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Richard Rodney Bennett (1936-     )

Richard Rodney Bennett, composerA remarkably prolific composer and versatile pianist, Richard Rodney Bennett has divided his attention among three primary musical interests: film music in an often Romantic style, concert music owing much to serialism, and jazz and cabaret music. Bennett began following all of these avenues by the 1950s, but he never allowed the paths to intersect. Each pursuit maintained its own integrity and in no way could he be considered a crossover artist. He was writing music even as he was learning to read, and produced three string quartets by the time he was 18. Bennett enrolled in the Royal Academy of Music in 1953, studying composition with Howard Ferguson and Lennox Berkeley. He graduated in 1956, then spent 1957 - 1959 as a scholarship student in Paris with Pierre Boulez. Here, Bennett was thoroughly indoctrinated in Boulez's technique of total serialism and the German avant-garde, but his only surviving work from this period is Cycle II for Paul Jacobs. Bennett almost immediately took a highly personal approach to serialism, focusing on the melodic possibilities of a tone row and readily exploring its harmonic potential. A turning point came in 1981 with his ballet Noctuary, which fused the tonality of the Scott Joplin piece on which it was based with Bennett's usual atonal serialism. After this, Bennett's techniques became much freer; while still atonal, his highly expressive music shook off the strictest controls of serialism and often indulged in quotation of earlier composers. Bennett's catalog includes four string quartets, three symphonies, concertos for almost all the principal instruments (including harpsichord), and a great deal of chamber music. He frequently wrote for woodwinds throughout his career, but began to focus more intently on them in the late '80s upon befriending many wind players in his capacity as a piano accompanist. Since 1956, Bennett had also been writing film scores in a much more conservative style. He became a favorite composer of Joseph Losey, among other directors, and among his some 50 cinematic efforts are scores for such popular movies as Far from the Madding Crowd, Nicholas and Alexandra, Murder on the Orient Express, and Four Weddings and a Funeral. It was also in the 1950s that Bennett became interested in jazz, particularly as a pianist. He kept this fascination largely to himself until the 1990s, when he began touring the world with a solo cabaret act, singing and playing jazz pieces and torch songs.
-  James Reel/AllMusic

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The Ledge, opera (1961)
The Midnight Thief, opera (1964) [libretto: Ian Serraillier]
The Mines of Sulphur, opera (1965)
A Penny for a Song, opera (1967)
Victory, opera (1970) [libretto by Beverley Cross]
Noctuary, ballet, piano (1981) [?based on works by Scott Joplin]

The Ledge (1, A. Mitchell), 1961
The Midnight Thief (children's operetta), 1963
Jazz Calendar (ballet), chbr ens, 1963-4
The Mines of Sulphur (3, B. Cross), 1963
A Penny for a Song (2, C. Graham, after J. Whiting), 1966
All the King's Men (children's op, 1, Cross), 1968
Victory (3, Cross, after J. Conrad), 1968-69
Isadora (ballet, 2, choreog. K. MacMillan), 1980
Noctuary (ballet, 1, unperf.), 1981

Farnham Festival Overture, orchestra (1964)
Symphony No. 1 (1965)
Symphony No. 2 (1968)
Symphony No. 3 (1987)
Reflections on a Sixteenth Century Tune, string orchestra or double wind quintet (1999)

Hn Cone, 1956; 5 Pieces, 1956; Music for an Occasion, 1959;
Journal, 1960; Suite francaise, 1961; Nocturnes, chbr orch,
1962-3; Farnham Festival Ov., 1964; Aubade, 1964; Sym. no.l,
1965; Suite, 1966 [arr. from movts of The Aviary and The Insect
World], small orch; Sym. no.2,1967; Pf Cone, 1968; Ob Cone,
ob, str, 1969-70; Gui Cone, gui, chbr orch, 1970; Party Piece, pf,
small orch, 1971; Va Cone, va, chbr orch, 1973; Cone for Orch,.
1973; Vn Cone, 1975; Zodiac, 1975-6; Serenade, small orch,
1976; Actaeon, hn, orch, 1977; Music for Str, 1977; Db Cone, db,
chbr orch, 197S; Sonnets to Orpheus, vc, orch, 1978-9; Hpd
Cone, 1980; Anniversaries, 19S2; Freda's Fandango, 1982;
Memento, fl, str, 1983; Sinfonietta, 1984; Moving into Aquarius,
1384, collab. T. Musgrave; Sym. no.3,1987; CI Cone, cl, str,
1987; Mar Cone, mar, chbr orch, 1988; Sax Cone, a sax, str,
1988; Diversions, 1989; Perc Cone, perc, chbr orch, 1990; Cone
for Stan Getz, t sax, timp, str, 1990; Celebration, 1991; Variations
on a Nursery Tune, 1992; Bn Cone, bn, str, 1994; Partita, 1995

