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Jennifer Linn (1960-     )

Jennifer Linn, composerJennifer Linn is a multi-talented pianist, teacher, composer, arranger and clinician, and holds the title of Manager-Educational Piano for Hal Leonard. As a clinician, she has presented workshops, master classes, and Hal Leonard showcases throughout the United States, Canada, and India. In addition to her composing and arranging for the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library, Ms. Linn also was the editor and recording artist for the award winning Journey Through the Classics series, the G. Schirmer Performance Editions of Clementi's Sonatinas, Op. 36, Kuhlau's Selected Sonatinas, and Schumann's Selections from Album for the Young, Op. 68. Many of her original compositions for piano students have been selected for the National Federation of Music Clubs festival, the Music Teachers' Association of California Certificate of Merit, and other required repertoire lists worldwide.

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Soloist(s) w/Orchestra

Chorus w/Orchestra


Serendipity, flute, horn and piano (2013)

Instrument and Piano

Solo Instrument

Yellowstone Suite (6pcs) (Boston Music Co, 1991; now Hal Leonard) [EI-LI]
     - Bubbling Mud
     - Canyon Color
     - Firestorm
     - Looking for Bears
     - Morning Glory Pool
     - Old Faithful Fun
Don't Bug Me (8pcs) (Boston Music Co./Music Sales America/Hal Leonard, 1994) [LE]
     - Big Daddy-Long-Legs
     - Grumpy Wasp
     - Ladybug Blues
     - Lightning Bug Boogie
     - Madame Queen Bee
     - Magic Butterfly
     - Overgrown Grasshopper
     - Roly-Poly Run!
Tumbleweed Boogie (Boston Music Company, 1994) [Level ???]
Rhapsody (Hal Leonard, 1997) [I] [in Hal Leonard Student Piano Library, Lesson Book 4]
Dreamcatcher (Hal Leonard, 1997) [I] [in Hal Leonard Student Piano Library, Solo Book 4]
Snowcrystals (Hal Leonard, 1998) [LI] [in Hal Leonard Student Piano Library, Solo Book 5]
Harvest Dance (Hal Leonard, 2000) [LE]
Hummingbird (Hal Leonard, 2000) [LE]
Indigo Bay (Hal Leonard, 2000) [I]
Japanese Garden (Hal Leonard, 2000) [EE]
Joyful Bells (Hal Leonard, 2000) [E]
Meaghan's Melody (Hal Leonard, 2001) [EI]
A Star-Spangled Salute (Hal Leonard, 2001) [LE]
Veggie Song (Hal Leonard, 2001) [E]
Party Cat Parade (Hal Leonard, 2002) [E]
Les Petites Impressions (6pcs) (Hal Leonard, 2002) [LI] [NFMC]
    - Les papillons a la lumiere du soleil (Butterflies In The Sunlight)
    - Un phare dans le brouillard (A Lighthouse In The Fog)
    - Les ombres de lune sur la montagne (Moonshadows On The Mountain)
    - Le chat et le moucheron (The Cat And The Gnat)
    - La Poupee De Marcella (Marcella's Doll)
    - La maree de soir (Evening Tide)
Bumper Cars (Hal Leonard, 2003) [Pre-Staff]
Christmas Fantasia (Hal Leonard, 2003) [EI / Level 4]
Hungry Spider (Hal Leonard, 2003) [EE/Pre-Staff]
In My Dreams (Hal Leonard, 2003) [EE]
Monster March (Hal Leonard, 2003) [E+]
Tarantella (Hal Leonard, 2003) [EI] [NEMC]
Wizard's Wish (Hal Leonard, 2003) [LE-EI]
American Impressions (6pcs) (Hal Leonard, 2004) [I]
    - Soaring
    - Midnight Skiing
    - On The Horizon
    - Sea Breeze
    - Spirit of the West
    - Wilderness Morning
Butterflies And Rainbows (Hal Leonard, 2004) [EE]
