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Marion Bauer (1882-1955)

Marion Bauer, composerMarion Bauer was an American composer, teacher and writer on music. She exchanged English lessons for harmony lessons with Nadia Boulanger, as her first American pupil. Bauer spent many productive summers at the MacDowell Colony where she met several other important American women composers such as Amy Beach, and becoming a close friend and supporter of Ruth Crawford. She taught and lectured widely, including at Juilliard, and, as the first woman on the faculty of the Music Department, at New York University (1926-51). She was widely respected for her ability to communicate about modern music and she considered education very important. She experimented widely in her musical style; the result was music in a range of idioms and moods. In the 1920s she was described as a 'radical member of the musical left wing'; by the 1940s her style had become more impressionist. She used an intense harmonic language; sincere and eloquent slow movements were her particular forte. She wrote a large collection of vocal and instrumental, chamber and orchestral works. Bauer participated in many American musical organisations, including co-founding the American Musical Guild in 1921.
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Pan and Syrinx, a choreographic sketch, ballet [fl, ob, cl, vln, va, vc, perc], op. 31 (1937) [mistakenly listed as op. 28] [for film]

A Lament on an African Theme, [string quartet?], op. 20a (1927) [arr. for string orch by Martin Bernstein]
Sun Splendor, symphonic poem, orchestra, op. 19 [arr. 1946, from 1926 original work for piano; also arr. for 2 pianos]
Symphonic Suite, string orchestra, op. 33 (1940) [not op. 34]
Symphony No. 1, orchestra, op. 45 (1947-50)
Prelude and Fugue, flute and string orchestra, op. 43 (1948; rev. 1949)
    - Prelude and Fugue, strings [2 violins, viola, viola da gamba and cello]
    - Prelude and Fugue, flute and piano

Soloist(s) w/Orchestra
Concertino, oboe, clarinet and string quartet (or orchestra), op. 32b (1939; rev. 1943)
American Youth Concerto, piano and orchestra, op. 36 (1943) [arr. 1946 for 2 pianos]

Chorus w/Orchestra
China, chorus and orchestra, op. 38 (1943) [text: Boris Todrin]

Mass in G minor, chorus and organ (1902)
Wenn ich rufe an dich, Herr, mein Gott, soprano, female chorus and organ (or piano), op. 3 (1903) [text: Psalm 28]
Fair Daffodils, female chorus and keyboard (1914) [text: Robert Herrick] - see also Vocal
The Lay of the Four Winds (The Winds), male chorus and piano, op. 8 (pub. 1915) [text: Cale Young Rice]
Three Noëls, female chorus, w/opt. piano, op. 22 (1930)
    - Tryse noël [text: Louise Imogen Guiney]
    - I sing of a maiden [text: traditional]
    - Lullay! lullay! lytel child [text: traditional]
Here at High Morning, male chorus, op. 27 (1931) [text: May Lewis]
A Garden Is a Lovesome Thing, 6-part chorus, op. 28 (pub. 1938) [text: Thomas Edward Brown]
The Thinker, chorus, op. 35 (1938)
At the New Year, chorus and piano, op. 42 (1947) [text: Kenneth Patchen]
Death Spreads His Gentle Wings, chorus (1949; rev. 1951; pub. 1952) [text: Eunice Prosser Crain]
A Foreigner Comes to Earth on Boston Common, cantata, chorus, w/tenor & soprano solos, op. 49 (1953) [text: Horace Gregory]
The Lobster Quadrille, female chorus (c. 1953) [text: Lewis Carroll]

String Quartet, op. 20 (1925)
Improvization and Pastoral, oboe and clarinet, op. 22 (????)
Suite (Duo), oboe and clarinet, op. 25 (1932)
    - Prelude
    - Improvisation
    - Pastoral
    - Dance
Concertino, oboe, clarinet and string quartet (or orchestra), op. 32b (1939; rev. 1943)
Aquarelle, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassons, 2 horns and 2 double basses, op. 39, no. 2 (1948)
Trio Sonata No. 1, flute, cello and piano, op. 40 (1944)
Five Pieces, string quartet, op. 41 (1946-49) [arr. from piano work "Patterns"]
    - no. 2 arr. 1948 for 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassons, 2 horns and double bass
Trio Sonata No. 2, flute, cello and piano, op. 47 (1951)
Woodwind Quintet, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn, op. 48 (1956)

