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Ennio Morricone (1928-     )

Ennio Morricone, composerEnnio Morricone is probably the most famous film composer of the 20th century. He is also one of the most prolific composers working in any medium. No exact figure is available, but he's scored several hundred films over the past several decades, perhaps as many as 500. While these have been in almost every imaginable musical style (and for almost every imaginable kind of movie), he is most identified with the "spaghetti Western" style of soundtracks, which he pioneered when providing the musical backdrop for the films of director Sergio Leone. Morricone's palette is extraordinarily diverse, drawing from classical, jazz, pop, rock, electronic, avant-garde, and Italian music, among other styles. Esteemed by such important figures in modern music as John Zorn (not to mention contemporary directors like Martin Scorsese), he is increasingly placed among not just the finest soundtrack composers, but the most important contemporary composers of any sort.
-  Richie Unterberger/allmusic

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Requiem per un destino (choreographic scene), chorus and orchestra (1966)

Music for String Orchestra and Piano (1954)
Variazioni su tema di Frescobaldi, chamber orchestra (1955) [5th variation used in film "Novecento"]
Concerto for Orchestra [No. 1] (1957; fp. 1960) ["Al mio maestro Goffredo Petrassi"]
Secondo (Second) Concerto, flute, cello and orchesta ("liberamente mosso") (1984-85)
Fluidi (Fluids), chamber orchestra (1988)
Terzo (Third) Concerto, amplified guitar, marimba and string orchestra (1991)
Intermezzo in forma di Croce (in the Form of a Cross), per Una Via Crucis, [large ensemble?] (1992)
Secondo (Second) intermezzo per Una Via Crucis, [large ensemble?] (1992)
Quarto (Fourth) Concerto, "Hoc erat in votis", organ, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones and orchestra (1993)

Soloist(s) w/Orchestra/Ensemble
Secondo (Second) Concerto, flute, cello and orchesta ("liberamente mosso") (1984-85)
Refrains, 3 homages for 6, piano and instrumental ensemble (1988)
UT, trumpet in C, timpani, bass drum and string orchestra (1991)
Terzo (Third) Concerto, amplified guitar, marimba and string orchestra (1991)
Bravissimo, double bass and strings (1993) [6 vln, 2 va, 2 vc, db]
Quarto (Fourth) Concerto, "Hoc erat in votis", organ, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones and orchestra (1993)

Chorus w/Orchestra
Cantata, chorus and orchestra (1955) [text: Cesare Pavese/"Tu non sai le colline..."]
Requiem per un destino (choreographic scene), chorus and orchestra (1966)
Voci dal silenzio (Voices from the Silence), voice, chorus and orchestra (2002)
Cantata per l'Europa, soprano, 2 speakers, chorus and orchestra (1988)

Bambini del mondo (Children of the World), 18 children's (?) choirs (1979)
Tre Scioperi (Three Strikes), a class of 36 children (voices) and a teacher (bass drum) (1975-88)
Echi (Echoes), female (or male) chorus and cello ad lib. ad libitum (1988)
4 Anamorfosi latine, soprano, mezzo-sop., tenor, baritone and chamber ensemble (1990)
Una Via Crucis. Stazione I, "...Fate questo in memoria di me...", chorus and instrumental ensemble (1991)
Una Via Crucis. Stazione XIII, "...Lo avvolse in un candido lenzuolo...", chorus and instrumental ensemble (1991)
Questo è un testo senza testo (This is a text without a text), children's choir (1991)

Sonata for Brass, Timpani and Piano (1953) [3 mvts] [first work entered into his "Opus" catalog]
Sextet, flute, oboe, bassoon, violin, viola and cello (1955)
Trio, clarinet, horn and cello (1955-56)
12 Variation, oboe d'amore, cello and piano (1956)
3 Studies, flute, clarinet and bassoon (1957-58)
Distanze, violin, cello and piano (1958)
Music for 11 Violins (1958)
Proibito, 8 trumpets (1972)
Immobile,  chorus and 4 clarinets (1978)
Tre pezzi brevi,  clarinet, viola, double bass and harpsichord (or piano) (1978) [variations on a theme of Schubert]
Totem secondo, 5 bassoons and 2 contrabassoons (1981)
Specchi (Mirrors), oboe, clarinet in C, bassoon, horn and piano (1989)
Frammenti di giochi (Fragments of Games), cello and harp (1990)
Esercizi (Exercises), 10 strings (1992-93) [6 violin, 2 viola, 2 cello]
Bravissimo, double bass and strings (1993) [6 vln, 2 va, 2 vc, db]

Solo Instrument
Quattro Pezzi (4 Pieces), guitar (1957)
Suoni per Dino, viola and tape (1969)
Cadenza, flute and tape (1988) [from the Concerto for Orchestra No. 2, 1985]
Study, double bass (1989)
Riflessi (Reflections), cello (1989-90)
Elegia per Egisto, violin (1993)

Barcarola Funebre, piano, music for radio drama (1952)
Preludio a una Novella senza Titolo (Prelude to a Story without Title), piano (1952)
Invenzione, Canone e Ricercare, piano (1956)
Rag in frantumi (Rag in Pieces), piano (1986)
Mordenti (Dyes), harpsichord (1988)
Neumi, harpsichord (1988)

Il Mattino (The Morning), voice and piano (1946) [text: Fukuko] [the first of 7 "youth" Lieder]
Imitazione, voice and piano (1947) [text: Giacomo Leopardi]
Intimita, voice and piano (1947) [text: Olinto Dini]
Distacco I, voice and piano (1953) [text: Ranieri Gnoli]
Distacco II, voice and piano (1953) [text: Ranieri Gnoli]
Verra' la Morte, contralto and piano (1953) [text: Cesare Pavese]
Oboe Sommerso, baritone and 5 instruments (1953) [text: Salvatore Quasimodo]
Se telefonando, pop song (1966) [pseudo-serial?]
Da molto lontano, soprano and 5 instruments (1969) [fl, va, harp, vibr/mar, perc]
Caput coctu show, baritone and 8 instruments (1969-70) [cl, vln, tpt, trom, mand, gtr, accordian, perc]
Grande violino, child soloist, violin, celesta and string orchestra (1979)
Gestazione (Gestation), female voice and ensemble, electronic sounds (& str orch prerecorded ad libitum) (1980)
Due poesie notturne (Two Night Poems), female voice, guitar and string quartet (1982)
Frammenti di Eros, cantata, soprano, piano and orchestra (1985)
Quattro Studi "per il piano-forte", soprano and piano (1983-89)
Il rotondo silenzio della notte (The Silence of the Night), female voice, flute, oboe, clarinet, piano and string quartet (1986)
4 Anamorfosi latine, soprano, mezzo-sop., tenor, baritone and chamber ensemble (1990)
Canto para Zelia na Bahia, 2 sopranos and piano (1991)
Una Via Crucis, Stazione 1X, "...Là crocifissero lui e i due malfattori...", baritone, male speaker and instrumental ensemble (1991)
Una Via Crucis, Stazione V. "...Crucifige!... Crucifige!...", contralto, brass, organ, perc, organ, pf and string orchestra (1992)
Epitaffi sparsi (Scattered Epitaphs), soprano, piano, clarinet, viola, double bass and 2 perc (1991-93)
Wow!, female voice (1993)
Vidi Aquam, soprano and small orchestra (1993)

[under construction]

[first work of theater music - 1947]
Barcarola Funebre, piano, music for radio drama (1952)
music for radio dramas (1952-)

Suoni per Dino, viola and tape (1969)

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