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Mark Gresham (1956-    )

Mark Gresham, composerMark Gresham is an American composer whose music is rooted in traditions of neo-romanticism, yet explores modern and eclectic influences with a passionate lyricism that is sensitive to word, history, and sense of place. His compositions have been performed in the U.S. by instrumental ensembles such as the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Bent Frequency, Thamyris, Georgia State University Percussion Ensemble, and the Atlanta Symphony Brass Quintet. His choral music has been performed by the San Francisco Symphony Chorus, the National Lutheran Choir, the New York Concert Singers, the Emory University Concert Choir, the Plymouth Music Series, the Candler Choraliers, and the choir of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul (Boston), among others. His compositions have also been performed by artists such as cello/piano duo Dorothy and Cary Lewis, cellist Karen Freer, percussionist Stuart Gerber, and mezzo-soprano Maya Hoover. Internationally, performances of his music have touched such far-flung places as Indonesia, Estonia, South Africa, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Most recently, the European premiere of his Sonata for Violoncello and Piano (1993) took place in October 2008, performed by the Helix Duo, with three subsequent performances in Belgium during the spring of 2009. In addition to being a composer and conductor, Mark Gresham is a writer and music journalist. His book of interviews, Choral Conversations, is scheduled for re-release in an expanded second edition later this year. He has been a contributing writer for Creative Loafing-Atlanta since 2002, subsequently winning an ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award in music journalism in 2003.

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The Embrace, orchestra (1996)
Music for a Summer Celebration, [orchestra?] (2006)

Soloist(s) w/Orchestra
Three Essays for Viola and Double String Orchestra (2009; also for viola and string nonet)

Chorus w/Orchestra
Ring Out, Ye Crystal Spheres, [chorus and orchestra?] (????)
Magnificat, chorus, 3 part trebles and orchestra (1988/1992)
Te Deum, chorus and orchestra (1994, unpublished)

Blessings - see: Make a Joyful Noise/Blessings
Behold, God Is My Salvation, chorus (????, unpublished)
Christ Our Passover, [double chorus and organ?] (????, unpublished)
A Garland for Easter, chorus and organ (????)
He That Ruleth over Men Must Be Just, [chorus?] (????, unpublished)
Kedron, [choral?] (arr. ????, unpublished)
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence, [choral?] (????, unpublished)
Lo, How a Rose, [choral?] (arr. ????, unpublished)
The Lord Is My Light, [choral?] (????)
My Cat Has Swallowed a Bumblebee, [choral?] (????)
Repeat, That Repeat, [chorus?] (????)
Shenandoah, [chorus?] (arr. ????, unpublished)
Three Passages from the Song of Solomon, [choral?] (????)
    - Rise up, My Love
    - I Sleep, But My Heart Waketh
    - Set Me as a Sea

Go Now in Peace, chorus (1984)
Welcome Evening, [choral] (1984, unpublished)
I Move, I Go, I Seek, chorus and piano (1985)
The Young Galileo, female chorus, or male chorus (1985)
I Will Not Leave You Comfortless, chorus (1986)
Awake, My Soul, chorus (1987)
Quick, Sunlight! Bring Noon!, chorus (1987)
Gloria Nova, chorus w/soprano, alto and tenor soli, and piano (1988)
Rise up, My Love, [choral?] (1988)
Set Me as a Seal, chorus (1988)
Built on a Rock, hymn concertato, chorus and organ (1992, unpublished)
Hail the Blest Morn, chorus, flute, 2 trumpets and percussion (1992, unpublished)
As Pants the Hart, mezzo-soprano and male chorus (1993, unpublished)
How Excellent Is Thy Name, chorus (1996)
Jesus, Born in Bethl'em, chorus (1996)
Psalm 150, chorus and organ (1996)
Steal Away, chorus, or female chorus, or male chorus (arr. 1997)
Be Watchful, chorus (1998)
Great Are You, O Lord, chorus, unison chorus and organ (1999)
Repeat That, Repeat, chorus (1999)
Angels and Strangers, chorus, cello and organ (2000)
Creation Fires My Tongue, chorus and organ (2000, unpublished)
Go Forth into the World, chorus, flute and piano (2000)
Keep Watch, Dear Lord, chorus (2001)
Make a Joyful Noise/Blessings, narrator, chorus and piano (2001)
No Greater Love, chorus (2001)
O Lord, Make Haste to Hear My Cry, chorus (2001)
Flight, chorus and percussion (2003, unpublished)
As Kingfishers Catch Fire, chorus (2004)
Sing to the Lord a New Song, chorus and organ (2006)

Fanfare for Brass Quintet (????)
Music for Double Brass Sextet and Timpani (????, unpublished)
Music for Marimba and String Quartet (????)
Percussion Quartet (????, unpublished)
Rondo for Brass Quintet (????, unpublished)
Vagabond Drumming, Book I, percussion ensemble (????)
Vagabond Drumming, Book III, percussion ensemble (????)
Imponderables, [piano and percussion?] (1990, unpublished)
Rainbow 'Round a Crescent Moon, clarinet, marimba and bongos (2004)
Mortal Coils, [flute, clarinet, violin and cello?] (2009)
Genshi, Eb clarinet and violin (2010)
Vagabond Drumming, Book III, percussion ensemble (????)

Solo Instrument
Sonata for Cello and Piano (1993)
Vagabond Drumming, Book II, percussion solo (2009)

Endless Forms, piano (in progress)

Joy Is the Grace We Say to God, [solo vocal?] (1993)
Song of the Chattahoochee, voice and piano (2008, unpublished)
The Marshes of Glynn, baritone [and piano?] (in progress)

Down the Drain, musique concrète (2008)
Pop, musique concrète (2008)

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Atlanta: Breaking Out New Cello Music (Mark Gresham, NewMusicBox)
Atlanta: Music of Hope, Music of Fear (Mark Gresham, NewMusicBox)
Atlanta: Rocking the Violin (Mark Gresham, NewMusicBox)
Atlanta: Written Upon Request (Mark Gresham, NewMusicBox)
Q&A with Composer Mark Gresham (Darren Nelsen,

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Gresham @ ReverbNation

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