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Ernst Bacon (1898-1990)

Ernst Bacon, composerErnst Bacon was one of that pioneering generation of composers, along with Virgil Thomson, Aaron Copland, Roy Harris, and others, who found a voice for American music. Born in Chicago, Illinois, his Austrian mother gave him a love of song and an early start on the piano. Although his varied career included appearances as pianist and conductor, along with teaching and directing positions, his deepest preoccupation was always composing. His musical awards included a Pulitzer Fellowship in 1932 for his Symphony in D minor and three Guggenheim Fellowships. A philosophical composer, he combined his intellectual interest in textual content with a sensitive lyricism, and an affinity for simple song. He was adept at word setting and capturing the essence of the spoken word in his music. Rhythmic inflections and syncopations imitate the poetic speech of his texts. The authors whose poetry he set include Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman, two giants of American literature. They both are profoundly reflective authors, with highly individual and distinct poetic voices; his settings show an ability to collaborate sensitively with other extremely strong individuals. In his instrumental as well as vocal music, Bacon insisted on the primacy of melody. The spirit and sometimes the actual melodies of his songs, as well as of folk songs, often appear in the themes of his instrumental pieces. Defending melody and tonality against the detractors of his time, he combined tradition with his own highly original ideas and created many appealing works, some of which are charming, picturesque, and playful, while others are profoundly touching and sad. He had a fondness for Americana, which is reflected in his interest in indigenous folk music of the United States. Bacon also wrote two important essays on music; Words on Music (1960), and Notes on the Piano (1963). Many of these works are still in manuscript and unknown to the world.
-  Sam Farrell/Classical Net and Rita Laurance/All Music Guide

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A Tree on the Plains, music play in 2 acts (1942; fp. 1942) [text: Paul Horgan]
    - Buddy's Nocturne, Holograph part for clarinet; 1 p./ discarded part
    - Shirley's tap dance, 2 pianos/Photocopy of holograph for 2 pianos; 3 p. copied backwards
    Excerpts (from 78rpm recording):
    - Pop's sermon
    - Love o'clock
    - Jeremiah
    - Mom
    - Amen chorus
    - Hymn to evening
    - Last train
    - Let it be
    - Chewing gum island
    - Buddy
    - Nocturne
A Drumlin Legend, children's opera (fp. 1949) [text: Helena Carus}
Take Your Choice, musical comedy in numerous scenes (fp. 1936) [music by Bacon & R.Stoll; text by Bacon, Stoll, Phil Mathias]
    - Take Your Choice (4 songs)
Jehovah and the Ark, or Arrival on Arrarat, ballet for 8 adults and many children, with Jehovah as Narrator (1963-73)
    [music by Bacon, and John Edmunds/22 musical numbers]
Watergate 1972, satirical skit on the 1972 presidential election (fp. 1972) ["Nixie's party/Nixie's barnyard/White House blues"]
Doctor Franklin, musical play (1976) [text: C. Lengyel] [for the U.S. Bicentennial]
Parliament of Fowls, a ballet for children or young people impersonating birds, piano, w/opt. percussion (1976-77)

Allegro, orchestra (????) [Free Library of Philadelphia]
The Nantucket Fling, orchestra (????) [34p.] [Free Library of Philadelphia]
Pause, orchestra (????) [8 p.]
The Pequod-overture, [orchestra?] (????, unfinished?) [19 p.]
[Symphonic Movement], orchestra (????, incomplete) [22 p.]
Prelude, orchestra [4 p.] [alternative orchestration for prelude]

Prelude and Fugue, orchestra (fp. 1925) [also "2nd version"] [LC: "Includes: Two songs for bass"???]
