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Lou Harrison (1917-2003)

Lou Harrison, composer Lou Harrison was one of the most inventive and individual of American composers. His music is noted for its pervasive integration of Native American and Asian musical influences and its emphasis on melody and rhythm, often avoiding harmony altogether. His family moved from Oregon when he was nine, and continued to move frequently around the San Francisco Bay area. The very diverse musical atmosphere of San Francisco was the primary formative force in his life. He could hear Cantonese opera; Gregorian chant; Spanish, Mexican, and Native-American music; and jazz and classical music. The San Francisco Public Library, with its strong music department, enabled him to take armloads of music home to study. He studied jazz piano, Gregorian chant, and conducting while in high school. He took Henry Cowell's course on "Music of the World's Peoples," further studying counterpoint and composition with Cowell. He and John Cage both wrote percussion-dominated music and found new percussion instruments in automobile junkyards and import shops; one of their discoveries was the wonderful pitched ringing sound produced by brake drums. Harrison eventually went to the University of California at Los Angeles to work with its dance department. While there, he was a composition pupil of Arnold Schoenberg. Harrison had already developed a love of Renaissance and earlier music. He adopted the old dance form "estampie," a word he translates as "stampede" for his own stamping, highly rhythmic fast movements. In 1943, he moved to New York where he worked as a musician and writer. It was the unhappiest period of his life; he did not like the place, and found it difficult to make a living, although he did write some 300 music reviews for the Herald Tribune from 1944 to 1947. He developed a stomach ulcer and finally had a nervous breakdown. During this period, he made the acquaintance of Charles Ives and assisted the aged composer by editing and preparing for performance Ives' Third Symphony, which Harrison conducted at its premiere. Ives assisted Harrison financially when needed and, when the Third Symphony won the Pulitzer Prize in Music, Ives gave Harrison half the money. The 1947 nervous breakdown resulted in Harrison deciding to change his compositional style. He began to imitate the sounds of gamelan orchestra, which he had first heard at the 1939 Golden Gate Exposition. He studied Harry Partch's theoretical book Genesis of a Music (a gift from Virgil Thomson) and was convinced to adopt various forms of just-intonation rather than the standard 12-note scale. (He says he wishes musicians were numerically trained, so that he could say, for instance, "Cellos, you gave me a 10/9 there; please give me a 9/8 instead.") Harrison subsequently resumed his high productivity, returned to the West coast in 1951 to settle for life in Aptos, California and continued to write music sounding primarily "Pan-Pacific" in style, often for unusual combinations of instruments. He first visited Asia in 1961 at a world music symposium, afterward, he became interested in establishing gamelan orchestras in North America, and devised an "American gamelan" made by his partner William Colvig from readily obtainable materials. He went on to write hundreds of compositions, and his works are often recorded. Harrison developed a system of musical organization based around melodic shapes he calls "melodicles" and analogous rhythmic patterns ("rhythmicals") and durations ("icti controls"). Lou Harrison died in 2003 en route to an Ohio festival dedicated to performances of his works.
-  Joseph Stevenson/AllMusic

COMPOSITIONS                                                            Harrison  Links     ~ ~ ~     Works by Genre
Adagio, flute, harmonium, strings and piano (c. 1934-36)
Dance, 2 pianos (c. 1934-36)
Dance for a Little Girl, piano (c. 1934-36)
Discussion, strings (c. 1934-36)
Feelingly, piano (c. 1934-36)
Fore-piece to St. George; or, After the Dragon, orchestra (c. 1934-36)
Gothic piece, harpsichord (c. 1934-36)
Mass, chorus and 2 pianos (c. 1934-36)
Adagio, flute, 2 mandolins, guitar and cello (c. 1934-36)
Adagio, piano (c. 1934-36)
Allegro Maestoso, piano (c. 1934-36)
Antiphon, piano (c. 1934-36)
Aubade for Gabriel, chorus, strings and percussion (c. 1934-36)
Autumn, piano and strings (c. 1934-36)
Choral, organ (c. 1934-36)
Choral Preludes, clavichord (1934-36)
The Geography of Heaven, 4 violins, 2 violas, 2 celli, 2 basses and organ in quarter tones (1935)
Waterfront – 1934, percussion (1935 or early 1936)
Variations, piano and violin (1936 c.)
