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Daniel David Feinsmith (1966-     )

Daniel David Feinsmith, composerDaniel David Feinsmith is a religious classical composer. He has received commissions and awards from The Kronos Quartet, The American Brass Quintet, The Alexander String Quartet, Grammy Nominee Solo Pianist David Holzman, Argosy Foundation, Ross McKee Foundation, Yaddo Artists Residency, Djerassi Residency Program, Filmmaker Rob Nilsson, Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley Civic Arts Commission, the Jess Shensen Music Fund of Congregation Emanu-El, The Sifriya Foundation, ASCAP, the American Composers Forum and many others. Feinsmith's approach is in all cases centered on the meditative and prayerful perception of the direct spiritual reality of the Lord and Master of the Universe, as demonstrated by the prophets of the Bible. His personal purpose for composing music is to deepen himself in knowing and serving God by listening to Him and His living and compelling voice which ever is speaking to those who listen, and translating that force to musical feeling and meaning, to the best of his ability, in joy, service and bliss of closeness to His grandeur and love.

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Anointed, chamber orchestra (2007?)

Chorus w/Orchestra


Cello and Guitar Duet No. 1, "Elokim Divided The Waters" (????)
Eight Creative Utterances of Elokim [Elohim], acoustic guitar, cello, double bass and piano (2006-07)
    - Name
    - Create
    - Bless
    - Divide
    - See
    - Form
    - Place
    - Say
String Quartet No. 1, "Kain" (????)
String Quartet No. 2, "Solomon Anoints the First Temple" (2002)
Aaron, violin, cello, piano and percussion (2003) [based on Vayikra]
Yahweh (5 mvts), string quartet and bell ensemble (or electronics) (2004) [?Hashem] [premiered by Kronos Quartet]
[????] (????) [based on art by Chagall, Rembrandt and Michelangelo]

Instrument and Piano
The Blood of the Prophets is Within Me, piccolo and piano (2012?)

Solo Instrument
Two Hymns of Divine Awakening, guitar (????)
Havaya, "Eternal Lament", cello (2007)
Cello Suite No. 1, "The Book of Raziel" (????)
Mine Is Not An Earthly Kingdom, double bass (????)

Prophetic Etude for Pianoforte No. 1, "God placed them in the heavens to give light to the earth" (????)
Prophetic Etude for Pianoforte No. 2, "In Thee I Am" (2012)
Prophetic Etude for Pianoforte No. 3, "In Thy Divine Love Abide I" (2012)
Prophetic Etude for Pianoforte No. 4, "To Your Sound I Am Devoted" (????)
Prophetic Etude for Pianoforte No. 5, "Immediate Is Thy Judgement" (????)
Piano Sonata No. 1, "Leviathan, a song of praise to the Lord, Creator of form" (2002) [based on Psalm 104] [2003?]
Piano Sonata No. 2, "Kel Kelyon, a hymn of abiding in His grace" (????)
Piano Sonata No. 3, "Seventy Sets of Seven" (????)

Know That The Lord is God, soprano, cello and piano (????)
Adulation, soprano, violin, viola and cello (????) [text: Catherine Pozzi, "AVE"]
Baruch, soprano, violin, viola and cello (2003) [text: Catherine Pozzi]
Two Songs of Exodus, soprano and piano (????)
Miriam, soprano and piano (2003) [text: Feinsmith poetry about Miriam]

Attitude, film score (????) [dir: Rob Nilsson]
Mujaan, film score (????) [dir: Chris McKee]
Noise, film score (????) [dir: Rob Nilsson]
Hysteria, film score [electronically modified solo cello] (????) [dir: Antero Alli]
What Happened Here, [film score/soundtrack music] (2011?) [dir: Rob Nilsson] [works: Know That The Lord is God; Baruch]

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Channeling the Divine (Brett Campbell, San Francisco Classical Voice)
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In the Spirit (Alexander Gelfand, Tablet)
A Melody of Jewish Meditation (Alexander Gelfand, Forward)
Teruah Interviews Daniel David Feinsmith (Teruah-JewishMusic)

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