Symphony No. 1 (4 mvts), D minor, piano and orchestra (1930; fp. 1934) [Schirmer: 1931] [Pulitzer Prize winner]
Bearwalla, orchestra and piano (1936) [a funny piece using traditional tunes]
Country Roads, Unpaved, orchestral suite (1936)
Symphony No. 2 (Americana), orchestra (1937; fp. 1940) [Syracuse: arrangement for 2 pianos, 1936]
    - Smoky Mountain Scherzo, orchestra (1937) ["Interlude and diversion"] -2nd mvt from "Sym No. 2]
Enchanted Isle, orchestra (1945) [characters & episodes in Shakespeare's "Tempest"][see also "The Tempest" incidental music]
Ford's Theatre, orchestra (1943; fp. 1946) [a cycle on Lincoln's last days, based on P. Horgan's play, "Death Mr. President"]
    - Preamble
    - Walt Whitman and the Dying Soldier
    - Passing Troops
    - The Telegraph Fugue (an Etude for Strings - with Timpani)
    - Moonlight on the Savannah
    - The Theatre
    - The River Queen
    - Premonitions (a duett with a hall clock)
    - Pennsylvania Avenue, April 9, 1865
    - Good Friday, 1865
    - The Long Rain
    - Conclusion
From These States, "Gathered Along Unpaved Roads", a suite (11 mvts), orchestra (fp. 1946; pub. 1951) [1943?]
    - Laying the rails (a sledge hammer song)
    - Source of the Tennessee
    - The sunless pines
    - The Saluda barn dance
    - The cliff dwellers (no ancient cliffs, these)
    - Wizard oil
    - Storm over Huron
    - Lullaby to a sick child
    - Polly's murder
    - Hickory gap
    - The Timberline express
Fables (6), narrator and orchestra/or 2 pianos, or the secretary bird and associates: studies in the ecology of academic
        democracy (fp. 1953) [text: John Edmunds and E. Bacon]
    - Preface
    - The Jay and the Lark (The Lark and the Jay)
    - The Two Dogs and a Cow - The Secretary Bird
    - The Possum and the Skunk (The Skunk and the Opossum)
    - The Lion and the Sheep
    - The Praying Mantis
    - The Well
Fables, narrator and piano 4-hands or 2 pianos [Syracuse]
    - Preface
    - The Lark and the Jay
    - The Possum and the Skunk
    - The Secretary Bird
    - The Butterfly and the Ant
    - The Lion and the Sheep
    - The Robin and the Gila Monster
    - The Cozy Pig
    - The Praying Mantis
    - The Cow and the Dogs
    - The Barracuda
    - The Hyena and the Cricket
    - Digging the Well
    - Conclusion?
Great River, A Symphony for Narrator & Orchestra (Sym #3) (1956; fp. 1957) [text: Horgan; episodes in the course and
    history of the Rio Grande]
    - Preface
    - I. A River Created
    - II. The Peaks Colorado
    - III. Pastoral Valleys
    - IV. Desert and Canyon
    - V. Mexico Bay (The Gulf)
    - VI. A Pueblo Dance Prayer
    - VII. An Indian Death
    - VIII. Spanish Soldiers before Battle (New Mexico 1599)
    - IX. Mountain Man (Toas 1820-1830)
    - X. Soldiers by Firelight (Texas 1846) [narrator only?]