Morning Music, wind band (1986)
The Four Seasons, wind ensemble (1991)

Morning Music, sym. wind ens, 1986; Cone for 10 Brass Players, 4
tpt, 3 trbn, b trim, t ba, 1988; Flowers of the Forest,'brass band,
1989; The Four Seasons, wind ens, 1991; Cone, tpt, wind orch, 1993

Soloist(s) w/Orchestra or Band
Concerto for Alto Saxophone (1988)
Concerto for Stan Getz, tenor saxophone, string orchestra and timpani (1990)
Concerto for Trumpet and Wind Orchestra (1993)
    - Elegy for Miles Davis, trumpet and wind orchestra (1993) [2nd mvt from "Concerto for Trumpet and Wind Orchestra"]

Chorus w/Orchestra

Verses (1964)
The Aviary (5 songs), unison voices and piano (pub. 1966)
    - The Bird's Lament (text: John Clare)
    - The Owl (text: Alfred Lord Tennyson)
    - The Early Nightengale (text: John Clare)
    - The Widow Bird (text: P.B. Shelley)
    - The Lark (text: Samuel T. Coleridge)
The Insect World (4 songs), unison voices and piano (pub. 1966)
    - The Insect World
    - The Fly
    - Glow-worms
    - Clock-a-clay
Five Carols (1967)
What sweeter music (1968)
Spells, soprano, chorus and orchestra (pub. 1975)
Puer nobis (1980)
Sea Change (4 songs), chorus and tubular bells (1983)
    - The isle is full of noises (text: Shakespeare)
    - The Bermudas (text: Andrew Marvell )
    - The waves come rolling (text: Edmund Spenser)
    - Full fathom five (text: Shakespeare)
Lullay mine liking (1984)
Spell of Sleep, chorus (pub. 1986) [text: Kathleen Raine]
Missa Brevis, chorus (1990)
On Christmas Day to My Heart, chorus (1998) [text: Clement Paman]
Five Carols, chorus (1999)
    - There is no rose
    - Out of your sleep
    - That younge child
    - Sweet was the song
    - Susanni
A Good-Night (1999)
A Farewell to Arms (2001)
Town and Country (2002)
The Garden - A Serenade to Glimmerglass, 16 voices and piano (2006) [text: Andrew Marvell]
Four poems of Thomas Campion (2007)
Serenades (2007)
My dancing day (2008)
The Apple Tree (2009)
New Year Carol (2009)
Gloria, Gloria (2010)
In the bleak midwinter (2010)
By Strauss (George Gershwin/arr. Bennett)
Sophisticated Lady (Duke Ellington and Irving Mills/arr. Bennett)
Every Time We Say Goodbye (Cole Porter/arr. Bennett)

Reflections on a Sixteenth Century Tune, string orchestra or double wind quintet (1999)
Four Duets, 2 cellos (2011) [for pupil and teacher]

Str Qt no.l, 1951; Str Qt no.2,1953; Str Qt no.3,1953; Studies for 5
Players, fl, ob, cl, a sax, perc, 1957; Calendar, chbr ens, 1960;
Fanfare, 2 tpt, hn, trbn, tuba, 1962; Str Qt no.4,1964; Trio, fl, ob,
cl, 1965; A Canon for Stravinsky, vn, va, vc, 1967; Qnt, fl, ob, cl,
hn, bn, 1968; Commedia I , fl, b cl, a sax, tpt, vc, perc, 1972;
Commedia n, fl, vc, pf, 1972; Commedia ED, fl + pic, ob + eng hn,
cl, hn, tpt, 2 perc, pf + eel, vn, vc, 1973; Commedia IV, hn, 2 tpt,
trbn, tuba, 1973; Ob Qt, 1974-5; Travel Notes 1, str qt, 1975;
Travel Notes 2, fl, ob, cl, bn, 1976; Metamorphoses, 4 vn, 2 va, 2
vc, 1980; Music for Str Qt, 1981; Cone, for Wind Qnt, fl + pic, ob,
cl, hn, bn, 1983; Sounds and Sweet Aires, fl, ob, pf, 1985; Sonata
after Syrinx, fl, va, hp, 1985; Reflections on a Theme of William
Walton, 6 vn, 2 va, 2 vc, db, 1985; Dream Dancing, chbr ens,
1986; Lamento d'Arianna, str qt, 1986; Sonata, wind qnt, pf,
1986; Tender is the Night, suite, ondes martenot, str qt, 1986 [arr.
of 1985 BBC TV incid. music]; Arethusa, ob, vn, va, vc, 1989; A
Book of Hours, chbr ens, 1991; Cl Qnt, 1992; Sax Qt, s, a, t, bar
sax, 1994