Instrument and Piano
Up the Ocklawaha, a tone picture, violin and piano, op. 6 (1913) [inspired by the poem by Maud Powell]
Sonata No. 1, violin and piano, op. 14 (1921; rev. 1922)
Fantasia Quasi una Sonata, violin and piano, op. 18 (1925)
Sonata, viola (or clarinet) and piano, op. 22 (1932; pub. 1951)
Sonatina for Oboe and Piano, op. 32a (1938-39)
Prelude and Fugue, flute and piano, op. 43 (1948; rev. 1949) [arr. from work for flute and string orchestra]

Solo Instrument
Forgotten Modes (5 pieces), flute, op. 29 (1936; fp. 1938) [also called "Five Greek Lyrics"]

Piano Compositions (2 pieces) (pub. 1904)
    - Arabesque
    - Élégie
In the Country (4 little piano pieces), op. 5 (pub. 1913)
    - At the cross roads
    - In the market place
    - The village gossips
    - The trysting hour
Three Impressions, piano, op. 10 (pub. 1918)
    - The Tide
    - Druids
    - Vision
From the New Hampshire Woods, a suite of 3 pieces for piano, op. 12 (1922)
    - White birches
    - Indian pipes
    - Pine-trees
Three Preludettes, piano (1921; pub. 1923) ["melodic studies for pianoforte"]
Six Preludes, piano, op. 15 (1922)
Quietude and Turbulence, piano, op. 17 (1924)
    - Quietude
    - Turbulence [original title "Introspection"]
A Fancy, piano (1927) [listed as op. 21, no. 1/"Four Piano Pieces"]
Sun Splendor, piano (1926) [arr. 1930? for 2 pianos; also arr. 1947 for orchestra]  -  see also work for orchestra
Four Piano Pieces, op. 21 (c. 1930)
    - Chromaticon
    - Ostinato
    - Toccata
    - Syncope
Dance Sonata, piano, op. 24 (1932)
Aquarelle, piano, op. 39, no. 1 (pub. 1944)
The Last Frontier, piano, op. 39, no. 2 (????) - see Aquarelle, op. 39, no. 2 (1948)
Patterns (5 pieces?), piano, op. 41 (1946) [also arr. for string quartet as "Five Pieces"]
Spring Day (3 pieces), piano (pub. 1948) [for young performers]
    - In a swing
    - Cherry blossoms
    - Drifting down stream
[Four Pieces], piano (pub. 1948) [for young performers]
    - Tumbling Tommy
    - Parade
    - New solfegietto: after C.P.E. Bach
    - Spring day
Moods (4 pieces), piano, op. 46 (1950/54)
    - Humility
    - Petulance
    - Sorrow
    - Conflict
Anagrams, piano, op. 48 (1950)
Meditation and Toccata, organ (1951)
Eight Diversions From a Composer's Notebook, piano (pub. 1953) ["for the student pianist"]
    - Skating
    - Sunset on the lake
    - Pursuit
    - An old song resung
    - Pinwheels
    - Fog on the hills
    - In a sailboat
    - The leaves are falling
Summertime Suite, piano (pub. 1953) ["8 pieces for students"]
    - A rainy day
    - A gallop in the park
    - Pond lillies
    - Whippet race
    - Nodding mandarins
    - The water wheel
    - Fireflies
    - Mermaids