    - XI. The Honey-Eaters
    - XII. American Visions
Concerto Grosso, string orchestra, or string quintet (fp. 1957)
Erie Waters, orchestral suite (4 mvts) (1961) [@ Bowling Green State University]
Symphony No. 4, orchestra (1963, incomplete)
The Muffin Man, orchestra (pub. 1971) [LC]
Over the Waters, overture, orchestra (1976)
Tumbleweeds, orchestral suite (8 mvts) (1979) ["a cycle of freely used Americana"] [also for violin and piano]
    - Gualala River
    - Sod Busters
    - The Gillagaloo
    - Little Boy Asleep
    - The Oregon Trail
    - Gospel Gulch
    - Blue Grass
    - Mexican Hat

Prairie Scent, band (????) [cycle of 13 Pieces]
Chittenago, band (????) [a march]
Kankakee River, band (1935?) [a traditional tune] [also for 2 pianos]
Meadlowland, a few pieces for band from the American soil (????) [see also "Pieces for Band"]
    - The Missouri (in this collection only)
    - The Chucklehead
    - Captain Kidd
    - The Buffalo Skinner(s)
    - The Old Grey Goose
    - An Ozark Story
    - Drip-drop Rain
    - The Rumptifusel
    - Weary Hat [sic.] [should be "Hut"]
    - The Big Bend
    - Sunday at the Tent (in this collection only)
    - Joshua Ebenezer Fry
    - Lumpkin [sic.] County [should be "Lumkin"]
    - Mexican Hat
Big Bend and Other Stories, pieces for symphonic band [195?] [also found under "Pieces for Band (or wind combination):
        mostly with a traditional origin" (195?) [see also "Meadowland"]
    - The Rolling Years (in this collection only)
    - An Ozark Story
    - Joshua Ebenezer Fry
    - None But the Righteous (in this collection only)
    - Garry Owen (in this collection only)***
    - Mexican Hat***
    - The Old Grey Goose***
    - The Rumptifusel***
    - Drip-Drop Rain***
    - Captain Kidd***
    - The Chucklehead***
    - Lumkin County***
    - The Buffalo Skinners***
    - Weary Hut***
    - The Big Bend****
Processional, band (fp. 1958) [a march]
The Sky's the Limit, symphonic or marching band (1959) [dedicated to the Syracuse University Footballers, 1959]

Soloist(s) w/Orchestra
Elegy "on an air of Bartolomeo Tromboncino, Venice, 1504", oboe and string orchestra (fp. 1957)
Riolama, ten places for piano and orchestra (1964) [1963?]  [Piano Concerto No. 1] [Syracuse: 1962]
    - Salem, Mass.
    - The Chama River, N.M.
    - Creede, Colo.
    - Nantahala, N.C.
    - Ruwenzori, Africa
    - Gnaw Bone, Ind.
    - Gaspé, Ontario
    - Nicasio Valley, Calif.
    - Riolama, Venezuela
    - Pico Perdida, Spain
    - Supplement: 156 W. 55th St, NY.
    ["Wild mustangs/Texas/Lobo girl of Devil River/see also: Riolama/Piano Concerto No. 1, 4th mvt"]
Piano Concerto No. 2 (1982) [LC: "revised 1982"]
Remembering Ansel Adams, an elegy, clarinet, string orchestra and percussion (1985; fp. 1986)
Concerto for piano no. 3 (????, incomplete?)

Chorus w/Orchestra
Ecclesiastes, cantata, soprano, baritone, chorus and orchestra (1936) [text: Bible/Ecclesiastes, Proverbs]
From Emily's Diary, cantata, soprano, alto, female chorus and chamber orchestra (1945) [text: Emily Dickinson] [1944?]
Hymn to the United Nations, chorus and orchestra (????) [Free Library of Philadelphia]
    [same as (???): "To the United Nations"; "Destiny of the Flag", baritone or alto, chorus [and orchestra?]]
    ["Written at death of F.D. Roosevelt", 1945?]
The Lord Star, cantata, baritone, chorus, brass, organ and string orchestra (1950) [text: Walt Whitman]
    The Lord Star, cantata for mixed chorus, baritone, organ & wind ???
By Blue Ontario, short oratorio, alto, baritone, chorus and orchetra (1958) [text: Walt Whitman]
The Last Invocation, a Requiem, soprano, baritone, chorus and orchestra (1968-71) [text: Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson]
    [dedicated to the memory of Peggy Camp Bacon, 1928-1966]
    - No. 8 Song: Lingering last drops, unison chorus [and ???] [2 p.]
    - The voice of the rain [22p.]
Usania, a small oratorio, narrator, bass, chorus and orchestra (1977)
    - Preamble [text: Ernst Bacon?]
    - Freedom [text: John Greenleaf Whittier]
    - The Passing moment [text: Ralph Waldo Emerson
    - Distribution [text: Benjamin Franklin]
    - The Commonplace [text: Walt Whitman] [pub. for voice and piano, 1940]
    - Places [text: Ernst Bacon?]
    - The Ancient redwood [text: Ernst Bacon?]
    - Pollutics [sic] [text: Ernst Bacon?]