Jingle Bell Boogie (Hal Leonard, 2004) [E]
Skip Trip (Hal Leonard, 2004) [EE]
Down By the Lake (Hal Leonard, 2005) [E]
Martian March (Hal Leonard, 2005) [LE]
The Merry Merry-Go-Round (Hal Leonard, 2005) [EE]
On The Bridge At Twilight (Hal Leonard, 2005?) [I]
Les Petite Images (7pcs) (Hal Leonard, 2006) [LE-EI] [NFMC]
    - L'oiseau-mouche (Hummingbird)
    - Tonnerre sur les plaines (Thunder On The Plains)
    - Le fin d'hiver (Winter's End)
    - Asteroides (Asteroids)
    - Le grand 'diese' blanc (The Great White 'Sharp')
    - Le frelon furieux (The Mad Hornet)
    - Voiliers dans le vent (Sailboats In The Wind)
    - XXXX (On the Bridge at Twilight) [I]
Toccata Festivo (Hal Leonard, 2006) [EI] [NFMC]
Wild Robot (Hal Leonard, 2006) [LE] [NFMC]
Christmas Impressions (9pcs) (Hal Leonard, 2007) [EI-I]
    - Coventry Carol
    - Jingle Bells
    - O Holy Night
    - Pat-A-Pan (Willie, Take Your Little Drum)
    - Silent Night
    - What Child Is This?
    - He Is Born, The Holy Child (Il Est Ne, Le Divin Enfant)
    - O Come, All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles)
    - Ukrainian Bell Carol
Jazzy Gypsy (Hal Leonard, 2007) [EE]
He's a Pirate (Hal Leonard, 2008) [EI] (by Klaus Badelt; arr. by J. Linn)
Christmas Angels (Hal Leonard, 2008) [LI]
    - stylish arrangement weaves together “Angels We Have Heard on High,” “Angels, From the Realms of Glory,” and
      “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”
Just Pink (9pcs) (Hal Leonard, 2008) [E]
    - Pink Fuzzy Slippers
    - Bubblegum Song
    - Flamingo
    - Piglet
    - Pink Lemonade
    - Pink Party Surprise
    - Pink Polka Dots
    - Rosebud
    - Sunset Glow
Tales of Mystery (6pcs) (Hal Leonard, 2008) [I]
    - Escape into the Night
    - Message in a Bottle
    - Mirage
    - Nocturne Mystique
    - Secret Mission
    - Showdown Blues
Escape into the Night (Hal Leonard, 2008) [EI] [from "Tales of Mystery", 2008]
Yo Ho Ho (Hal Leonard, 2008) [EE]
Mustangs On The Run (Hal Leonard, 2009) [LE]
St. Louis Rag (Hal Leonard, 2009) [EI]
Chimichanga Cha-Cha (Hal Leonard, 2010) [E]
Nocturne d'Esprit (Hal Leonard, 2010) [EA] [in "Romantic Inspirations", Hal Leonard, 2010]
Footprints in the Snow (Hal Leonard, 2011) [LE]
Monster Talk (Hal Leonard, 2011) [EE]
Reflections (5pcs) (Hal Leonard, 2011) [LI] [NFMC]
    - Aspen Gold
    - Black Canyon
    - By The Waterfall
    - Emerald Lake
    - Midnight Prayer
The Elephant And The Cuckoo (Hal Leonard, 2012) [LE]
The Enchanted Mermaid (Hal Leonard, 2013) [EE]
Pretty Kitty (Hal Leonard, 2013) [EE]
Rainbow Prelude (Hal Leonard, 2013) [EI]
Bumble Bee Rumble (Hal Leonard, 2014) [LE]
I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas (Hal Leonard, 2014) [E]
Animals Have Feelings Too (8pcs) (Hal Leonard, 2015) [E]
    - Bear Determination
    - Cheerful Chihuahua
    - Cry Of The Wolf
    - A Giraffe Can Laugh
    - Mad Mad Cat
    - One Worried Owl
    - Tired Turtle
    - Understanding Whale
Mighty River (Hal Leonard, 2015) [I]

Pumpkin Song, piano duet (Hal Leonard, ????) [Pre-Reading]
Bunny Hop (Hal Leonard, ????) [EE]



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Jennifer Linn to Receive Alumni Achievement Award (UMKC Today)

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