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Charles Ives (1874-1954)

Charles Ives composerIves' early works expertly channel European influences into totally fresh constructs; mature works make use of quotation, collage techniques, spatial redistribution of instrumental groups and soloists, metric modulation, homegrown forms of pitch organization and dense, massed blocks of clustered chords. The difficult idiom of many of his pieces has denied Ives the mass appeal of Copland and Gershwin, and he can be an acquired taste. Some critics and conductors, mainly European, discount the value of his innovations, concluding that Ives was an amateur who didn't know what he was doing. By the turn of the twenty-first century renewed researches into Ives' theoretical approach revealed that he certainly did know what he was doing, and he has much to teach us yet today in terms of fresh ideas and techniques.
-  Uncle Dave Lewis, All Music Guide

COMPOSITIONS                                                            Ives Links     ~ ~ ~     Works by Genre    ~ ~ ~    About Ives . . .
Fantasia on "Jerusalem the Golden", band [1888]
Holiday Quickstep, piccolo, 2 cornets, piano and 2 violin (1887)
March No. 2 (w/"Son of a Gambolier"), small orchestra (1892, c.1895)
March No. 3 (w/"My Old Kentucky Home"), small orchestra (c.1895)
March Intercollegiate (w/"Annie Lisle"), band (c.1895)
March in F and C (w/"Omega Lambda Chi"), band (1895-96)
March: The Circus Band, chamber orchestra, with opt. chorus (c.1898-99; arr. c.1932-33)
Postlude in F, orchestra (c.1898-99)
Overture, G minor, orchestra (c.1899, incomplete)
Symphony No. 1 (c.1898-c.1901, c.1907-08) [Allegro; [Largo, rejected, inc.]; Adagio molto; Scherzo: Vivace Allegro molto]
Symphony No. 2 (c.1907-09) [Andante moderato; Allegro; Adagio cantabile; Lento (maestoso); Allegro molto vivace]
Symphony No. 3, The Camp Meeting (c.1908-11) [Old Folks Gatherin’; Children’s Day; Communion] [winner of Pulitzer Prize]
Thanksgiving and Forefathers’ Day (A Symphony: New England Holidays, Part 4), orch and opt. chorus (c.1911-16; rev. 1933)
The Pond, small orchestra (c.1912-13)
Runaway Horse on Main Street, band (c.1907-08)
Central Park in the Dark, small orchestra (c.1909; rev. c.1936)
Take-Off No. 7: Mike Donlin-Johnny Evers, orchestra (1907, incomplete)
Take-Off No. 8: Willy Keeler at Bat, orchestra (c.1907, incomplete)
The Unanswered Question, chamber ensemble or chamber orchestra (1908; rev. c.1930-35)
Skit for Danbury Fair, orchestra (c.1909, incomplete)
Overture and March "1776", small orchestra (c.1909-10)
The General Slocum, orchestra (c.1909-10, incomplete)
Yale-Princeton Football Game, orchestra (c.1910-11, incomplete?)
Set for Theater Orchestra (assembled c.1915)
    - In the Cage (c.1907-08; rev. c.1911-12)
    - In the Inn (c.1915-16, rev. c.1929-30)
    - In the Night (c.1915-16, rev. c.1929-30)
Robert Browning Overture, orchestra (c.1912-14; rev. c.1936-42)
"Country Band" March, small orchestra (c.1910-11, c.1914)
Four Ragtime Dances, small orchestra (c.1915-16, c.1920-21)
Decoration Day (A Symphony: New England Holidays, Part 2), orchestra (c.1915-20; rev. 1923-24)
Emerson Overture for Piano and Orchestra (c.1910-14; rev. c.1920-21, incomplete)
Washington’s Birthday (A Symphony: New England Holidays, Part 1), small orchestra (c.1915-17)
The Fourth of July (A Symphony: New England Holidays, Part 3), orchestra (c.1914-18; rev. c.1930-31)
Scherzo: Over the Pavements, chamber ensemble (c.1910; rev. c.1926-27)
The Rainbow, small orchestra (1914)
Orchestral Set No. 1: Three Places in New England, orchestra (c.1912-17, c.1919-21
    - The St. Gaudens in Boston Common (c.1916-17)
    - Putnam’s Camp, Redding, CT (c.1914-15, c.1919-20)
    - The Housatonic at Stockbridge (c.1912-17; rev. 1921)
Tone Roads No. 1, chamber orchestra (c.1913-14)
Tone Roads No. 2, chamber orchestra (lost)
Tone Roads No. 3, chamber orchestra (c.1911, c.1913-14)
Orchestral Set No. 2 (assembled c.1919)
    - An Elegy to Our Forefathers (c.1915-19, c.1924-25)
    - The Rockstrewn Hills Join in the People’s Outdoor Meeting (c.1915-16, c.1920-22)
    - From Hanover Square North, at the End of a Tragic Day,
             the Voice of the People Again Arose, orchestra, with opt. unison voices (1915-c.1916, c.1918-19, c.1926, c.1929)
Symphony No. 4, orchestra, piano and opt. chorus (c.1912-18, c.1921-25) [Prelude; Allegretto; Fugue; Largo]
Orchestral Set No. 3 (assembled c.1921)
    - [Untitled] (c.1921-22, c.1925-26)
    - An Afternoon, or During Camp Meetin’ Week - One Secular Afternoon (in Bethel) (c.1912-14, c.1921-22; incomplete)
    - [Untitled] (c.1921; incomplete)
Chromâtimelôdtune, small orchestra (c.1923)
Universe Symphony (1915-28; incomplete; fp 1993/94/96) [Prelude 1; Prelude 2; Prelude 3, lost; Section A; Sec. B; Sec. C]
Gong on the Hook and Ladder, or Fireman’s Parade on Main Street, small ensemble (arr. c.1934)
A Symphony: New England Holidays - see Washington's B-Day; Decoration Day; The Fourth of July; Thanksgiving...