    - My land [text: Ernst Bacon?]
    - Aspiration [text: Ernst Bacon?]
    - The Reckoning [text: Ernst Bacon?]

How Many, chorus and piano (pub. 1951)
The Long Farewell, chorus and piano (pub. 1951) [text: Traditional]
Ode to the United Nations, chorus and piano or organ (pub. 1951)
Five Hymns, chorus and piano or organ (pub. 1952)
    - Eternal goodness [text: John Greenleaf Whittier]
    - Morn and night [text: William Blake]
    - Soule [text: Robert Herrick]
    - Freedom [text: James Russell Lowell]
    - Child's evening hymn [text: Sabine Baring-Gould]
The Last Train, chorus and piano 4-hands (pub. 1952)
The Robe, chorus and piano (pub. 1953)
Devilish Mary, chorus and piano 4-hands (pub. 1953)
John Hardy, chorus and piano (pub. 1954)
Shouting Pi1grim, chorus and piano (pub. 1954)
Colorado Trail, chorus and piano (pub. 1954)
Down Yonder, chorus and piano (pub. 1954)
The Birds, chorus and piano (pub. 1954)
Sleep Song, chorus (pub. 1955) [1954?] [a cappella]
Waiting, chorus and piano or organ (pub. 1956) [text: John Burroughs]
Christmas Carol, chorus and piano or organ (pub. 1956)
Golden Rules, chorus and piano or organ (pub. 1956) [text: the Talmud]
Jonah, chorus and piano or organ (pub. 1956)
Bird Talk, chorus and piano (pub. 1957)
A Carol, female chorus and piano (pub. 1957)
Love Somebody, chorus and piano (pub. 1957) [Theodore Presser] [13p.]
Five Hymns, chorus and piano or organ (?pub. 1957; 1958?) [selected from "From Emily's Diary", 1945] [sound recording]
Four Innocent Airs, 2-part chorus and piano (pub. 1958)
    - Return of Spring [text: Annette Wynne]
    - Where Go the Boats? [text: Robert Louis Stevenson]
    - The Schoolboy [text: William Blake]
    - A Cradle Song [text: William Blake]
The Gamblin' Man, chorus and piano (pub. 1958)
Give Me Jesus, 2-part female/treble chorus and piano or organ (pub. 1958)
Of Music, female chorus and piano or organ (pub. 1958)
Water, 2-part treble/female chorus and piano or organ (pub. 1959)
Sweet Morning, chorus and piano (pub. 1960)
Nature (10 songs), female chorus and piano (ca. 1964; pub. 1971) [text: Emily Dickinson]
    - The mountain
    - The gentlest mother
    - A spider
    - The Arctic flower
    - With the first arbutus
    - There came a day
    - A wind like a bugle
    - Winter afternoons
    - The cricket song
    - The sea
The Animals' Christmas Oratorio, boys', junior or female chorus, narrator and piano (pub. 1964) [text: Manuel Komroff]
The Animals' Christmas Oratorio (to a text by Manuel Komroff)
"The Butterfly and the Ant" et al. (rep.) (21 pages)
"The Skunk" et al. (rep.) (18 pages)
Overture (rep.) (18 pages)
Songs, Single
"The Butterfly and the Ant" (rep.) (2 pages)
"The Butterfly and the Ant" (rep.) (6 pages)
"Conclusion" (rep.) (2 pages)
"The Cow and the Dogs" (rep.) (2 pages, 2 copies)
"The Cozy Pig"
"Digging the Well" (rep.) (1 page)
"The Hyena and the Cricket" (rep.) (2 pages, 3 copies)
"The Lark and the Jay" (rep.) (6 pages)
"The Lark and the Jay" (rep.) (3 pages, 2 copies)
"The Lark and the Jay" (rep.) (1 page, 2 copies)
"The Lion and the Sheep" (rep.) (6 pages)
"The Lion and the Sheep" (rep.) (2 pages)
"Pilgrim Hymn" (rep.) (2 pages)
"The Praying Mantis" (rep.) (6 pages, 2 copies)
"Preface" (rep.) (2 pages, 2 copies)
"The Robin and the Gila Monster" (rep.) (2 pages)
"The Secretary-Bird" (rep.) (3 pages, 3 copies)
"The Secretary-Bird" (rep.) (1 page)
"The Skunk" (rep.) (1 page)
Untitled (rep.) (4 pages)
Pilgrim Hymn, unison chorus and organ or piano (pub. 1965) [based on an old pilgrim hymn]
Saws, a suite of canons, chorus and piano (1971)
Babe of Bethlehem, Christmas anthem (an early American folk song), chorus and piano or organ (pub. 1971) [1972?]
