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Alan Kryszak (1958-     )

Al Kryszak is on the Interdisciplinary Fine Arts Faculty at The University of Maine at Machias, teaching Music in film, documentary filmmaking, piano and audio production. His concert music has been featured at Carnegie Recital Hall,The World Financial Center, Symphony Space, The Los Angeles Directors Guild, The Kitchen, Arts at St. Ann's, Mabou Mines,The Atlantic Center for the Arts, among other venues. Much of his work brings 'new music' and film together, bringing new concert music to more diverse audiences. The Lincoln Center Film Society premiered his live film score for "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" (piano and orchestra), and KINO films released a collection of nine film scores entitled "A Christmas Past". Kryszak's Visual work has been featured on CD cover art & in solo exhibition, and has released 4 albums with Western NY Trio REV, including "The Restless Are Natives", featured on The Win Tour Festival in 2013. His first stage play, "Watching Her Ex" premiered in 1991, and he has written several screenplays, including "The Liz Estrada Book Club" in conjunction with REV's 2011 double CD release.

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Local Tempest, concerto for 3 perc, wind ensemble & 3 accompanying light sopranos (????) [based on Shakespeare's play]
Watching Her Ex, a musical drama with no words (1991)
The Man Who Had All the Luck (????) [Scott Behrend/RoadLessTraveled] - see "All the Luck" for clarinet and orchestra
Lydie Breeze (????) [Andrew Utter/Clark U]
Real to Reel (????) [Fred Neumann/Mabou Mines]
The Mormon Project (????) [JoAnne Akalaitis]
Prince Free of Sorrows (????) [Per Lysander/TOY]
The Twelfthe Night (????) [Percy Steven/SIP Buffalo]
The Tempest (????) [Floorplay/Rockwell Hall]
Time to Kill (????) [CBC /TOY]
The Food Piece, dance piece (????) [Floorplay Dance Theatre]

Music for Electric Guitar Orchestra I (1992) [also arr. for electric guitar quartet]
Meditation for Viol Orchestra, 12 viols/viol orchestra (2016) [also arr. for 12 cellos/cello orchestra]

Soloist(s) w/Orchestra
Grenadine, violin solo, harmonicas, drums and guitar orchestra (2009?)
Almost Gone, concerto for violin, electric guitar and multiple acoustic guitars (1989?) (fp. 1992?)
Three Seasons, Two Emotions and a Planet (Concerto for Violin and String Orchestra) (1993-94)
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (1994)
Concerto for Viola and Orchestra (1996)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Piano Concerto/Film Score (2004) [dir: John Robertson, 1924]
All the Luck, clarinet and orchestra (2009)
Flute, Guitar and Orchestra (????)
The Tempest, 3 percussion and wind orchestra (????)
Concerto for Large Orchestra, group soloists: vln, vla, vc, bass (????)
Like Breathing, saxophone quartet and orchestra (????)

Voices from the Shoreline, chorus (2014)
 - Hail
 - Lost Girls of Juarez
 - Interlude: Variations 2 & 3
 - New Earth

Music for Electric Guitar Orchestra I (1992) [also arr. for electric guitar quartet]
God in Your Face, saxophone quartet (1992)
Piano Quartet, piano, violin, viola and cello (2016) [based on Turner Classic Movies film scores]
Broken Blossoms, pf, vln, vc, banjo, guitar (nylon str), guitar (steel str), hamammered dulcimer (2009)
 - from film score to Turner Classics Movies film
Legend, wind quintet (????)
Watching Her Ex, recorder quartet, winds and guitars(????)
The Academy of St Martin in the Freight Yards, 6 trumpets and 6 trombones (????)

Sonata, piano (????)
 - Counting the garden like cattle
Requiem [for Ma-December 1st], piano (????)
Transparent Preludes (12), piano solo (or 2 pianists) (1980-2001)
Lux Internum, piano (2020)

Hamlet, silent film score, electric guitar and piano (????) [dir. Sven Gade, 1921]
Limite, silent film score, solo piano (????) [dir. Mario Peixoto, 1930]
Intolerance, silent film score, 4 Elec Gtrs, Vln, Perc (????) [dir. D.W. Griffith, 1916]

Fall of the House of Usher, microtonal silent film score, fl, bass fl, bsn, trom, kybd/harp, vc, db (1992) [dir. Webber/Watson, 1928]
Nosferatu, film score, solo electric guitar & hammered dulcimer (1992) [dir. Murnau, 1921]
The Hunchback of Notre Dame, film score, concerto for voice, cello and bass flute (1999) [also for guitar orchestra, 2014?]
A Christmas Past, film score, string quartet and harp (2001) [Turner Classics Movies Early Silent Collection film]
 - A Holiday Pageant At Home [producer unknown, 1901]
 - A Winter Straw Ride [Edwins S. Porter, 1906]
 - A Trap For Santa [dir. D.W. Griffith, 1909]
 - A Christmas Accident [dir. Bannister Merwin, 1912]
 - The Adventure Of the Wrong Santa Claus [Frederic Arnold Kummer, ????]
 - Santa Claus vs. Cupid [dir. Will Louis, 1915]
 - Santa Claus [Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Kleinschmidt, 1925]
 - A Christmas Carol (1910)
 - The Night Before Christmas (1905; dir. Edwin S. Porter)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, film score, piano and orchestra (2004) [dir: John Robertson, 1924]
Triangles, incidental music (2008) [Scott Behrend/RoadLessTraveled]
Broken Blossoms, film score, chamber ensemble (2008) (2009?) [dir: D.W. Griffith, 1919]
Grenadine, incidental music (2009) [Scott Behrend/RoadLessTraveled] - see Soloists w/Orchestra

Piano Concerto / Dr. Jelyll and Mr. Hyde (2008)
All the Luck / Piano Concerto (2008)
Music from Broken Blossoms (2008)
Having an Atonal Christmas (2009)
Music For Guitars, Violin & Percussion - "Grenadine" / "Almost Gone" (2011)
Lullabies For People Who Don't Need Sleep (2013)
Transparent Preludes (2014)
Codex Suburbia: Music For Chorus & Winds, About Men, Women & Race (2016)
 - Lost Girls of Juarez, chorus
 - An Illiad: II. Flute Lament
 - An Illiad: I. Opening Music
 - An Illiad: VII. Recorders & Female Chorus
 - An Illiad: X. Battle Music
 - Chorale (From Mabou Mines' Reel To Real)
 - Meditation For Viola de Gamba Orchestra
 - The Fall Of The House Of Usher, Film Score
 - Watching Her Ex
 - White Guys Afraid Of Blacks On Tv
Soft Clowns Of The Sea (2018)

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Al Kryszak: A Refugee of Any Era (Prog-Sphere)
Classical Musicians Arenít Hiding Their Rock Enthusiasms Anymore (Allan Kozinn, SFClassicalVoice)
Indie Film: Scoring silent holiday shorts a test of Maine composerís creativity (Dennis Perkins, Portland Press Herald)

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