March Sonata No. 1, piano (1936)
Hill-Rise, piano (1936)
Midnoon, strings and harp (1936, Apr.)
Song, tenor, 2 pianos and string quartet (1936, Apr.)
Project No. 2, piano (1936, May)
Fugue for String Foursome, string quartet (1936, Aug. 7)
Double fugue, string orchestra (1936, Sept. 4) [rev. and used as 3rd movement of Suite for Symphonic Strings]
Ground in E minor, piano (1936, Sep. 5)
Suite, string quartet (1936, Nov-Dec)
Sonata for Unaccompanied Violin (1936, Dec. 4)
 [Untitled], orchestra (1936, Dec. 23)
Overture for a Tragic, Heroic Drama, orchestra (1936)
Sonata for Edward MacDowell, flute and organ/strings (1936)
Concerto for Piano and String Quartet (1935-36)
Slowish, piccolo, muted trumpet, harmonium and cello (1936)
Apples, piano (1936)
Song for Soprano, soprano, piano (or celesta or harp or vibraphone or muted strings or organ) (1936)
Before Piece to the Medea, horn, soprano and 4 percussionists (c. 1937)
Peter Pan, incidental music (1934/1937)
Largo Ostinato, piano (1937, Jan 15; rev. 1970)
Last Music, alto or baritone, flute, clarinet, harp, strings and organ ad lib (1937, Jan. 23)
Fugue for Orchestra or Piano (1937, Jan.)
Slow (Symphony for Organ) (1937, Feb. 10)
Simfony, organ (1937, Feb. 23)
A Bit of Rotten Chopin on Order of J. Cleghorn, piano (1937, Feb. 27)
Changing World, ballet, 2 pianos, percussion, recorder and voice (1937)
Prelude and Sarabande for Grandpiano, piano (1937; Sarabande May, Prelude, Sept. 16)
France 1917-Spain 1937, string quartet and 2 percussionists (1937, June 16; rev. 1968)
Winter's Tale, incidental music, 2 violins, viola, cello, flute, trumpet and percussion (1937, Sept.)
Three dances of conflict for Carol Beal[e]s, piano (c. 1936) [unfinished]
Piano Sonata No. 2 [ms untitlted], piano (1937)
Choefore, incidental music (1937)
Chorus for the Eumenides, piano and percussion (c. 1938)
Opening Dance, piano (c. 1938)
Concerto Grosso, strings and double reeds (1938, Jan. 3)
Spring Electra, incidental music, flute, harp, violins, cello, cornet and piano (1938)
Spring Tribunal, piano 4-hands (1938)
Conquest, flute or ocarina or recorder, piano, conch shell and percussion (1938)
Third Sonata for Piano (1938; edited 1970, Dec. 3)
R. A. H.'s Extatic Moment, piano (c. 1938)
Fifth Simfony, 4 percussionists (1939, Feb 22 - Mar 8)
Counterdance in Spring, 3 percussionists (1939, March 29)
First Concerto for Flute and Percussion, flute and 2 percussionists (1939, Apr. 15)
Usonian Set, piano (1939, Apr. 28 - May 2)
Bomba, 5 percussionists (1939, May 15)
The Trojan Women, incidental music, flute, clarinet, piano, harp and strings (1939, May 26)
Reel, Homage to Henry Cowell, piano (1939)
Choephore (c. 1939-40)
Goin' to be a Party in the Sky (Skyparty), piano and strings (1940, before Apr)
Canticle No. 1, 5 percussionists (1940, June 21)
Something to Please Everybody, ballet, prepared piano, percussion and recorder (1940, summer) [lost]
Sixteen to Twenty-four, piano and percussion (1940, summer) [lost]
Omnipotent Chair, ballet, xylophone, drums, bells, zither and bass (1940)
Pied Beauty, baritone voice, trombone or cello, flute and percussion (1940, Oct. 28)
Sanctus Contralto, piano and alto voice (1940)
Labyrinth No. 3, 11 percussionists (1941)
Song of Quetzalcoatl, 4 percussionists (1941, Feb 6)
Jephtha's Daughter, narrator, percussion and flutes (opt. drones added later) (1941, Feb. 26; rev. 1963, Mar.)