In That Poor Stable, unison or duo and piano or organ (pub. 1973)
Of a Feather (6 songs), an ornithological cycle, female chorus and piano (pub. 1973)
Two Hymns for the Bicentennial, [chorus (and ???)] (pub. 1975)
Buttermilk Hill (song of 1776), female or male chorus, or soloist with violin/flute/recorder, bells, drum and pf/org (pub. 1976)
Mid winter's snow, 2-part treble chorus and piano (pub. 1976) [text: E. Caswell] [Spanish folksong realized by Ernst Bacon]
Of a Feather, Version II (6 songs), an ornithological cycle, chorus (pub. 1977)
Valley of Judea, 2-part treble chorus and piano or organ, and recorder (pub. 1977)
Go tell it on the mountain, unison treble voices and piano (pub. 1985)
Year's End (Fum, fum, fum), 2-part treble choir and piano (pub. 1985) [Catalonian carol]

The Infant Jesus, a traditional French carol, female chorus, flute and piano or organ (????) [pub. 2002, Oxford]
Let Me Be Your Friend, unison children's chorus and piano (????) [pub. 2004, Oxford]
Ye Shepherds, Leave Your Flocks, a traditional French carol, unison treble choir, handbells and piano (????) [pub. 2002, Oxford]
Hold On, a spiritual, female chorus and piano (????) [pub. 2004, Oxford]
Low bridge, an American folk song, female chorus and piano (????) [pub. 2004, Oxford]
Two Rounds, 4-part children's choir w/opt. vocal or instrumental accompaniment (????) [pub. 2004, Oxford]
    - Rest in the mountains
    - Sierra High Trip
The humble birth, chorus (????) [Library of Congress]
Our refuge, chorus (????) [Library of Congress]
Peace, low voice or unison chorus [and piano?] (????) [Library of Congress]

Piano Quintet, piano and string quartet (1946) [based on music for Shakespeare's "Tempest"]
Quintet for Strings and Piano (based on Tempest, full score and parts for cello, violin, viola, and violin)
    - Shipwreck and the Enchanted Isle
    - Ariel
    - Conspirators
    - Caliban
    - Miranda and Prospero
    - Danse of the Shapes
    - Diverse Spirits Punish the Conspirators and Prospero's Epilogue
Four Octettes for Brass, 2 trumpets, 2 horns, 2 trombones, tuba and percussion (195?)
