Samuel Barber - Die Natali, Chorale Preludes for Christmas ( Music Guide)
Chasing a Music That Didn’t Exist - Harrison Birtwistle (Norman Lebrecht, La Scena Musicale)
Alvin Lucier on  "Music On A Long Thin Wire" (Jason Gross, Perfect Sound Forever)
Jon Leifs: Iceland's Santified Son (Alda Sigmundsdotti, Scandinavian Review)
Igor Stravinsky and the Making of a Love Triangle (Natalie Shearer, Classical Music Pages)
The Magical Hidden Corners of Erik Satie (Matthew Westphal,
Sound Investments: The Commissioning Portfolio of Kathryn Gould (Molly Sheridan, NewMusicBox)
Three Questions Before the First Night (Carson Cooman, Music & Vision)
OHM - The Early Gurus of Electronic Music (Jason Gross, Perfect Sound Forever)
Roger Sessions and the Dilemma of Contemporary Classical Music (Charles Hamm, NewMusicBox)
Contemporary Music in Evolution (Charles Shere, The Eastside View Blog)
In Memoriam: George Perle - Composer, Theorist, Mentor (Steven L. Rosenhaus, NewMusicBox)
Sermon on the Life and Music of Jean Langlais (Colin Spinks, St. Mary le Strand)
Be Still, and Know That I Am God: Concert Halls Rediscover the Sacred (Martha Ainsworth @
Are Smart People Drawn To The Arts Or Does Arts Training Make People Smarter? (M. Gazzaniga, Dana Foundation)
The Beaten Path: A History of American Percussion Music (Nicole V. Gagne, NewMusicBox)
The Composer's Art (James Fry, Musical Composition Resource)
A Composer's Century (Philip Glass,
Aulis Sallinen, Strong and Simple (Martin Anderson, Finnish Music Quarterly)
Composers Mining the Music of Their Youth (Anthony Tommasini, NY Times)
Tod Machover and Dan Ellsey Play New Music (TED/Technology, Entertainment, Design)
The Problem of Pitch - Seeking a Lasting Repertoire (Samuel Solomon, NewMusicBox)
The Fight for Shostakovich (Norman Lebrecht, La Scene Musicale)
Turning Circles and Squares Into Noise (Adam Shatz, The New York Times)
2001: A Space Odyssey - Alex North's unused Soundtrack (mfiles)
Her WWII Love Letter Inspires a Cantata (Channing Gray, The Providence Journal)
A Piano Method by Claude Debussy: Debussy's Ideas on Piano Playing (by Karstein Djupdal)
Who Says Classical Composers Can't Reflect Popular Culture? (
Declining Literacy 1 (Kyle Gann, PostClassic)    and    Declining Literacy 2 (Kyle Gann, PostClassic)
In Search of the Next Great American Opera (Anne Midgette, The New York Times)
"Do Not Take Up Music Unless..." (Dan Locklair)
Digitality of the Opera - Two Cases (Jelena Novak, e-volucija)
Make Your Own Rules: Notes on Composition (John Corigliano, NewMusicBox)
A Trilogy With No Prequels (Andy Goldsbrough, Film Score Monthly)
Springtime in Paris: Les Six (Minnesota Public Radio)
Remembering Arthur Berger (Grant Chu Covell, La Folia)
Ralph Vaughan Williams and 49th Parallel (Rolf Jordan, Powill-Pressburger)
Joyful and Joyless for the Masses: Auric’s Music for La Rue sans joie (1938) (Colin Roust)
Who Says Classical Composers Can't Reflect Popular Culture? (
The Open Universe (by Jan Vriend)
Intrepid Journeys Lead to Ambitious Works (Vivien Schweitzer, The New York Times)
Borne Back Ceaselessly Into the Past? (Greg Sandow,
Music of Conviction (James Loader, TimeEurope)
Marta Ptaszyńska - Portrait in Music (Zbigniew Granat, Polish Daily News)
Gettin Jiggy With Stravinsky (The Wake)
Musical Ode to Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson and Josh Gibson ... (Martin Steinberg, Associated Press)
Brain Disease Shaped Boléro (John Whitfield, Nature)
Samuel Barber: American's Composer (Paul Varnell, Chicago Free Press/Independent Gay Forum)
He's Dropped the Chains, But Not the Vision (Jeremy Eichler, The Boston Globe)
On Sewing Machines and Self-Expression: Mapping the Future in Sound (Lisa Bielawa)
William Walton: The Enfant Terrible of Oldham (Bayan Northcott, The Independent)