Simfony No. 13, 4 percussionists (1941, April)
Double Music (with John Cage), 4 percussionists (1941, May 18)
Exposition of a Cause, piano (1941)
Green Mansions, ballet, piano, recorder, and percussion (1941, Aug) [also for 2 pianos]
King David's Lament for Jonathan, tenor and piano (1941, Oct. 8)
May Rain, voice, prepared piano and tam-tam (1941, Oct. 30)
Beautiful People, incidental music (1941)
Canticle No. 2, string orchestra (1937-42)
Canticle No. 3 for, ocarina (or flute), guitar, pipes and percussion (1942, Feb.; rev. 1989)
In Praise of Johnny Appleseed, ballet, 3 percussionists (1942)
Suite for Percussion, 5 percussionists (1942, June 2)
Canticle No. 5 percussionists (1942, June)
Fugue for Percussion, 4 percussionists (1942, before summer move)
The Beautiful People, trumpet and piano (1942, Fall)
Music for the River-Mechant's Wife, piano (1942)
Canticle No. 6, orchestra with saxes (1942, Sept. - Dec.)
Gigue and Musette, piano (1943, before summer)
Suite for Piano (1943, May)
Six Sonatas for Cembalo, Piano or Harpsichord (1934-43)
Serenade for Three Recorders, soprano, alto and tenor recorders (1943)
Waltz in A, piano (1944, Sept. 14)
Schoenbergiana, string quartet (1944, May-Nov. 17)
Serenade in C, piano (1944)
Party Pieces (Sonorous or Exquisite Corpses) [with Thomson, Cage & Cowell], unspecified insts. (1944)
A 12-Tone Morning After to Amuse Henry, piano (c. 1944-45)
Alleluia for Small Orchestra, chamber orchestra (1945, Jan.)
Motet for the Day of Ascension, string septet and harp (1945, Feb-May 16)
Waltz in C, piano (1945, Sept. 16)
Triphony, piano (1945, Dec 6)
String Trio, vioin, viola and cello (1946)
Fragment from Calamus, alto or baritone and piano/string quartet (1946)
Praises for Michael the Archangel, organ (1946, Jan. – 1947, Jan. 15)
Western Dance, ballet, piano, flute, bassoon, trumpet, piano, violin, cello and double bass (1947)
Air (Air in G minor), flute alone, or with drone (1947; rev. 1970)
First Suite for Strings, string orchestra (1948)
Homage to Milhaud, piano (1948, Sept. 31)
Suite No. 2 for Strings, string orchestra (1948)
The Perilous Chapel, flute, cello, percussion and harp (1949, before Jan. 23)
The Marriage at the Eiffel Tower, ballet, fl, cl, tpt, vln, cello, db, piano and percussion (1949, summer)
The Only Jealousy of Emer, incidental music, celesta, piano, flute, cello and bass (1949, summer)
Suite for Cello and Harp (1949)
Little Suite for Piano (1949, Nov. 8)
Solstice, flute, oboe, trumpet, celesta, tack piano, two cellos and double bass (1949-50, before Jan. 22)
Almanac of the Seasons, ballet, small orchestra (13 at most), singer and narrator (1950, summer) [lost]
Chorales for Spring, ballet, piano (1951, Mar. 22)
Io and Prometheus, piano (1951, before July 9)
A Glyph for Katy Litz, prepared piano, two bells, claves, pitch fork and 2 gongs (1951, Aug.)
Seven Pastorales, flute, oboe, bassoon, harp, violins, violas, cello and bass (1949 - 1951, Oct.)