Set No. 1, chamber orchestra (assembled c.1915-16)
    - Scherzo: The See’r (c.1915-16)
    - A Lecture (c.1915-16)
    - The Ruined River (c.1915-16)
    - Like a Sick Eagle (c.1915-16)
    - Calcium Light Night (c.1915-16)
    - Allegretto sombreoso (c.1915-16)
Set No. 2, chamber orchestra (assembled c.1916-17)
    - Largo: The Indians (c.1916-17)
    - "Gyp the Blood" or Hearst!? Which is Worst?! (c.1916-17)
    - Andante: The Last Reader (c.1916-17)
Set No. 3, chamber orchestra (assembled c.1919)
    - Adagio sostenuto: At Sea (c.1918-19)
    - Luck and Work (c.1919)
    - Premonitions (c.1918-19)
Set No. 4: Three Poets and Human Nature (?c.1925-30, not fully orchestrated)
    - Robert Browning
    - Walt Whitman
    - Matthew Arnold
Set No. 5: The Other Side of Pioneering, or Side Lights on American Enterprise (?after c.1925)
    -  The New River
    - The Indians
    - Charlie Rutledge
    - Ann Street
Set No. 6: From the Side Hill (?c.1925-30)
    - Mists
    - The Rainbow
    - Afterglow
    - Evening
Set No. 7: Water Colors (?c.1925-30)
    - At Sea
    - Swimmers
    - The Pond
    - Five Fathom Full
Set No. 8: Songs without Voices (?c.1930)
    - The New River
    - The Indians
    - Ann Street
Set No. 9 of Three Pieces (assembled ?1934)
    - Andante com moto: The Last Reader
    - Scherzo: The See’r
    - Largo to Presto: The Unanswered Question
Set No. 10 of Three Pieces (assembled ?1934)
    - Largo molto: Like a Sick Eagle
    - Allegro-Andante: Luck and Work
    - Adagio: The Indians

For Orchestra or Ensemble
Fugue in Four Keys on "The Shining Shore"
March No. 6: Here’s to Good Old Yale
Quarter-Tone Chorale, 2 pianos
From the Steeples and the Mountains, chamber ensemble
Hallowe’en, piano and strings (1911)
In Re Con Moto et al., string quartet and piano
Largo for Violin and Piano (also for Violin, Clarinet and Piano)
Largo Risoluto No. 1, string quartet and piano
Largo Risoluto No. 2, string quartet and piano
An Old Song Deranged, chamber ensemble (arr. from Songs My Mother Taught Me)
Remembrance, chamber ensemble
Scherzo: All the Way Around and Back, chamber ensemble
Scherzo: Over the Pavements, chamber ensemble
A Set of Three Short Pieces, chamber ensemble
        [Largo cantabile: Hymn; Scherzo: Holding Your Own!; Adagio cantabile: The Innate]
Piano Trio, violin, cello and piano (??? 1904; rev. c.1909-1915)
The Celestial Railroad, piano
Five Piano Pieces [Varied Air and Variations; Study No. 22; Study No. 9: The Abolitionist Riots; Three Page Sonata; Study No. 21:         Some South Paw Pitching]
Three Improvisations, piano
London Bridge is Fallen Down, piano
March in G and C, with "See the Conquering Hero Comes", piano
Set of Five Take-Offs, piano [The Seen and Unseen?; Rough and Ready; Song Without (Good) Words; Scene Episode;
        Bad Resolutions and Good WAN!]
Piano Sonata No. 1
Piano Sonata No. 2: Concord, Mass., 1840-1860 (1909-15)
Protests, Piano Sonata (1914)
String Quartet No. 1, From the Salvation Army (Revival Service) (1896)
Study No. 2: Andante moderato-Allegro molto
Study No. 2 for Ears or Aural and Mental Exercise!!! (see Varied Air and Variations)
Study No. 5: Moderato con anima
Study No. 9: The Anti-Abolitionist Riots in the 1830's and 1840's
Study No. 20: March (Slow Allegro or Fast Andante)
Study No. 21: Some Southpaw Pitching
Study No. 22: Andante maestoso-Allegro vivace
Study No. 23: Allegro
Three-Page Sonata, piano
Three Quarter-Tone Pieces, 2 pianos [Largo; Allegro; Chorale]
Four Transcriptions from "Emerson" [Slowly; Moderato; Largo; Allegro agitato-Broadly]
Varied Air and Variations, piano
Violin Sonata No. 1 (1906-14)
Violin Sonata No. 2 (1914-17)
Violin Sonata No. 3 (1914)
Violin Sonata No. 4, "Children’s Day at the Camp Meeting" (Three Pieces for Violin and Piano) (1911-16)
Waltz-Rondo, piano