Ástor Piazzolla: Chronology of a Revolution (Jorge Pessinis & Carlos Kuri,
Tan Dun Talks on Water (Brett Campbell,
To Sing Is to Fly (American Choral  Directors Association, North Central Division)
Arturo Márquez: The Folk Spirit in Orchestral Music (Luis Rumbaut, Latin Amer. Folk Institute)
A Subtext for Deepening Confusions: Steve Reich at 70 (Norman Lebrecht, La Scena Musicale)
The Unique And Exhilerating Symphonies of Danish Composer Carl Nielsen (The Horn)
Origins: How does An Opera Come About (Karren Alenier, Scene4 Magazine)
Electronic Music in Eastern Europe, Chapter 5 (Jorge Munnshe,
John Harbison: The Pope's Composer (Jeremy Baskin, The Tech Online)
Muzsikás and Béla Bartók (Louis Proyect)
Bright Lights on a Powerful Woman (James L. Paulk, New Music Connoisseur)
Free Your Mind And Your Ears Will Follow (Charles Michener, New York Observer)
Sounding Off - Virginia Computer Music Ctr is Making Noise (Laura Parsons, UVA Magazine)
Speaking Your Own Language - An Interview with Wojciech Kilar (Agnieszka Flakus, pljournal)
Settling Some Old Scores (Greg Sandow)
The Sound of Philosophy (Dmitri Tymoczko, The Boston Review)
Speaking of Music: Alex Ross’s 20th Century (podcast)
Behind the Mystique: Kurt Weill & 1920s Berlin (Jessica Balik, San Francisco Classical Voice)
John Rutter: The Churches' Court Composer (D. Bendis & P. Westermeyer, Christian Century)
The Finest Living Composer You've Never Heard Of - Nikolai Kapustin (Wayne Lee Gay,
Isang Yun - A Conversation with Bruce Duffie (
Discovering the Music of Ptaszyńska (Jennifer Carnig, Chicago Chronicle)
Michael Nyman on Being an Accidental Filmmaker (Chris Broughton, Culture24)
The Summer King (Paul Moro,
Bring Your Imagination: Musiqa Goes Beyond the Abstract (Nancy Wozny, CultureMap)
Is Free Dissemination of Music on the Web Helpful/Harmful to Economics of New Music? (Richard Danielpour, NewMusicBox)
Quebec Composer Jacques Hétu Dies (CBC News)    also at  The Independent    here
Radiophonic Ladies (Jo Hutton, Sonic Arts Network)
Bernard Herrmann and Musical Topography (Joe Horowitz, The Unanswered Question)
Benjamin Lees Dies at 86 (Margalit Fox, The New York Times)
The Saxophone Comes of Age (John-Edward Kelly)
Aaron Copland Talks About Film Music (Roger Hall, Soundtrack)
Jazz (20th Century Arts and Humanities, Dr. Michael Delahoyde, Washington State University)
Ragtime (20th Century Arts and Humanities, Dr. Michael Delahoyde, Washington State University)
Music at the End of the 20th Century (20th Century Arts and Humanities, Dr. Michael Delahoyde, Washington State Univ.)
20th Century Music (20th Century Arts and Humanities, Dr. Michael Delahoyde, Washington State University)
Top 12 Contemporary Music Albums of 2005-2006 (
Review of the Year, 2007: Contemporary Music (Ivan Hewett, The Telegraph)
Roger Sessions, Adolph Weiss, Viril Thomson, Carl Ruggles, and Othergs (Old and Sold)
New Composers of Tonal Classical Music, Part I (David Arditti, EP&M Online Essay)
New Composers of Tonal Classical Music, Part II (David Arditti, EP&M Online Essay)
Music Acoustics and Contemporary Musical Composition (Gerald Bennett,
Perception, Reception, and All That Popular Music (Sean Bellaviti,
Composer in Natural State of Creativity (Mike Giuliano, Towson Times)
Shah-Nameh's Rostam & Sohrab: Something to Sing About (Shahram Sadri, The Iranian)
Americana as Muse: Q&A with Michael Daugherty ( Blogs)
Laurie Spiegel: Pioneer in Interactive Music and Video Software (Bill Murphy, Electronic Musician)
Finding Their Voice (Bret McCabe, Peabody Magazine)
Urban Disaster: The Opera (Norman Lebrecht, La Scena Musicale)
The Endless Scale: Computer Composers and Microtonalists Expand Musical Experience (Doug Garr, Nick Spencer Design)
Indie and Modern Classical Music: The Quixotic Links (Tom Service,
Long Island Music Hall of Fame Announces Third Induction Gala