New York Waltzes (Waltz in A, Waltz in C, Hesitation Waltz), piano (1944 -1951)
Alma Redemtoris Mater, baritone, violin, trombone and tack piano (1949-51)
Holly and Ivy, tenor, harp, 2 violins, cello and bass (1951; rev. 1962)
Double Canon (to Carl Ruggles), piano (1951)
Festival Dance, 2 pianos (1951; rev. 1996)
Suite for Violin, Piano and Small Orchestra (1951)
A Thought on the Anniversary of Katherine Litz and Charles Oscar, piano (1951)
Old Times Tune for Merce Cunningham, string quartet and piano (1952)
Serenade for Frank Wigglesworth, guitar (1952, Feb. 12)
Mass to St. Anthony, male and female voices, trumpet, harp and strings (1939; comp. & rev. 1952, Mar 12)
A Little Gamelon [sic] for Katherine Litz to Teach By, Piano (1952)
Praises for the Beauty of Hummingbirds, 2 muted violins, flute, celeste and percussion (1952, Apr. 5)
Praises for Hummingbirds and Hawks, ballet, chamber orchestra (1952, before Apr. 23)
Rapunzel, soprano, contralto, baritone and chamber ensemble (1952, Aug. – 1953, Apr.; rev. 1996)
The Pool of Sacrifice, chorus, soloists and metallophone (1953, summer) [lost]
Peace Piece Three: Little Song on the Atomic Bomb, voice, 2 violins, viola and harp (1953; rev. 1968)
Four Strict Songs, 8 baritones and orchestra (1955, mvt. 1 begun 1951)
Recording Piece, 5 percussionists playing boobams, talking drums and other percussion (1955, July 29)
Simfony in Free Style, 17 flutes, 8 viols, 5 harps, trombone, bells, drum and tack piano (1955, Oct. 8)
Incidental Music for Corneille's Cinna, upright tack piano (1955-56)
Cinna, incidental music (1957)
Political Primer, baritone, chorus and orchestra (1954-1958)
Koncherto por la violono kon perkuta orkestro, violin and 5 percussionists (1959)
Suite for Symphonic Strings (1960) [uses sketches that go back to 1936]
Concerto in Slendro, violin, celesta, 2 tack pianos and 2 percussionists (1961)
Moogunkwha Se Tang Ak for Korean Court Orchestra (1961)
Quintal Taryung, 2 flutes and chango (1961)
Nak Yang Chun, chorus, 3 fl, 3 tbn, cel, hp, pf, 2 perc. and strings (late 1961 or early 1962)
Prelude for Piri and Harmonium (1962)
A Joyous Procession & a Solemn Procession, chorus, trombones, tamb., gong, handbells, bass drum (1962)
Nova Odo, chorus and orchestra (1961-63)
Majestic Fanfare, 3 trumpets, snare drum and bass drum (1963, Jan. 20)
Pacifika Rondo, organs, flutes, piris, trombones, celestas, vibraphones, vlns, vas, vcs and perc. (1963)
At the Tomb of Charles Ives, alto trom., 2 psalteries, 2 dulcimers, 3 hrps, tam-tam, 5 vlns, va, vc, db (1963)
Wesak Sonata, large psaltery (1964)
Avalokiteshvara, harp and jahlataranga (1964, Dec. 12)
Symphony on G, orchestra (1948-64; rev. 1966)
Music for Bill and Me, harp (1966-67, 1978)
Music for Violin and Various Instruments, violin, reed organ, drums, psaltery and mbiras (1967)
Beverly's Troubadour Piece, harp, finger cymbals/sistra and drums (1967, Nov.) [later arranged for guitar]
In Memory of Victor Jowers, clarinet or English horn and piano or harp (1967)
Haiku, unison chorus, xiao, harp, wind chimes and gong (1968, Feb. 7 – Mar. 14)
Peace Piece One, unison chorus, trombone, 2 harps, reed organ, string quintet and 3 percussionists (1968)
Peace Piece Two, tenor, 2 harps, strings and 3 percussionists (1968)
Garden at One and a Quarter Moons, psaltery or cheng (1969)
Orpheus -- for the Singer to the Dance, ballet, tenor, chorus and percussion orchestra (15 players) (1969)
Psalter Sonato, psaltery (1969)
Air in G minor, strings (1970)
Young Caesar, chorus, soloists, various non-Western & Western instruments (1969-71)
The White Snake Lady (1971)
La Koro Sutro, chorus with American Gamelan, harp and organ (1971)
Ductia in the form of a Jahla for L. Stokowski, harp, finger cymbals and tamb. jangles or sistra (1972, Mar. 28)
Festive Movement, flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (1972, June-Oct. 15)