Light, voice and piano (pub. 1910) [text: F. W. Bourdillon]
Coyote Song, alto (or baritone) and piano (pub. 1912) [text: John S. Reed]
The Forsaken Merman, a melodrama, voice and piano (1912) [text: Sir Matthew Arnold]
Over the Hills, voice and piano (pub. 1912) [text: P. L. Dunbar]
The Red Man's Requiem, medium voice and piano (c. 1912) [text: Emilie Frances Bauer]
Send Me a Dream (Intuition), medium voice and piano (1912) [text: Emilie Frances Bauer]
Star Trysts, [voice and piano] (pub. 1912) [text: Thomas Walsh]
Two Songs, voice and piano (pub. 1912)
    - Nocturne (high voice) [text: Emilie Frances Bauer/ or Herbert French?]
    - The Last Word (medium or low voice) [text: S. Wm. Brady]
Were I a Bird on Wing (Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär), voice and piano (pub. 1912) [text: English by F. W. Bancroft]
Fair Daffodils, 2 sopranos, alto and piano (pub. 1914) [text: Robert Herrick] - see also Choral
A Little Lane, soprano and piano (pub. 1914) [text: Ellen Glasgow]
Only of Thee and Me, soprano (or tenor) and piano (pub. 1914) [text: Louis Untermeyer]
Youth Comes Dancing O'er the Meadows, mezzo-soprano and piano (pub. 1914) [text: Emilie Frances Bauer]
Orientale (Fair goes the dancing), soprano and and piano (pub. 1914; rev. 1934) [orchestrated 1932] [text: Sir E. Arnold]
Phillis, soprano (or tenor) and piano (pub. 1914) [text: Charles Rivière Defresny]
The Linnet Is Tuning Her Flute, mezzo-soprano (or baritone) and piano (pub. 1915) [text: ????]
Das Erdenlied, voice and piano (1916) [text: Sebastian Frank Wendland]
The Minstrel of Romance, voice and piano (pub. 1917) [text: John Reed]
By the Indus, medium voice and piano (1917) [text: Cale Young Rice]
From Hills of Dreams, voice and piano (pub. 1918) [text: J. Kilmer]
My Faun, voice and piano (1919) [text: Oscar Wilde]
Night in the Woods, medium voice and piano (1921) [text: E. R. Sill]
The Driftwood Fire, high voice and piano (pub. 1921) [text: Katharine Adams]
Gold of the Day and Night, high voice and piano (1921) [text: Katharine Adams]
Thoughts, high voice and piano (1921) [text: Katharine Adams]
The Epitaph of a Butterfly, voice and piano (1921) [text: Thomas Walsh] - The last batterfly [i.e. butterfly]/Thomas Walsh
Roses Breathe in the Night, high voice and piano (pub. 1921) [text: Margaret Widdemer]
A Parable (The Blade of Grass), voice and piano (1922) [text: Stephen Crane]
Four Poems, high voice and piano, op. 16 (1924) [text: John Gould Fletcher]
    - Through the upland meadows
    - I love the night
    - Midsummer dreams
    - In the bosom of the desert
How Doth the Little Crocodile, [voice and piano] (1928) [text: Lewis Carroll]
You Are Old, Father William, [voice and piano], op. 26 (????) [text: Lewis Carroll] [around 1930]
To Losers, voice and piano (1932) [text: Frances Frost]
Faun Song, alto voice and chamber orchestra (1934) [text: ????]
Four Songs (Suite), soprano and string quartet, [op. 30?] (1935 rev. 1936) [text: Alfred Kreymborg] [1933-35???]
    - [Wanting]
    - [????] (Nov. 23rd, 1933)
    - ????
    - ????
Songs in the Night, medium or high voice and piano (1943) [Minny M.H. Ayers]
A Letter, voice and piano (1946) [text: Chang Chi, adapted from the French]
The Harp, voice and piano (1947) [text: Edna Castleman Bailey]
Night Etching, voice and piano (1947) [text: Edna Castleman Bailey]
Swan, voice and piano (1947) [text: Edna Castleman Bailey] [1944???]
Song of the Wanderer, a canon for 3 voices (pub. 1947 in "Modern Canons: 38 contemporary canons for 2-5 voices"]
April Morning, voice and piano (1953) [text: Robert Hillyer]

The Shadows, voice and piano (????) [text: Charlotte Becker]
Little Sleeper, voice and piano (????) [text: Richard le Gallienne]
The Moonlight Is a Silver Sea (2 parts), voice and piano (????) [text: Charles Buxton Going]
Two untitled songs.

O That We two Were Maying, voice and piano (????) [text: Charles Kingsley]
Here Alone, Unknown, voice and piano (????) [text: Conrad Aitken]
With Liberty and Justice For All, voice and piano (????) [text: Marion Bauer]
When the Shy Star Goes Forth, voice and piano (????) [text: James Joyce] - When my shy star comes forth / J. Joyce --
The Relief of Lucknow: an Incident of the Sepoy Mutiny, voice and piano (????) [text: Lowell]
Dusk, voice and piano (????) [text: Eunice Tietjens]
Song from A blot on the 'scutcheon [and] Prospice, voice and piano (????) [text: Robert Browning]  - 2 songs???
Suppliant, voice and piano (????) [text: Florence C. Coates]
Wood Song of Triboulet, voice and piano (????) [text: William Rose Benét]
Rainbow and Flame, voice and piano (????) [text: Robert Haven Schauffler]
Lad and Lass, voice and piano (????) [text: Cale Young Rice]
Pig and Pepper, [voice and piano] (????) [text: Lewis Carroll]
Jabberwocky, voice and piano (????) [text: Lewis Carroll]
Mühlenrad (The Mill-Wheel), voice and piano (????) [text: ?after Mélancolie, by Camille Mauclair, &  unidentified English song]

Prometheus Bound, incidental music (1930)
Pan and Syrinx, a choreographic sketch, ballet [fl, ob, cl, vln, va, vc, perc], op. 31 (1937) [mistakenly listed as op. 28] [for film]

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Twentieth Century Music: How It Developed, How To Listen To It (Marion Bauer, New York Putnam, 1947)
The Versatile Marion Bauer (Sarah Grace Shewbert, Univ of Portland, OR)

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