    - Granite Boys
    - Joshua Ebener Fry
    - The Little Black Train
    - The Rolling Years
String Quintet, 2 violins, viola, cello and double bass (1950?; fp. 1951)
From the "Way of Life" (The Breath of Life), "5 Apothegms", male narrator and string quartet (fp. 1952) [text: Lau Tzu]
    - The breath of life
    - Those who would take over
    - A man's heart
    - The yield of water
    - Renewal
Aliens, narrator, oboe, horn and piano ("revised 1956") [text: Colonel C.E.S. Wood] [2 poems for narrator and instrl trio]
Come Up From the Fields, Father, oboe (or clar), horn (or cello or viola), piano & narrator ("revised 1956") [text: Walt Whitman]
Concerto Grosso, string orchestra, or string quintet (fp. 1957)
The Cockfight, 2 oboes, or 2 clarinets (pub. 1959) [without piano]
Six Trios for Wood, flute (or oboe), clarinet and bassoon (fp. 1961)
    - Frog in the Well
    - The Vagrant
    - The Burro
    - Petticoat Slide
    - Love Song
    - The Gilligaloo
Old Airs From Many Countries (10 pieces), woodwind combinations (fp. 1964)
    - Br’er Rabbit, 2 clarinets
    - Crooghan a Venee, 2 clarinets and bassoon
    - The Gimcrack, flute and bassoon
    - Goober Peas, flute, oboe and bassoon
    - Lost Star, flute, clarinet and bassoon, w/opt. recorder
    - A Party (a little fugue), flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon
    - Plaintive Round, any combination of winds
    - Shepherd Maid, flute and 2 clarinets
    - Simple Thanks for Love, oboe, clarinet and bassoon
    - Slumber Song, oboe and bassoon
Trio No. 1, violin, cello and piano (1978?; fp. 1980) [LC: "revised version", 1980]
Trio No. 2, violin, cello and piano (1986? fp. 1987)
Trio [No.3], violin, cello and piano (incomplete)

Solo Instrument
Welcome, suite, cello and piano (1942?) ["written for the birth of my son, Paul]
    - Birth
    - Light
    - Love (a mother and father regard their child)
Buncombe County, violin and piano (1943?)
Holbert's Cove, violin and piano (pub. 1945)
Cello Sonata, cello and piano (1946)
Peterborough, suite (5 pcs), viola and piano (1952) [in the memory of Mrs. Edward MacDowell, 1952]
    - The Farm
    - The 11:38 Daily
    - The Rill
    - Monadnock at Dusk
    - Glad Day
Burnt Cabin Branch, flute (or oboe) and piano (pub. 1955)
Okefenokee, clarinet and piano (pub. 1955)
The Woodchuck, bassoon and piano (pub. 1955) [?also for voice and piano?, see Library of Congress]
Song After the Rain, horn and piano (pub. 1959) [3 p.]
Tumbleweeds, suite (8 pcs), violin & pf (1979) [also for orchestra] ["Cycle commissioned by, and dedicated to Dorothy Bales"]
    - Gualala River
    - Sod busters
    - The gilligaloo
    - Little boy asleep
    - The Oregon Trail
    - Gospel Gulch
    - Blue grass
    - Mexican hat
A Life, suite (5 pcs), cello and piano (1966-81?; fp. 1986) [begun, 1946; last 2 mvts 1970]
    [to commemorate moments in the life of the composer's son, Paul, who died in an accident in 1968]
    - Birth
    - Light
    - Love
    - Young manhood
    - Departure
Violin Sonata, violin and piano (1983) [1982?]
Viola Sonata, viola and piano (1987?)

Four Pieces for Wind Solo and Piano (????)
    - Dusk Over the Marsh
    - Stony-Lonesome
    - 4 Poultry or The Barnyard
    - Pecos Bill
Four Pieces for Two Violins and Piano (????)
    - Ode to Dusk
    - Garry Owen
    - Ground Hog
    - Three Little Babes
The Purple Land, cello and piano (????) [Syracuse]
The Rose of Wintertime, cello and piano (????) [Christmas carol] [Syracuse]
Greensleeves, cello and piano (????) [Christmas carol] [Syracuse]
The Holly and the Ivy, cello and piano (????) [Christmas carol] [Syracuse]

[Allegro], Holograph score in ink for guitar; 1 p.
The buffalo skinners, Holograph score for two bassoons or cellos; [1] p.
Buncombe county (of an afternoon), Holograph score in ink for cello and piano, 5 p.
Burnt Cabin Branch, Holograph score in ink for flute (or oboe) and piano; 2 p. [also PIANO]
The burro (small variants), Photocopy of holograph score for flute, clarinet and bassoon; 3 p.
Cambiataria for guitar, Holograph score with annotations; 4 p.
Canonic duet for cellos (or bassoons), Holograph for two cellos or bassoons; 1 p.
[Cello ensembles (easy)], Holographs in ink for 3 cellos, 2 cellos, and piano, and four cellos; 12 p.
Chinquapin, N.C., Holograph score in ink for unspecified instrument with piano; 1 p.
