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Lance Hulme (1960-    )

Lance Hulme, composerLance Hulme's music "reflects the ambience and musical approach of the North American musical tradition. Compositional eclecticism, a conscience, playful and uninhibited attitude with tradition and the crossover between ‘serious’ and vernacular music. All these elements are to be found as well as the most advanced structural and aural techniques". His music has received many international awards and commissions, with performances in Europe, Asia, South America and the U.S. Hulme studied at Yale University, the Eastman School of Music and the Universität für Musik in Vienna, Austria. He began his musical career as keyboardist for the jazz-fusion band Dreamscape. He has been called a "chameleon composer" (Gilles Quental) whose musical oeuvre encompasses a "wide range" (Knowing the Score) of musical genres and styles. Along with chamber, choral and concert works, he has written for such diverse mediums as jazz, opera, music theater, liturgical, commercial and computer music. His musical style "cannot be pigeon-holed into one compositional school" but rather draws upon the diverse elements of his musical experience to "weave a rich expressive texture" (Die Rheinpfalz Zeitung).

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And the sea shall give up its dead, opera (fp. 1986) [libretto: after Thorton Wilder]
Harnessing the Wind, interactive dance installation in Max/MSP (fp. 2006) [Modern Repertoire Dance Theater]
A Confederacy of Dunces, comic opera (in progress; workshop production, 1994) [libretto: A. Richards, after John Kennedy Toole]

A Single, Unwavering, Band of Light, orchestra (1993)
Un roseau pensant, orchestra (1995)
Stealing Fire, orchestra (1995; fp. 1998)
Stargazing, soprano vocalese and orchestra (fp. 2001)
Joy and Mirth, orchestra (????)
Siren's Song, orchestra (????)

Band/Wind Ensemble
Leaps and Bounds, wind ensemble (????)

Chorus w/Orchestra
Threnody for the Victims of September 11, 2001, 4-part female chorus and string orchestra (2001; fp. 2006)

Sing to the Lord, children's choir (????)
Prayer of St. Francis, chorus (????)
Psalm 90, chorus (1997)
Gaelic Blessings, chorus (????)

Large Ensemble
Flame Dances (3 movements), large ensemble [fl/sop sx/va/3 perc/2 synth/bs gtr] (fp. 1990)
Flame Dance, large ensemble [fl/ob/va/2 perc/2 synth/bs gtr] (fp. 1999)
Ice Nine, large ensemble [fl/ob/cl/bsn/bs tb/perc (elec. drum)/synth/bs gtr] (fp. 1992)
Octuor pour la fin du siècle (in 3 movements), large ensemble [fl (picc)/cl (bass)/hn/bsn (cbn)/pf/vln/va/vc] (fp. 1999)
Odyssey Allusions(in 3 movements), large ensemble [fl/cl/perc (1-2 players)/pf/vln/vc] (fp. 2004)
Wildcat Scat, saxophone orchestra [5 tutti, 4 soli, sop, alto, ten, bari, bass] (fp. 2002) [2003?]
Songs of the Cynics, duets for sop, mez and large ensemble [fl/ob/cl/bsn/hn/2 perc/pf/vln/va/vc/db] (fp. 1991)
    -  [texts by Graves, Wright, Walkovski, Antoninius]
Aldington Songs, mezzo-soprano and ensemble [fl/cl (bs cl)/pf/vib/vln/vc] (fp. 1993) [text: R. Aldington]

Ghost Dialogues, trumpet and tenor saxophone (fp. 1980)
    - Adieu, adieu. Remember me.
    - Dammi la mano in pegno
    - It goes so fast
String Quartet No. 1, "Other Borders" (fp. 1989)
Opium Inspirations, flute, clarinet and cello (fp. 1991) [1996???]
String Quartet No. 2, "Veronica’s Veil" (1993; fp. 1994)
Hommages, Musings and Unbridled Ambition, violin, cello and piano (????)
Rocket Hocket, tenor trombone and bass trombone (1998)
Vanity Fanfare, brass quintet (????)
Odyssey Allusions, flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2004)
    - Posidon's Punch
    - ????

Instrument and Piano
Sax Attractor, soprano saxophone and piano (????)
    - Attractor pas de deux
    - Romance Attractor
    - Tocatta Attractor
    - Fugettino and Attractor

Manic Music for 2 Maniacal Pianists, 2 pianos [2-4 players] (fp. 1988) [1993???]
Bandaloop Dances, 6 etudes, piano (1995; fp. 1997)

Fantasy on Wondrous Love, organ (????)
Easter Toccata, organ (1998) ["Christ the Lord is Risen Today"]
Fantasy on "Veni, veni, Emmanuel", organ (????)
Were You There, organ (????)

Wine Form These Grapes (4 songs), voice and piano (fp. 1984) [text: St. Vincent-Millay] [1997???]
    - Wine From These Grapes
    - The Agony [The Anguish???]
    - Wildcat, Gnat and I
    - What Lips My Lips Have Kissed
Songs of the Cynics, soprano and mezzo-soprano [and piano?] (fp. 1985) [text: Graves, Wright, Walkovski, Antoninius]
    - [individual songs titles???]
The Good Morrow, voice and piano (fp. 1985) [text: John Donne] [arr. 1987 for baritone and chamber orchestra]
Lullaby, baritone, harp and string orchestra (fp. 1987) [text: W.H. Auden]
Aldington Songs, [voice and piano] (fp. 1993) [text: R. Aldington]
    - [individual songs titles???]
Appalachian Advent (3 songs), voice and piano (fp. 1995) [Appalachian Christmas folksongs]
    - I Wonder As I Wander
    - As Joseph Was "Wandering"
    - Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
Stargazing, soprano vocalese and orchestra (2001)

VISITATION, computer generated tape (fp. 1993)
Bells, Bells, Bells, audio installation (fp. 1994)
The Succubus, tape (1995)
Harnessing the Wind, interactive dance installation in Max/MSP (fp. 2006) [Modern Repertoire Dance Theater]

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Lance Hulme: An Interview by Tom Moore (Opera Today)

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