WORKS BY GENRE                                                            Ives Links   ~ top of page ~
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Soloist(s) w/Orchestra

Chorus w/Orchestra

The Circus Band, chorus and orchestra
December, men’s chorus and chamber ensemble
General William Booth Enters Into Heaven, baritone and orchestra
Three Harvest Home Chorales, chorus and chamber ensemble
Johnny Poe, men chorus and orchestra
Lincoln, The Great Commoner, chorus and orchestra (1912)
The New River, chorus and orchestra
Processional: Let There Be Light, chorus (and orchestra)
Psalm 135, chorus and chamber ensemble
They Are There! (A War Song March), chorus and chamber ensemble

All-forgiving, look on me, chorus
Benedictus in E, chorus and organ
Berceuse, chorus and piano
The Boys in Blue, chorus
Crossing the Bar, chorus and organ
Easter Carol, chorus and organ
Evening, chorus and piano
For You and Me!, chorus
I Come to Thee, chorus and organ
Lord God, Thy Sea Is Mighty, chorus and organ
Psalm 14, chorus
Psalm 24, chorus
Psalm 25, chorus and organ
Psalm 42, chorus and organ
Psalm 54, chorus
Psalm 67, chorus
Psalm 90, chorus, organ and bells
Psalm 100, chorus
Psalm 135 (see Chorus with Orchestra or Chamber Ensemble)
Psalm 150, chorus
Serenade, chorus
Serenity, chorus and piano
A Song of Mory's, chorus
Turn Ye, Turn Ye, chorus and organ
Walking, chorus and piano


Solo Instrument


For Organ
"Adeste Fideles" in an Organ Prelude
Burlesque Postlude in C, organ
Canzonetta in F, organ
Fugue in C Minor, organ
Fugue in E-flat, organ
Interludes for Hymns, organ
Variations on "America", organ (1891)
The Celestial Country, cantata for soli, chorus and orchestra
Christmas Music, chorus and orchestra