Concerto grosso, Holograph score in ink for string orchestra or guitar; 40 p.
Constable cycle for English bells, Holograph score in ink for english bells; 21 p
The cool man (a nocturne), Holograph in ink for piano, 2 p./On first page: set for clarinet and piano Broude, Publishers
    [Syracuse: Cool "moon"]
Coon hollow, Photocopy of holograph for guitar; 6 p.
Corn belt, Holograph full score in ink; 87 p. for woodwinds, brass and percussion/BAND
Cullowhee, N.C. (a play-doggerel becomes a little fugue), Holograph score, in ink; 2 p. for flute, clarinet, and bassoon
The duck's dilemma, Holograph score in ink for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and piano; 3 p. incomplete
Dusk over the marsh, Holograph score in ink for flute and piano; 6 p.
Episode for guitar, Photocopy of holograph for guitar; 1 p. each
Episodes: for recorder duos, trios, or quartets, or (upper) flute, oboe, clarinet (c), violin, (lower) bassoon, sax, cello, viola, clarinet (c), piano, Holograph full score in ink with annotations; 27 p.
The flower of night, cello and piano (2 versions) (????) [earliest dedicated to Virginia Mandyczewski/1st fiancee]
The Flower of Night, cello and piano [Syracuse]
Ford's Theater, Holograph in ink 2 piano score with clarinet, B flat trumpet, cello, and metronome; 49 p.
Fugue No. 1 In American style, Photocopy of holograph for piano and bass instrument with holograph annotations; 20 p.
Fulfillment, Holograph for guitar; 1 p. water damaged
Ground hog, Holograph in ink for 2 violins and piano; 4 p. [also PIANO]
Jericho, Holograph score in ink for unspecified instruments; 2 p. incomplete
Koschatiana, Holograph for cello and piano in ink; 4 p.
Marinio, Holograph in ink for guitar with corrections and paste on; [2] p.
Married and single life, Holograph for viola and piano; 1 p.
The morning star, Holograph in ink for guitar; 5 p. 2 versions
Mother and child, Holograph score for cello and piano in ink; 2 p.
Mother and Child, cello and piano [Christmas carol] [Syracuse]
The noble skewball, Holograph in ink for piano and unidentified instrument with annotations; 2 p. incomplete
Ode to dusk, Holograph score in ink for piano and any instrument in range; 2 p. slight water damage
Okefenokee, Holograph score in ink for clarinet and piano; 4 p.
Parting for guitar, Holograph score; 4 p. 2 versions
Petticoat slide (a lazy ländler), Holograph for flute, clarinet and bassoon in ink; 2 p.
Prologue to "Everyman", Holograph score for cello, organ, and/or piano; 8 p.
Prologue to "Everyman", organ, solo cello and opt. harp [for the Rocky Mountain Festival, Denver University, 1945] [Syracuse]
The Pusta (a Transylvania fantasy for violin and piano), Holograph score in ink for violin and piano; 19 p.
Pusta (the vibrato intense), Holograph score in ink for cello and piano; 14 p.
Quiet halleluia for solo guitar, Holograph in ink for guitars; 2 p.
Quiet halleluyah for guitar, Holograph in ink; 1 p.
Saluda, N.C., Photocopy of holograph score for unspecified instruments; 1 p.
Salute to Casey Jones for 4 or more cellos, Holograph score in ink with corrections; 7 p.
Salisbury cycle for English bells, Holograph score in ink for English bells; 19 p. incomplete
Stony-lonesome, oboe and piano (2 versions); or oboe, piano, violin, viola, cello and double bass (????)
String quartet, Holograph score in ink, with annotations; 65 p. unfinished with drafts
Sugarlump, Holograph for unspecified instruments with annotations; 2 p.
Three little babes, Holograph for two violins (and a 3rd), or two clarinets (and a 3rd), or oboe or flute and bassoon;
Three little babes, Holograph for 2 violins, or 2 violas, or 2 oboes, or 1 flute and 1 oboe, or 2 clarinets (transposing)
Transylvania/Homage to Lizst, Holograph score in ink for cello and piano; 14 p.
