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Richard Chiarappa (1952-     )

Richard Chiarappa is the founding music director of the West Hartford Symphony Orchestra, and formerly the music director of the Bristol Symphony Orchestra (1991-2002). Chiarappa is also the resident conductor of the Scholar-Athlete-Artist Games Orchestra (Kingston, RI, on the University of Rhode Island campus). He has been a faculty member of Kingswood Oxford School in West Hartford since 1979, where he is Director of the String Orchestra and the Kingswood Oxford Jazz Ensemble, and has conducted over twenty-five musicals. He has also been musical director/pianist of the Madison Beach Club's annual "Follies" since 1981. Chiarappa is a member of ASCAP and the Dramatists Guild, MENC, and CMEA, as well as the League of American Orchestras and Conductors Guild. Chiarappa studied orchestral conducting with Vytautus Marijosius, choral conducting with Gerald Mack and composition with Arnold Franchetti at The Hartt School of Music. In addition, he has done advanced study in conducting under the guidance of Maestros Gustav Meier and Raymond Harvey.

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I Was a Teenage Werewolf for the Third Reich, [musical?] (????) [book & lyrics by Terrence Ortwein]
     - also known as "The Best Kept Secret of World War II"

Hoop!, a made-for-high-school musical (1986) [libretto: Richard and Martha Chiarappa]
Lincoln & Booth, a historical musical (1993?)
Brandenburgh, a musical farce (2001?) [based on a story by Mark Twain]
The Silver Whistle, a musical comedy (2011?) [based on the play by Robert McEnroe]
The Miraculous Staircase, one-act opera (2013?)

A Twinkle Fantasia, pops orchestra (????)
Fling Went the Strings, pops orchestra (????)

Boom!, orchestra and (celebrity) bass drummer (1993?; arr. ????) [also arr. w/band] [adapted from "Lincoln & Booth"]
Romp, orchestra and (celebrity) triangulist (2007) [also arr. w/band]
Uncle Sal's Cello, narrator and orchestra (2010)
A Tonal Prelude, string orchestra (2011) [also arr. for string quartet; or piano and string quartet]
An Academic March, string orchestra (2011)
A Concert Prelude, string orchestra (2012)
Entrance March, string orchestra (2012)
The Wyvern Waltz, string orchestra (2015?) ["The Alma Mater Waltz"]

Boom!, orchestra and (celebrity) bass drummer (1993?; arr. ????) [also arr. w/band] [adapted from "Lincoln & Booth"]
Happy, Happy Birthday, orchestra (2002)
    - Baroque (a la Bach)
    - Classical (a la Beethoven)
    - Romantic (a la Wagner)
    - A Broadway Style Birthday [also available separately]
Romp, orchestra and (celebrity) triangulist (2007) [also arr. w/band]
The Gettysburg Address, narrator and band (2008)

Soloist(s) w/Orchestra
Conversation for Violin, Viola and String Orchestra (2013)
Dialog for Double Bass and String Orchestra (2015)

Chorus w/Orchestra
Paean to The Scholar, The Athlete and The Artist, chorus and orchestra (2001)
Noah's National Language, narrator, actor, chorus and orchestra (2008)


A Tonal Prelude, string orchestra (2011) [also arr. for string quartet; or piano and string quartet]
A Tonal Quintet in One Movement, piano and string quartet (2011) ["a la Brahms"]
Fanfare for the Uncommon Person, brass ensemble [4 hn, 3 tpt, 3 trom, tuba, timp, bass drum, snare drum] (2015)

Instrument and Piano

Solo Instrument


Just Ourselves, soprano, tenor and orchestra (1993?) [from "Lincoln & Booth"]
Were We Young Again, mezzo soprano, baritone and orchestra (1993?) [from "Lincoln & Booth"]

Elizabeth, educational film score (1977)
Laura, educational film score (1977)
Special People, educational film score (1978?)



Solo Instrument


Solo Percussion

Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Method Books and Etudes

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