Turn It Up: Jonathan Harvey on Concert Audiences and Amplification (Daniel Harding, Music Matters)
The Next Wave of Finnish Comtemporary Music (Finnish Consulate General,
"I didn't realize I was sitting next to the composer . . ." (John Adams,
Escaping the Nutcracker Suite: Composing for 21st Century Piccolo (Lois B. Herbine, NewMusicBox)
A Shaper of American Music, and Musicians (Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times)
Composer Jennifer Higdon and Violinist Hilary Hahn (Jeffrey Brown, The PBS NewsHour)
The Origin of the Opera Satyagraha (Philip Glass @ Garrison Institute)
Peter Sculthorpe at 80 (Sydney Alumni Magazine/University of Sydney)
The Sound of Spirit (Arthur Lubow, The New York Times)
I Feel As If I See Music (Andras Lindner, HVG/
New Winds in Estonian Music (Kalevi Aho, Finnish Music Quarterly)
Does Contemporary Classical Music Have a Future? (James MacMillan, Guardian)
The Richard Rodgers/Robert Russell Bennett collaboration for "Victory at Sea" (Roy Benton Hawkins)
From Moog to Mark II, to MIDI to MAX (Kyle Gann, American Public Media)
Milton Babbitt, a Composer Who Gloried in Complexity, Dies at 94 (Allan Kozinn, The New York Times)
The Electronic Century Part II: Tales of the Tape (Joel Chadabe,
Varèse and the Technological Sublime; or, How Ionisation Went Nuclear (Anne C. Shreffler,
The Continuum Of Indeterminacy In Music (Adam Scott Neal, Art + Culture)
Contemporary Polish Music (The Polish Institute)
Music in Latvia (The Latvian Institute/Latvijas institūts)
The Business of Music, Part II: Music and the Mind/The Viennese School (Ernst Roth Part, MusicWeb International)
List ‘Em Carefully: Top 10 Classical Composers (1901-Present) (Jake Cohen, Consequence of Sound)
Far From Music Capitals, an Ohio Conservatory Fosters Contemporary Sounds (Vivien Schweitzer, The New York Times)
When the Style is No Style (April 18, 2005, Michael Walsh,
What Kind of Music Is This Anyway? (Michael Gordon, The New York Times)
Electronic Music: Where Technology Becomes Art (Peter Gutmann, Classical Notes)
Musique Concrète Revisited (Carlos Palombini, Electronic Musicological Review)
Mark Morris’ Guide to Twentieth Century Composers (Mark Morris, MusicWeb International)
From The Temple of Dendera: 12 Etudes for Piano (Andrew List)
A Pitch for New Music (David Lang, The New York Times)
Want to Rewire Your Brain? Study Music (Lee Dye, Signs of the Times)
Elliott Carter's Century Of Music (Tom Cole, NPR)
History of Avantgarde Music (Piero Scaruffi,
What the GRM Brought to Music: From Musique concrète to Acousmatic Music (Marc Battier,
The Colorful Music of Robert Starer (Justin Kolb, Clavier Magazine)
Composing in the Computer Age (Matthew Guerrieri, The Boston Globe)
Celebrating Clara: Star Pupil, Friend and Composer (Dalit Warshaw, The Bob Moog Foundation)
Schizophonia vs. L'Objet sonore: Soundscapes and Artistic Freedom (Francisco Lopez,
The Electronic Poems (Arcane Candy)
Kati Agócs – Six Questions About Women in Composition Now (WSO New Music Festival)
The Art and Science of Music (Kelley Reese, UNT Resource)
University Turns iPhones Into Musical Instruments (Belinda Goldsmith, Reuters)
In Search of the Next Great American Opera (Anne Midgette, The New York Times)
Australian Piano Music of the 20th Century (Larry Sitsky)
Whitacre's Way (Adam Baer, UNLV Magazine)
Reflections on Carlos Chávez After His Death (Lou Harrison & Aaron Copland, August 2, 1978/Internet Archive)
Indie Classical Blossoms On Small Labels (Tom Huizenga, NPR)
Classical Meets Electronica (John Schaefer, New Sounds/WNYC)
The Austin of Indie Classical - Columbia’s Surprisingly Cool New Music Scene (Patrick Wall, Free Times)
On the Myth of “Difficult” Music (George Grella, ClassicalTV)
Women Make Music (Juliana Farha, Two Words)
The Opera Lady Who Likes it Crazy (Zachary Woolfe, New York Observer)