Concerto for Organ with Percussion Orchestra (1972-73)
Nuptiae, film score, reed organ, flutes, bells, rattles, kulintang and 2-part choir (1973)
Suite for Violin and American Gamelan (1974)
Arion's Leap, 2 syrinx, 3 yang cheng, metal strung transfer harp, troubador harp and percussion (1974)
Elegiac Symphony (later Symphony No. 2), orchestra (1942, completed 1975)
Gending Samuel for Javanese Gamelan (1976)
Gending Pak Cokro for Javanese Gamelan (1976)
Bubaran Robert for Javanese gamelan (1976; rev. 1981) [later added piccolo trumpet added later]
Lancaran Daniel for Javanese Gamelan (1976, July)
Lagu Sociseknum for Javanese Gamelan (1976, July)
Sonata in Ishartum, harp (1977) [later transcribed for guitar]
Binary Variations on "Oh Sinner Man", recs, sop. crumhn, alto shawm, trble viol and va da gamba (1977)
Gending Paul for Javanese Gamelan (slendro) (1977, May-July)
Gending Jody or Lancaran Jody for Javanese Gamelan (1977, July)
Music for the Turning of a Sculpture by Pamela Boden for Javanese Gamelan (slendro) (1977, July-Aug)
Christmas Music, winds, tack pf, marimba, hp or celeste and chorus (1977) [an arr. 3 Ives works]
Once White and Gold, piano, alto recorder and soprano (1977, Jan 18)
Plaint and Variations for Guitar Recording: Etcetera KTC 1071 (1978)
Waltz for Evelyn Hinrichsen, piano or harp (1978) [later arranged for guitar]
Suite for Guitar with Optional Percussion (1978)
    - Avalokiteshvara [from work for harp and percussion, 1964)
    - Music for Bill and Me [from work for harp, 1966-67, 1978]
    - Sonata in Ishartum [from work for harp, 1977]
Serenade for Guitar with Optional Percussion (1978; perc. added 1988)
    - Round
    - Air
    - Infinite Canon
    - Usul (Little Homage to Sinan)
    - Sonata
Main Bersama-Sama [Playing Together] for Gamelan Degung with horn (1978)
Serenade for Betty Freeman and Franco Asseto for Gamelan degung with suling (1978)
Threnody for Carlos Chavez for Gamelan Degung and viola (1979)
String Quartet Set, string quartet (1978-79)
Discovering Korean Art, film score (1979)
Scenes from Cavafy, baritone, male chorus, Javanese Gamelan, kecapi, harp and ya cheng (1980)
Gending Bill (also Gending William Colvig) for Javanese Gamelan (1980)
Double Fanfare, 2 6-percussionist orchestras (1980, Sept 23)
Lancaran Samuel for Javanese Gamelan (1981)
Ladrang Samuel for Javanese gamelan (1981; rev. of Gending Samuel, 1976)
Gending Alexander for Javanese Gamelan (pelog) (1981, Mar. 3)
Ladrang Epikuros for Javanese Gamelan (1981)
Gending Hephaestus for Javanese Gamelan (1981, Mar. 10)
Estampie, organ (1981, May 7)
Round for Annabelle and April, 2 soprano instruments (1981, May 29-30)
Gending Hermes for Javanese Gamelan (1981, Jan-July)
Gending Demeter for Javanese Gamelan (1981, May-July; rev. 1983)
Gending in Honor of the Poet Virgil for Javanese Gamelan (1981, Oct. 16; rev. 1985, Feb.-Mar.)
Gending Claude for Javanese Gamelan (early 1982)
Lancaran Molly for Javanese (1982, Feb. 21)
Gending Dennis for Javanese Gamelan (1982)
Gending Pindar for Javanese Gamelan (1982, Feb. 25)
Double Concerto for Javanese Gamelan, violin and cello (1981-82)
Tributes to Charon, 3 percussionists and alarm clocks (1982)
Third Symphony for Symphony Orchestra (1982; rev. 1985)
Elegy to the Memory of Calvin Simmons, oboe, vibraphone, harp, violin, viola, cello and bass (1982)
Gending in Honor of Herakles for Javanese Gamelan (1982, Oct. 11)
Beyond the Far Blue Mountains for Javanese Gamelan, film score (1983)
Gending Vincent for Javanese Gamelan (1983)
Gending in Honor of James & Joel (Devotions), film score, for Javanese Gamelan and 2 suling (1983,May-Jn)
Lagu Lagu Thomasan for Cirebon Gamelan pelog (1983, Aug 9)
Lagu Cirebon for Cirebon Gamelan pelog (1983)
Ketawang Wellington for Javanese Gamelan with solo voice (1983, July-Oct.)