Instrument and Piano
Summer Music, flute and piano (pub. 1983)
After Syrinx I, oboe and piano (pub. 1989) [based on Claude Debussy's "Syrinx" for solo flute]
Dream Sequence, cello and piano (fp. 1994)

Theme and Variations, vn, va, 1952; Study, tpt, pf, 1957; Music for
2 Pfs, 1957-8; Winter Music, fl, pf, 1960; Sonata, ob, pf, 1961;
Conversations,2 fl, 1964; Crosstalk, 2 basset hn/2 cl, 1966;
Capriccio, pf duet, 1968; 4 Piece Suite, 2 pf, 1974; Kandinsky
Variations, 2 pf, 1977; Sonata, hn, pf, 1978; Sonata, vn, pf, 1978;
Up Bow, Down Bow, bk 1, vn, pf, 1979; Up Bow, Down Bow, bk
2, va, pf, 1979; After Syrinx I , ob, pf, 1982; Summer Music, fl, pf,
1982; Serenade II, ondes martenot, pf, 1984; Duo concertante, cl,
pf, 1985; Romances, hn, pf, 1985; Sonata, s sax, pf, 1986; After
Ariadne, va, pf, 1986; Suite for Skip and Sadie, pf duet, 1986;
Capriccio, vc, pf, 1990; Over the Hills and Far Away, pf duet,
1991; Sonata, vc, pf, 1991; Sonata, bn, pf, 1991; 3 Sondheim
Waltzes, arr. a sax, pf, 1992; 3 Piece Suite, a sax, pf, 1996

Solo Instrument
Impromptus, guitar (1968)
Scena II, cello (fp. 1974)
Sonatina for Clarinet Solo (pub. 1982)
Sonata for Solo Guitar (1983)
After Syrinx II, marimba (pub. 1996) [based on Claude Debussy's "Syrinx" for solo flute]

Variations, ob, 1953; Sonata, pf, 1954; Sonatine, fl, 1954; 4
Improvisations, vn, 1955; Sonata no.l, vn, .1955; Cycle I-LX, pf,
1956-8; Stanzas, org, 1960; Fantasy, pf, 1962; 5 Studies, pf,"
1962—4; Diversions, pf, 1964; Sonata no.2, vn, 1965; Impromptu,
gui, 1968; Impromptu; fl, 1969; Alba, org, 1971; Scena I , pf, 1973;
Scena II, vc, 1973; Telegram, pf, 1976; Eustace and Hilda, pf,
1977 [arr. of theme from BBC TV incid music]; Scena m, cl, 1977;
6 Tunes for the Instruction of Singing Birds, fl, 19 81; Impromptu
ontheName of Haydn, pf, 1981; Noctuary, pf, 1981 [ballet
score]; Sonatina, cl, 1981; Sonata, gui, 1983; After Syrinx II, mar,
1984; Tango After Syrinx, pf, 1985; Tender is the Night, pf, 1985
[arr. of BBC TV incid music]; 3 Romantic Pieces, pf, 1988;
Partridge Pie, pf, 1990; Arabesque, ob, 1992; Excursions, pf,
1993; Impromptu on a Theme of Henri Dutilleux, pf, 1994;
Rondel, va, 1997

Sonata for Piano (1954, first published work)
A Week of Birthdays, piano (1961)
Fantasy, piano (1962)
Seven Days a Week, piano (1963)
Five Studies, piano (1962-64)
Diversions, piano (1965)
Capriccio, piano 4-hands (1968)
Scena I, piano (1974)
Four Piece Suite, 2 pianos (1974)
Kandinsky Variations, 2 pianos (1977)
Partridge Pie, piano (pub. 1991) [Grade 3] [based on "The 12 Days of Christmas"]
    - Introduction
    - A Partridge in a Pear Tree
    - Two Turtledoves
    - Three French Hens
    - Four Calling Birds
    - Five Gold Rings
    - Six Geese a-Laying
    - Seven Swans a-Swimming
    - Eight Maids a-Milking
    - Nine Drummers Drumming
    - Ten Pipers Piping
    - Eleven Ladies Dancing
    - Twelve Lords a-Leaping
Noctuary, ballet, piano (1981) [?based on works by Scott Joplin]
Impromptu on the name of Haydn (1982)
Tango after Syrinx, piano (1985) [based on Claude Debussy's "Syrinx" for solo flute]
Suite for Skip and Sadie, piano 4-hands (1986)
Three Romantic Pieces, piano (1988)
Over the Hills and Far Away, piano 4-hands (1991)
Impromptu on a Theme of Henri Dutilleux, piano (1993)
Theme from Eustace and Hilda, piano (1997)
Taking a Line for a Walk, piano (1997?)
Fanfare on a Sixteenth Century Tune, 2 pianos (1999) [arr. 2003? from work for 4 trumpets and 4 trombones]
Excursions, piano (1999)
Memento, piano (2000)