Musical Advocate (Karen McCally, Univ. of Rochester Gazette)
A Conversation with Morton Feldman & Kevin Volans
Composers in Waiting, Well, Wait (Allan Kozinn, The New York Times)
Four Innovative American Composers Sound Off: 25 Questions (Glenn Branca, The New York Times)
World’s Longest String Quartet – Morton Feldman: String Quartet (II) (Flux Quartet)
Minimalism (20th Century Arts and Humanities, Dr. Michael Delahoyde, Washington State University)
A Search for Tradition by Douglas Lilburn (Lyell Cresswell, New Zealand Listener)
The Peggy Glanville Hicks Address (Simone Young, The Australian)
When Words Are Not Enough (Timya, Everything2)
20th Century Music - an Overview (Jack Logan, San Diego State University)
24 Hours Proves Enough Time to Create a Symphony (Kevin Vogel, Butler Collegian)
Generation of '38 (Part 1): Sounding Together While Sounding Apart (Judith Tick, New Music Box)
Electroacoustic Music Incorporating Latin American Influences (Manuella Blackburn, CEC)
American Harmonies: The Music of Walter Piston (Leon Botstein, American Sym Orch)
The Score - Interviews with Film Composers (by Michael Schelle; review by Nicholas Reyland, The Journal of Film Music)
Boom Times for the Art Song: A HyperHistory of Poetry and Music (Johanna Keller, NewMusicBox)
Wolfgang Rihm: The Musical Omnivore (Tom Service, The Guardian)
Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review (Grego Applegate Edwards)
The Father of Acoustic Ecology: A Conversation with R. Murray Schafer (Anjula Razdan, Utne Reader)
Latin Composers Emerge in U.S. Spotlight (Janelle Gelfand, The Cincinnati Enquirer)
Ernest Bloch: Composer in Nature's University (Nancy Steinberg, Oregon Council for the Arts)
Parthenia Ventures Into New Music for Viols (David Glaser, Early Music America)
Eisenstein’s Film-Symphony Project, Que viva Mexico! (Robert Robertson, Offscreen)
Six Canadian Composers You Should Know (Colin Eatock)
So What? (George Grella, The Drift)
Lend Me a Pick Ax: The Slow Dismantling of the Compositional Gender Divide (Lisa Hirsch, NewMusicBox)
A Master of Synthesis: An Interview with Tania León (David DeBoor Canfield, Fanfare Magazine)
5 Questions to Lynn Bechtold (violinist, member of Zentripetal Duo) (Thomas Deneuville, I Care If You Listen)
Great Expectations: The Challenge of New Music In New Spaces (Dustin Soiseth, NewMusicBox)
Classical Duo Mark Women's History Month (Rob Enslin, Syracuse University News)
American Mavericks (edited by Susan Key and Larry Rothe, San Francisco Symphony)
Creative Dialogue Across the Ocean: Eric Aldwinckle’s Letters to Harry Somers (PW20C)
Inventing Finnish Music (Kimmo Korhonen, FIMIC)
Dance Revolution: The Music of Philip Glass (Melissa Lesnie, Limelight Magazine)
Vivian Fung: Composing Collaborations – between Gamelan and New Music Chamber Ensembles (
To What Degree: Teaching Musical Composition (Marilyn Shrude, NewMusicBox)
Hitchcock's Silent Movies to Get New Scores for London Olympics (Stuart Kemp, The Hollywood Reporter)
Frank Zappa's Orchestral Subculture (Arved Ashby, ISAM Newsletter)
A Conversation About Time (Sebastian Currier and Rachel Shteir, Yaddo)
Giacinto Scelsi: Massive Interiors and Microtones (Jose-Luis Moctezuma, Hydra Magazine)
New Programming - Expanding the Box (Greg Sandow)
Compositions by CSULA Grad Student Resonate Across Continents (CalStateLA)
Composer Portrait: Anne LeBaron (Judy Lochhead, IAWM Journal)
Kevin Puts Wins 2012 Pulitzer Prize (Frank J. Oteri, NewMusicBox)
The Sound of Silents/The Passion of Joan of Arc (M.V. Moorhead,
The New Music-Theatre of Mauricio Kagel (Zachàr Laskewicz,
Composer and Material in musique concrète (Frances White)
Love and Enlightenment (Andrew Druckenbrod, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
Classical Music Dead? Nico Muhly Proves It Isn't (Lucy Jones, The Telegraph)