129 Songs Ordered Chronologically
1. Slow March
2. A Song(For Anything
    a. Hear My Prayer, O Lord
    b. When the waves softly sigh
    c. Yale, Farewell!
3. At Parting
4. Abide with me
5. When stars are in the quiet skies
6. Nature’s Way
7. Mirage
8. Canon
9. Song for Harvest Season
10. Waltz 
11. The Circus Band
12. A Night Song
13. A Christmas Carol
14. Rosamunde
15. Night of Frost in May
16. Songs my mother taught me
17. Amphion
18. My Native Land
19. A Son of a Gambolier
20. Kären
21. The World’s Wanderers
22. The South Wind / Die Lotosblume
23. A Night Thought
24. Marie
25. An Old Flame
26. In the Alley
27. I travelled among unknown men
28. Dreams
29. Qu’il m’irait bien
30. Memories
    a. Very Pleasant
    b. Rather Sad
31. There is a lane
32. Feldeinsamkeit / In Summer Fields
33. Ich grolle nicht / I’ll not complain
34. Chanson de Florian
35. Naught that country needeth
36. Forward into Light
37. Rough Wind
38. Harpalus
39. Evidence
40. Tarrant Moss
41. Slugging a Vampire
42. The Waiting Soul
43. Flag Song
44. Where the eagle cannot see
45. Omens and Oracles
46. Allegro
47. Romanzo "di Central Park
48. Berceuse
49. Du alte Mutter / My dear old mother
50. The Children’s Hour
51. Elégie
52. Ilmenau / Over all the treetops
53. Weil’ auf mir / Eyes so dark
54. Walking
55. Those Evening Bells
56. The Light That Is Felt
57. The Cage
58. The World’s Highway
59. Spring Song
60. Soliloquy
61. Autumn
62. Tolerance
63. A Farewell to Land
64. Mists
65. Religion
66. Requiem
67. Vote for Names! Names! Names!
68. The Camp Meeting
69. His Exaltation
70. Watchman!
71. The New River
72. The See’r
73. December
74. Like a Sick Eagle
75. Luck and Work
76. Lincoln, the Great Commoner
77. Old Home Day
78. General William Booth Enters into Heaven
79. Thoreau
80. Swimmers
81. At the River
82. The Innate
83. In Flanders Fields
84. He Is There!
85. They Are There!
86. The Things Our Fathers Loved
87. Tom Sails Away
88. To Edith
89. Down East
90. Serenity
91. Cradle Song
92. Afterglow
93. The Collection
94. Grantchester
95. La Fede
96. August
97. September
98. On the Counter
99. Maple Leaves
100. Charlie Rutlage
101. At Sea
102. Hymn
103. Remembrance
104. The “Incantation”
105. The Last Reader
106. The Housatonic at Stockbridge
107. The Indians
108. West London
109. Two Slants "Christian and Pagan"
    a. Duty
    b. Vita
110. Walt Whitman
111. The Rainbow "So May It Be!
112. Majority 
113. Premonitions 
114. Nov. 2, 1920 "An Election
115. The Side Show
116. “1, 2, 3”
117. Paracelsus
118. Ann Street
119. Immortality
120. Two Little Flowers
121. The Greatest Man
122. Resolution
123. Disclosure
124. The White Gulls
125. Evening
126. Aeschylus and Sophocles
127. On the Antipodes
128. Song without words [I]
129. Song without words [II]

129 Songs Listed Alphabetically By Title
Abide with me
Aeschylus and Sophocles
Ann Street
At Parting
At Sea
At the River
The Cage
The Camp Meeting
Chanson de Florian
Charlie Rutlage
The Children’s Hour
A Christmas Carol
Circus Band
The Collection
Cradle Song
Down East
Du alte Mutter / My dear old mother
Duty - see Two Slants
An Election - see Nov. 2, 1920
Eyes so dark - see Weil’ auf mir
A Farewell to Land
La Fede
Feldeinsamkeit / In Summer Fields
Flag Song
Forward into Light
General William Booth Enters into Heaven
The Greatest Man
He Is There!
His Exaltation
The Housatonic at Stockbridge
I travelled among unknown men
Ich grolle nicht / I’ll not complain
I’ll not complain - see Ich grolle nicht
Ilmenau / Over all the treetops
In Flanders Fields
In Summer Fields - see Feldeinsamkeit
In the Alley
The Incantation
The Indians
The Innate
The Last Reader
The Light That Is Felt
Like a Sick Eagle
Lincoln, the Great Commoner
Die Lotosblume - see The South Wind
Luck and Work
Maple Leaves
    a. Very Pleasant
    b. Very Sad
My Native Land
Nature’s Way
Naught that country needeth
The New River
Night of Frost in May
A Night Song
A Night Thought
Nov. 2, 1920 (An Election)
An Old Flame
Old Home Day
The Old Mother - see Du alte Mutter
Omens and Oracles
On the Antipodes
On the Counter
“1, 2, 3”
Over all the treetops - see Ilmenau
Qu’il m’irai bien
The Rainbow (So May It Be!)
Romanzo (di Central Park)
Rough Wind
The See’r
The Side Show
Slow March
Slugging a Vampire
So May It Be! - see The Rainbow
A Son of a Gambolier
A Song - For Anything
    a. Hear My Prayer, O Lord
    b. When the waves softly sigh
    c. Yale, Farewell!
Song for Harvest Season
Song without words [I]
Song without words [II]
Songs my mother taught me
The South Wind / Die Lotosblume
Spring Song
Tarrant Moss
There is a lane
They Are There!
The Things Our Fathers Loved
Those Evening Bells
To Edith
Tom Sails Away
Two Little Flowers
Two Slants
    a. Duty
    b. Vita
Vita - see Two Slants
Vote for Names! Names! Names
The Waiting Soul
Walt Whitman
The Watchman!
Weil’ auf mir / Eyes so dark
West London
When stars are in the quiet skies
Where the eagle cannot see
The White Gulls
The World’s Highway
The World’s Wanderers

IVES  LINKS                                                            Works by Genre     ~ top of page ~
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Register to The Charles Ives Papers (Vivian Perlis, Yale University)
The Unmixed Question: The Spacial Music of Charles Ives (Preston Wright, Americal Mavericks)
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