A Little Suite, medium voice and orchestra (pub. 1966) [based on selections from "The Insect World" and "The Aviary"]

- with orcb/ens: The Approaches of Sleep (T. Browne), S, A, T, B, chbr
ens, 1959-60; London Pastoral (W. Wordsworth, J. Lydgate, L.
Binyon), T, chbr orch, 1962; Epithalamion (R. Herrick), chorus,
orch, 1966; Soliloquy (J. Mitchell), Iv, jazz ens, 1966; Jazz Pastoral
(Herrick), l v , jazz ens, 1969; The Bermudas (A. Marvell), chorus,
school orch, 1971; Sonnet Sequence (W. Shakespeare), T, str orch,
1974; Spells (K. Raine), S, chorus, orch, 1974-T5; 5 Sonnets of
Louise Labe, S, chbr ens, 1984; Lovesongs (e.e. cummings), T,
orch, 1984; Ophelia (A. Rimbaud), Ct, ondes martenot, hp, str,
With 1-3 insts/tape: Lament (C. Tichborne), T, gui, 1960; This
Worldes Joie (anon.), S, pf, 1960; Tom O'Bedlam's Song, T, vc,
1961; Childe Rolande to the Dark Tower Came (R. Browning),
spier, pf, 1961; One Evening (W.H. Auden), T, gui, 1964; The
Aviary (J. Clare, A. Tennyson, P.B. Shelley, S.T. Coleridge), unison
w/lv, pf, 1965; The-Insect World (Clare, W. Oldys, Marvell),
unison vVlv, pf, 1965; The Music That Her Echo Is (J. Dyer,
anon., J. Campion), T, pf, 1967; Crazy Jane (W.B. Yeats), S, cl, vc,
pf, 196S-9; A Garland for Marjorie Fleming (Fleming), S, pf,
1969; Tenebrae (T. Nashe, H. King, anon., Tichboume, Donne),
Bar, pf, 1971
Nightpiece (CP. Baudelaire), S, tape, 1972; Time's Whiter Series (J.
Dryden, F. Martens, E. Sitwell, E. Bolton), Ct, lute, 1974; The
Little Ghost who Died For Love (Sitwell), S, pf, 1976; Just Friends
in Print, v, pf, 1979 [songs by Bennett and others]; Vocalese (J.
Hansen), S, pf, 1981; Letters to Lindbergh (M. Hall), female w , pf
duet, 1982; Nonsense (M. Peake), SATB, pf duet, 1979, rev. 1984;
this is the garden (e.e. cummings), high v, pf, 1984; And Death
Shall Have No Dominion (D. Thomas), TTBB, hn, 1986; Dream-
Songs (W. de la Mare), S/unison high w , pf, 1986; A History of
the The Dansant (M.R. Peacocke), Mez, pf, 1994
Unacc: 3 Songs (J.G. Villa), T, 1955; The Tillaquils (L. Riding),
SATB, 1955; Ricercar, unacc, 1956; 2 Madrigals (B. Jonson,
anon.), SATB, 1961; 3 Elegies (J. Webster), SSAATTBB, 1962;
Nowell, Nowell, Tidings, True (anon.), SATB, arr. 1962; Madrigal
'And Can The Physician' (anon.), SATB, 1962; 2 Lullabies (trad.
Lat., James, John and Robert Wedderburn), SSA, 1963; Verses
(Donne), SATB, 1965; 5 Carols (anon.), SATB, 1967; 2 Carols
(Herrick, anon.), solo w , SATB, 1968; 4 Devotions (Donne),
SATB, 1971; The House of Sleepe (Ovid trans. A. Golding, J.
Gower), 6 male w , 1971; Puer Nobis (A. Meynell), SATB, 1980;
Sea-Change (Shakespeare, Marvell, E. Spenser), SATB, tubular
bells ad lib, 1983; Lullay mine liking (anon.), SATB, opt. soli,
1984; Nowell (de la Mare), SATB, 1986; Missa brevis, SATB,
1990; Lullaby Baby (J. Phiflip), SATB, 1986; Sermons and
Devotions (Donne), 2 Ct, T, 2 Bar, B, 1992; Calico Pie (E. Lear),
SATB, 1994