Shende Sounds Hopeful Note With His Longfellow Poems (Bowdoin College News)
A Rare Bird: Gyan Riley (Tom Chandler, East Bay Express)
The Death of Eleanor Hovda (Joseph Dalton, My Big Gay Ears)
One Must Have a Chaos Inside (Michael Berkelely, The Guardian)
Pierre Jalbert: All Music Great and Small (Alexandra Gardner, NewMusicBox)
Music Museums of the 21st Century: High-tech, Cutting Edge, Interactive (Anne Midgette, The Washington Post)
Elliott Carter, Composer Who Decisively Snapped Tradition, Dies at 103 (Allan Kozinn, The New York Times)
A Guide to Thomas Adès' Music (Tom Service, The Guardian)
Ruth Crawford Seeger's Contributions to Musical Modernism (Joseph N. Straus, ISAM Newsletter)
Can Music for Dance Stand Alone? (Alice Shields, NewMusicBox)
Controversial Comrade Kabalevsky (Fred Flaxman, Compact Discoveries)
Interview with Karl Korte (Tobias Fischer, Tokafi)
A Woman’s Life Written in Music (Dardis McNamee, The Vienna Review)
Philip Glass Discusses the State of Modern Music (Nico Muhly, The Guardian)
Are You Putting Me On? (Dan Joseph, NewMusicBox)
Twentieth Century Music: How it Developed, How to Listen to It (pub. 1933) (Marion Bauer)    also    here
Tan Dun Talks on Water (Brett Campbell, via Opera World/Yahoo! Groups)
Interview with Gérard Grisey (David Bündler)
Varèse and the Cello Theremin: A Love Story (Jonathan Golove)
Stephen Albert - A Conversation with Bruce Duffie
Is It Dangerous? (Daniel Felsenfeld, NewMusicBox)
Channeling the Divine (Brett Campbell, San Francisco Classical Voice)
Andrew Staniland Playing Leading Edge of Sound Design (John Terauds, Musical Toronto)
Slipping Through Memory - The Music of Elizabeth Brown (Molly Sheridan, NewMusicBox)
Why There Are So Few Female Composers? (Kerry Andrew, The Guardian)
Luigi Nono - On What Would Have Been His 80th Birthday/2004 (John Warnaby, MusicWeb InterInternational)
Resounding Earth (Edward McCue, Boulder Bach Beat)
American Sublime: Morton Feldman's Mysterious Musical Landscapes (Alex Ross, The New Yorker)
Last Composer Standing – The Results (Norman Lebrecht, Arts Journal)
Remembering Arthur Berger (Grant Chu Covell, La Folia)
Music for a Virtual Life (Andrew Clark, Financial Times)
Why Do We Hate Modern Classical Music? (Alex Ross, The Guardian)
Composing in the Computer Age (Matthew Guerrieri, The Boston Globe)
Nicole Lizée - Surrealist Collagist (Richard Simas, Musicworks Magazine)
John Duffy: The Composer as Statesman (Frank J. Oteri, NewMusicBox)
Prokofiev Moves Back to Russia (Kile Smith)
Contemporary Music in Evolution (Charles Shere, The Eastside View Blog)
Audiences Become What They Listen To (Bob Shingleton, On an Overgrown Path)
Turning Circles and Squares Into Noise (Adam Shatz, The New York Times)
Laurie Spiegel: Pioneer in Interactive Music and Video Software (Bill Murphy, Electronic Musician)
Does Anyone Like Modern Classical Music? (Alexandra Coghlan, The Independent)
Letter To a Young Composer (Michael Colgrass, The New York Times)
Astor Piazzolla’s “Maria” in Overdue Chicago Debut (Andrew Patner, Chicago Sun Times)
Thoughts on the YouTube Symphony Orchestra (The Omniscient Mussel/aka Marcia Adair)
Battery: Woolf and Supove Kickstarting a Kickboxing Piece (Chris McGovern, The Glass)
Drones: from Stockhausen to La Monte Young to Nurse with Wound (Industrial Underground Music Library)
Helmut Lachenmann: Short Portrait with Self-Portrait (Clemens Gadenstatter, Contemporary Music Review)
No More Poodles - Dumitrescu/Avram: Rebirth of Avant Garde (Ben Watson, Mute)
So, New? So Percussion (Jerry Bowles, Sequenza 21)
Found: Three Examples of 21st Century Music (Rob Deemer, NewMusicBox)
With Ge Gan-ru, Avant-Garde Crosses Cultures (Express/The Washington Post)  -  see current Pytheas Featured Article

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