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Alexandra Fol (1981-    )

Alexandra Fol, composerAlexandra Fol is a Bulgarian composer, organist and conductor. Her primary composition teacher was Richard Cornell. A graduate of Boston University and Eastman School of Music, she is currently pursuing a Doctorate at McGill University. Fol is finalist for the 2006 Gaudeamus Prize in composition and a 2007 Tanglewood Music Center fellow. She has written more than 40 works in different mediums, including 2 requiems, a monodrama and five concerti. Her works have been performed by the Montréal Symphony Orchestra, one of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestras, the Sofia Philharmony Orchestra, the McGill Symphony Orchestra, Boston University Orchestra, Ossia New Music and the Dutch Vocal laboratoire among others. She performs one organ concert a year featuring newly commissioned organ works. Fol will be one of the featured composers at the International Music Festival "Auditum. Sound and Relation" in Bulgaria.

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Fairies and Spirits, ballet in 4 scenes (2003)
Purgatory, opera in 2 acts and a prologue (in progress)

Soprano Ostinato, orchestra (????)
First Among the Romans - Instrumental theatre for Orchestra in 4 scenes (????)
Symphony No. 1, orchestra (????)
An Almost Bach – Toccata and Fugue, chamber orchestra (????)
Cinderella – The Fairy Tale, narrator and orchestra (????)
Pegasus (Pègase), orchestra, op. 37 (2005)
Requiem No. 2, orchestra, op. 40 (2006)
One Day God Will Return, chamber orchestra (2008)
Kaléidoscope d’une bourgade de montagne, chamber orchestra (????)
Soundwalk, chamber orchestra (????)
Reflective Reflection, chamber orchestra (????)

Exhalation / Expiration, wind ensemble (????)

Soloist(s) w/Orchestra
Piano Concerto (1999)
Viola Concerto No. 1 (1999)
Violin Concerto (2001)
Viola Concerto No. 2 (2002)
A Swan Song for the Impossible Love, a concerto, bass clarinet and chamber orchestra (2004)

Chorus w/Orchestra
Requiem [No. 1], chorus, chamber orchestra and organ, op. 19 (2001)

Bibit, bibit, female chorus and trombone (????)
Answers, chorus (????)
Saint Lazarus Awakes, chorus (????)
In the name of…, a Cantata, [????] (2004)

String Quartet No. 1 (1999)
Clamour for inheritance I and II – Two Trios, 2 violins and piano (????)
Music-making for four - Instrumental theatre, string quartet (????)
A Challenge to Carter, septet (????)
Nonet, percussion ensemble (????)
Violin and Trombone Piece (????)
Funeral Song, flute, bass clarinet, viola, cello, piano and percussion (????)
In H – Paganini Variations, violin and percussion (????)
And this is a Fugue, 8 pianos (????)
Brass Quintet, op. 39 (2005)
Two Works for Digital Instruments, op. 41 (????)
Miniatures of 100 notes or less, [????], op. 42 (????)
When, not if – walking (the) line(s), 13 players, op. 45 (????)
One Trip to Buffalo, NY, 12 players, op. 45-b (????)
A Tanglewood Fanfare, [ensemble?], op. 46-a (????)
Pieces-a-day, [????] op. 46 b, c, d, e (????) [for the Tanglewood Music Center]
Principle and Situation, clarinet quintet (????)
Orphic Cantata, [????] (????)
SICS [Objective] Intermezzi, for six parts (2009)
FAYV [Objective Intermezzi], for five parts (????)
Watching the Stars over the Rhodopi Mountains in Silence, [trio; or quartet] (????)
Tychism, for six parts (????)
Dawn. Lake. Glistening Light, harp and percussion (????)
The ELGEA Quartet, string quartet (????)
String Quartet No. 2 (2006)
Be/alls, percussion (2008)

Instrument and Piano
Frenzi, clarinet and piano (2003)

Solo Instrument
Almost Serial, cello (????)
In Memoriam, guitar and tape (????)
op. 44 for Solo Trumpet (????)
Piece for Violoncello (… and Piano) (????)
Piece for One Percussionist (????)
Happy Memories, violin (2008)
Tongue-twister, flute (or bass flute) (????)
Meditation, portable pitched instrument (????)

And this is a Fugue, 8 pianos (????)
Piano Preludes, op. 36 (????)
Disc-hegis and Acisefis, 2 pianos (????)
Aîné(e), piano (????)
Háisdèg, piano (????)
Etudes, piano (????)
Dieziana, 2 pianos (????)
Star(red) – Ensemble – Danzare, 2 pianists performing on one piano (????)

Song, soprano, piano, vibraphone, 1 timpani and triangle (????)
Three Songs, soprano and organ (????)
Two Songs, alto and piano (????)
Forbidden Memories, song cycle, contralto, bass clarinet/clarinet, viola and cello (????)
Moma Woywoda, soprano and piano (????)
Three War Songs, [voice and piano?], op. 43 (????)
Prudence et Désirs, soprano, piano and percussion (????)
Critique, soprano and clarinet (????)
Two Songs for Voice and Orchestra (????)
Cinderella – The Fairy Tale, narrator and orchestra (????)

Red light – Green light, short film score (????)
Bienvenida, short film score (????)
Macbeth, incidental music (2007)
A Man of Action, documentary film score (????)

In Memoriam, guitar and tape (????)

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