Lagu Victoria for Cirebon Gamelan pelog (1983)
The Foreman's Song Tune, chorus and Javanese Gamelan (1983)
For the Pleasure of Ovid's Changes for Javanese Gamelan (1983, Aug-Nov; rev. 1986 Dec.)
Gending in Honor of Sinan for Javanese Gamelan (1983)
Gending in Honor of Palladio for Javanese Gamelan (1983, Feb.-July; rev. 1983 and 1984)
Lagu Elang Yusuf for Cirebon Gamelan slendro (1984, Feb. 29)
Gending in Honor of Max Beckmann for Javanese Gamelan (1984, rev. 1991)
Gending Ptolemy for Javanese Gamelan (1985)
Lagu Pa Undang for Gamelan Degung (1985, Apr. 6)
Incidental Music to Goethe's Faust, soloists, chorus, orchestra, solo harps and gamelan (1985)
Three Songs, male chorus, piano and strings (1985)
Piano Concerto with Selected Orchestra (strings, harps, trombones and percussion) (1985)
Gending in Honor of Aphrodite for Javanese Gamelan, harp and chorus (1982)
New Moon, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin, contrabass and percussion (1986)
Ladrang in Honor of Pak Daliyo for Javanese Gamelan (1984, Mar. 21-Aug. 8; rev. 1986)
Mass for St. Cecelia's Day, male chorus, harp and drone (1986)
A Cornish Lancaran for Javanese Gamelan and soprano saxophone (1986, Dec. 27; rev. 1989, Feb. 1)
Varied Trio for Violin, Piano and Percussion (1987)
Ariadne, flute and percussion with optional dancer (1987)
Concerto for Piano with Javanese Gamelan for Javanese Gamelan with piano (tuned to gamelan) (1986-87)
Philemon and Baukis, violin and Javanese Gamelan (1985-87)
Clay's Quintet, trumpet, cornet, mandolin, harp and percussion (1987)
Air for the Poet, metallophone, drum/solo instr. with 2 ostinati/orchestra (1987)
A Summerfield Set, piano or unspecified keyboard (1987; rev. 1988)
Four Coyote Stories for Javanese Gamelan with baritone (1987)
The Scattered Remains of James Boughton, film score (1987)
Faust, incidental music, soloists, chorus, orchestra, harps and Gamelan (1987)
Grand Duo, violin and piano (1988)
Pedal Sonata for Organ (1989)
Soedjatmoko Set, female voice, unison chorus and Javanese Gamelan (1989, Dec.)
Ibu Trish for Gamelan degung (1989)
Piano Trio, violin, cello and piano (1990)
Last Symphony (Symphony No. 4), orchestra with baritone (1990)
Threnody for Oliver Daniel, harp (1990)
Homage to Pacifica for Gamelan, chorus, bassoon, harp, percussion, female voice and psaltery (1991)
Round for Jafran Jones for Balinese Gamelan (1991)
Songs in the Forest, flute/piccolo, violin, vibraphone/marimba and piano (1951-52; rev. & comp. 1992)
White Ashes, piano and chorus (1992, Mar)
Tandy's Tango, piano (1992)
Suite for Four Haisho with Percussion, 4 Haisho, 2 percussionists and reader (1992, Oct-Nov)
Gending Moon for Javanese Gamelan with suling and male voice (1994, Apr.)
Vestiunt Silve, mezzo-soprano, flute, 2 viole and harp (1994)
Book Music for Javanese Gamelan (1994, May)
New First Suite for Strings, string orchestra (1995)
Suite for Cello and Piano (1995)
A Parade for MTT, orchestra (1995)
Rhymes with Silver, violin, viola, cello, piano and percussion (1996)
Suite for Sangen, shamisen (1996)
Suite for Violin and Strings (1997) [arr. of suite for Violin and American Gamelan]
Suite for Pipa with String Orchestra (1997)
Orchard for Javanese Gamelan (1998, Aug.)
Lancaran Antony for Javanese Gamelan (1998)
Music for Remy, oboe and percussionist (1998, Jan 26)
Ladrang Carter Scholz for Javanese Gamelan (1998 or 1999)
A Dentdale Ladrang for Javanese Gamelan (1993, compl. 1999)
In Honor of Munakata Shiko for Javanese Gamelan pelog (1991-2000)
Harpsichord Sonata (2000)
Scenes from Nek Chand, just intonation steel guitar (2001-2002)

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