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Arturo Márquez (1950-    )

Arturo Marquez, composerArturo Márquez was born in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico. He began his musical training in La Puente, California in 1966, later studying piano and music theory at the Conservatory of Music of Mexico and composition at the Taller de Composición of the Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico with such composers as Joaquín Gutiérrez Heras, Hector Quintanar, and Federico Ibarra. He also studied in Paris privately with Jacques Castérède, and at the California Institute of the Arts with Morton Subotnick, Stephen Mosko, Mel Powell, and James Newton. In recent years, Marquez has written a series of danzons, works based on an elegant Cuban dance that migrated to Veracruz, Mexico.  His Danzon No. 2 is among the most popular Latin American works to emerge since the 1950s. In February 2006, Arturo Marquez received the "Medalla de Oro de Bellas Artes" (Gold Medal of Fine Arts), the highest honor given to artists by Mexico’s Bellas Artes. That evening the concert “El Danzon según Márquez" (The Danzón according to Márquez) was presented at the Palacio de Bellas Artes. Márquez has received commissions from the OAS, the Universidad Metropolitana de Mexico, the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, Festival Cervantino, Festival del Caribe, Festival de la Ciudad de Mexico, and the Rockefeller Foundation. He has received grants from the Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico, the French Government, and the Fulbright Foundation. In 1994 he received the composition scholarship of Mexico’s Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes. Márquez’s Octeto Malandro (Misbehaving Octet) was commissioned and premiered by Philadelphia’s Relâche Ensemble in 1996, and subsequently recorded by Relâche for Monroe St. Records. Márquez’s flute concerto, commissioned by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Consejo Nacional para las Artes, was premiered by James Newton. Other works by Márquez include En Clave for piano, Son a Tamayo for harp, percussion, and tape (featured at the 1996 World Harp Congress), Homenaje a Gismonti for string quartet, and Zarabandeo for clarinet and piano.
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Passages, ballet (1990)
Tierra (Earth/Land), ballet (1991) [written for contemporary dance group "Mandinga"]
    - 1. En los Nueve Ríos
    - 2. Erizado de Pedernales
    - 3. Entre Dos Montañas
    - 4. Cruzando el Río
    - 5. Estudio para Danza
La Nao (The Ship), ballet (1992) [written for contemporary dance group "Mandinga"]
    - 1. Danzón
    - 2. Costas casi Vírgenes
    - 3. Inquisición
    - 4. Tensiones y Gallos
    - 5. Júbilo
Los cuatro narcisos (The four daffodils), ballet (1993)
Cristal del Tiempo (Weather Glass/The Glass of Time), ballet (1994)

Gestación, orchestra (1983)
Concierto interdisciplinario con músicos y fotógrafos (Interdisciplinary Concerto with musicians and photographers) (1985)
Son (Song), orchestra (1986)
Persecución, string orchestra (1992)
Paisajes Bajo el Signo de Cosmos (Landscapes Under the Sign of Cosmos), orchestra (1993)
        [an homage to painter José Maria Velasco] [misnamed? as: Paisajes sobre el signo de cosmos]
Vals au meninos da rua, orchestra (1993) ["Waltz of the Paul Street Boys"?]
Danzón 2, orchestra (1994)
Danzón 4, chamber orchestra (1996)
Danza silvestre, orchestra (1999)
Danzón 7, [orchestra] (2001)
Danzón 8, "Homenaje to Maurice", orchestra (2004)
Marchas de duelo y de ira (Marches of mourning and anger), orchestra (2008) [to the victims of intolerance and authoritarianism
        that died the evening of October 2, 1968 in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Tlatelolco, Mexico City]

Conga del Fuego Nuevo (New Fire Conga?), orchestra (????)
Marcha Sonora - Aurora del Norte, orchestra (????)

Danzón (various instrumentations)
Danzón 1, tape,  w/opt. saxophone (1992)
Danzón 2, orchestra (1994)
Danzón 3, flute, guitar and chamber orchestra (1994)
Danzón 4, chamber orchestra (1996)
Danzón 5 (Portales de Madrugada), sax quartet (1997)
Danzón 6 (Puerto Calvario), saxophone and orchestra (2001)
Danzón 7, [orchestra] (2001)
Danzón 8, "Homenaje to Maurice", orchestra (2004)