Song of the Clouds, documentary short film score (1957)
Pickup Alley, film score (1957)
Menace in the Night, film score (1957)
The Safecracker, film score (1958)
Indiscreet, film score (1958)
The Man Inside, film score (1958)
The Man Who Could Cheat Death, film score (1958)
The Angry Hills, film score (1959)
The Devil's Disciple, film score (1959)
Chance Meeting, film score (1959)
The Mark, film score (1961)
Only Two Can Play, film score (1962)
Satan Never Sleeps, film score (1962)
The Wrong Arm of the Law, film score (1963)
Heavens Above!, film score (1963)
Billy Liar, film score (1963)
Hamlet at Elsinore, TV movie score (1964)
One Way Pendulum, film score (1964)
The Nanny, film score (1965)
The Witches, film score (1966)
The Wednesday Play, TV series music (1964-67)
    – Dismissal Leading to Lustfulness (1967)
    – The Order (1967)
    – Malatesta (1964)
Far from the Madding Crowd, film score (1967)
Billion Dollar Brain, film score (1967)
Secret Ceremony, film score (1968)
The Buttercup Chain, film score (1970)
Figures in a Landscape, film score (1970)
Nicholas and Alexandra, film score (1971)
Lady Caroline Lamb, film score (1973)
Voices, film score (1973)
Murder on the Orient Express, film score (1974)
The Executioner, film score (1975)
Sherlock Holmes in New York, TV movie score (1976)
The Accuser, film score (1977)
Equus, film score (1977)
The Brink's Job, film score (1978)
Yanks, film score (1979)
The Return of the Soldier, film score (1982)
Knockback, TV movie score (1984)
The Ebony Tower, TV movie score (1984)
Murder with Mirrors, TV movie (1985)
Tender Is the Night (TV mini-series score (1985) - 6 episodes
Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story, TV movie score (1987)
The Charmer, TV mini-series (1987) - 6 episodes
American Playhouse: Strange Interlude, TV series music (1988)
The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank, TV movie score (1988)
Enchanted April, film score (1991)
Four Weddings and a Funeral, film score (1994)
Swann, film score (1997)
The Tale of Sweeney Todd, TV movie score (1997)
Gormenghast, TV mini-series score (2000)

Interpol (J. Gilling), 1956; A Face in the Night, 1956; The
Safecracker (R. Milland), 1957; The Devil's Disciple (G.
Hamilton), 1958; Indiscreet (S. Donen), 1958; The Man Inside
(Gilling), 1958; The Angry Hills (R. Aldrich), 1959; Blind Date (J.
Losey), 1959; The Man Who Could Cheat Death, 1959; The
Mark (G. Green), 1961; TheDevil Never Sleeps (L. McCarly),
1961; Only Two Can Play (S. Gilliat), 1961; The Wrong Arm of
the Law (C. Owen), 1962; Heaven's Above (J. Bowlting), 1963;
Billy Liar (J. Schlesinger), 1963; One Way Pendulum (P. Yates),
1964; The Engineers, 1965; The Nanny (S, Holt), 1965; JEuropean
Tapestry, 1965; A Penny for Your Thoughts, 1966; The Witches
(C. Frankel), 1966; Far from the Madding Crowd (Schlesinger),
1967; BillionDollar Brain (K. Russell), 1967; Secret Ceremony
(Losey), 1968; The Buttercup Chain (R.E. Miller), 1970; Figures in
a Landscape (Losey), 1970; Nicholas and Alexandra (F.
Schaffner), 1971; Lady Caroline Lamb (R. Bolt), 1972; Voices (K.
Billington), 1973; Murder on the Orient Express (S. Lumet), 1974;
Permission to Kill (Frankel), 1975; Sherlock Holmes in New York,
1976; Equus (Lumet), 1977; L'imprecateur, 1977; The Brinks Job
(W. Friedkin), 1978; Yanks (Schlesinger), 1979; The Return of the
Soldier (A. Bridges), 19 82; Murder with Mirrors (D. Lowry),
19S5; Enchanted April (M. Newell), 1992; Four Weddings and a
Funeral (Newell), 1994; Swann (A. Benson Gyles), 1996; Sweeney
Todd (A. Benson Gyles), 1997
also music for TV, radio and the theatre

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A Composer Happily Returns to 'The Mines' (Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times)

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