Soloist(s) w/Orchestra
Sehuailo, 2 flutes and orchestra (1992)
Danzón 3, flute, guitar and chamber orchestra (1994)
Concierto-son, f1ute and orchestra ( 1996-98)
Máscaras (Masks), harp and orchestra (1998)
    - Máscara Flor (Mask of the Flower) [dedicated to children massacred in Acteal]
    - Máscara Son (Mask of the Song)
    - La Pasión según San Juan de Letrán (The Passion According to St. John Letrán) (danzon Sesquialtera)
    - La Pasión según Marcos (The Passion According to Mark)
Espejos en la Arena (Pictures in the Sand), cello and orchestra (2000; arr. for viola and orchestra, 2005)
    - Son de tierra candente (Song of the red-hot earth/land)
    - Lluvia en la arena (Rain in the sand)
    - Polca derecha-izquierda (Right-Left Polka)
Danzón 6 (Puerto Calvario), saxophone and orchestra (2001)

Chorus w/Orchestra
Noche de luna (Moonlit Night), chorus and orchestra (1991)
Cantata: Los Sueños (Dreams), scenic cantata, mezzo-soprano, baritone, chorus, dancers, narrator and orchestra (2005)
        1. Es Un Sueño Todavía (Guillermo Velazquez: The Lions of Tierra del Xichú)
        2. (Great Indian Chief Seattle)
        3. (Martin Luther King)
        4. (the religious aspirations of Mexican at Guadalupe)
        5. (inspired by Silvestre Revueltas)
        6. (Emiliano Zapata)
        7. Aforismos (the ideals and dreams of Mahatma Gandhi through aphorisms)
        8. Internacionalicemos (Brazilian politician Cristovam Buarque)

Enigma, f1ute and harp (1982)
Viraje (Turnaround), harp and strings (1983)
Ron-do, string quartet (1985)
Asa-nchez-uri-e, percussion (1985)
De pronto (Suddenly), flute, cello and harp (1987)
Tres (3) piezas, flute, clarinet, cello and percussion (????)
Variaciones (Variations), percussion (1990)
Son a Tamayo (Song of Tamayo?), harp, percussion, tape and video (1992)
Homenaje a Gismonti, string quartet (1993)
Zarabandeo, clarinet and piano (1995)
Octeto Malandro (Misbehaving Octet), flute, sax, English horn, bassoon, viola, piano, percussion and double bass (1996)
Danza de meliodía, wind quintet (1997)
Danzón 5 (Portales de Madrugada), sax quartet (1997)

Solo Instrument
Moyolhuica, flute (1981)
Manifiesto, violin (1983)
Postludio, cello (1984)
Peiwoh, harp (1984)
Sonata Mayo (May Sonata), harp (1989)

Mutismo, 2 pianos and tape (1983)
En Clave, piano (1988)/En Clave, piano (1988-1990)
Zacamandú en la yierba, piano (1993)
Días de Mar y Río (Days of Sea and River), piano (1997)
Solo Rumores (Solo Murmurs), piano (2007?)

Ciudad rota (Broken City), voice, piano, percussion and string orchestra (1987) [text: F. Serrano]

Días difíciles (Difficult Days), film score (1987) [dir. A. Pelayo]
Dos crímenes (Two Crimes), film score (1994) [dir. A. Schneider]
Francisco Toledo, documentary film score (2000) [dir. Julián Pablo]
Arrancame La Vida (2008) [with music also by Leonardo Heiblum and Jacobo Liberman]

Mutismo, 2 pianos and tape (1983)
Di-Verso, percussion and tape (1984) [text: A. Cosmos]
Música de cámara, music and photographic cameras (1985) [in collab. with A. Cosmos, J.J. Diaz]
Appassionata, tape (1986) [in collab. with V. Raja]
Con complementos, midi piano and computer (1989)
Canon, WX7 (Interactor), computer (1990)
Reencuentros (Reunions), 2 harps and tape (1991)
Vox urbis, voice, tape and actors (1991) [in collab. with M. Bermejo, F. de Ita, G. Macotela]
Danzón 1, tape,  w/opt. saxophone (1992)
A Mao, marimba and tape (1992)
Ollesta, clay pots and tape (1992) [in collab. with I. Guardado, A. Cosmos]
Son a Tamayo (Song of Tamayo?), harp, percussion, tape and video (1992)

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Arturo Márquez: The Folk Spirit in Orchestral Music (Luis Rumbaut, Latin American Folk Institute)
Equality, Tolerance and Freedom - Cantata: Los Sueños (Dreams) (El Agora de Chihuaha) (translated by google)

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        - Es Un Sueño Todavía
        - Aforismos
        - Internacionalicemos
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