[Violin and piano pieces], Holograph scores in ink; 19 p.
[Violin and piano pieces], Photocopy of holograph full score; 39 p.
[Woodwind pieces], Holograph scores for flute, oboe and bassoon; 19 p. some water damage

Kankakee River, 2 pianos 4-hands (pub. 1935) ["A two piano, mid-western stomp" - EB]
The Burr Frolic, 2 pianos 4-hands (pub. 1944) ["Title inexplicable, yet agreeably exasperating" - EB]
The Coal Scuttle Blues, 2 pianos 4-hands (pub. 1944) [co-written with Otto Leuning; "Jazz, sophistically corned" - EB]
Flight, piano (pub. 1949) ["A bravura piece" - EB]
The Hootnanny, 1 or 2 Pianos 4-hands (pub. 1954) ["10 pieces, four hands Americana" - EB]
    - Come in
    - Go to sleep, little child
    - The Boston boy
    - Betty Anne
    - Swannanoah
    - Oyster River
    - The spire of Hancock, N.H.
    - Cripple creek
    - The brave volunteer
    - Leather britches
Christmas Canon, piano (pub. 1955) [?published in "15 Humorous Piano Pieces"] ???
Maple-Sugaring, piano (pub. 1955) [10 rural tunes]
    - Lavender waltz
    - In and out the window
    - The cuckoo
    - Nuka
    - Maple-sugaring
    - The old woman who went to market
    - The pretty milkmaid
    - Pretty Saro
    - The burro
    - The sacred harp
Sassafras, piano 4-hands (pub. 1960) [7 pieces, four hands Americana" - EB] [37 p.]
    - Wake up
    - Jockie and Jinnie
    - Garry Owen
    - Sassafras
    - Joshua Ebenezer Fry
    - The blue of heaven
    - The devil's kitchen
It's a Kid's World, piano (pub. 1961) [14 lyric pieces for children; originally titled "My World"]
    - In a Hurry
    - The Bell Tower
    - Doodlebug
    - Foghorn
    - After School
    - Places on the Map
    - Wounded Bird
    - Ancestors
    - First Time Skating
    - Snake in the Grass
    - Hopscotch
    - Night at the Opera
    - Sunday
    - Heidi
The Battle of Jericho, 2 pianos 4-hands, or piano duet (pub. 1962) ["A 4-hand extravaganza on a battle tune" - EB]
The River Queen, 2 pianos 4-hands (pub. 1962) ["A two piano elegy on Abraham Lincoln's presidential yacht"- EB]
Camp Meeting, piano (pub. 1962) [teaching piece]
Places, 20 pieces, piano (1962) [Grades 4-5]
    - Creede, Colo.
    - Lumkin County
    - Degas studying the Paris Opera Ballet
    - Gaspe
    - Yemassee River, S.C. [from a spiritual slave song]
    - From a window in Graz (Austria)
    - Riolama
    - The Lake of Neusiedel
    - Napoleon crossing the Alps
    - Fording the Chama
    - Ruwenzori
    - Child looking at the Mozart Haus in Salzburg
    - [Untitled]
    - Canton de Chelly (N.M.)
    - Petticoat Slide (Tenn.)
    - Tortuga (West Indies)
    - Stoney Lonesome (Ind.)
    - Pico Perdido (Spain)
    - Louse Creek (Ark.)
    - The blue pool
Four Notes, a cycle of solfegic pieces for beginners, piano (pub. 1963) [12 short teaching pieces based on a 4 note motive]
Friends, piano (pub. 1963) [8 lyric teaching pieces]
Melodious Sonnet, piano (pub. 1963) [teaching piece]
Patriotic American Melodies, piano (pub. 1963) [9 arrangements of well known and lesser known patriotic songs]
    - The liberty song (W. Boyce)
    - Hail Columbia (F. Hopkinson)
    - Yankee Doodle (Anon.)
    - Dixie (D. D. Emmett)
    - When Johnny comes marching home (P. S. Gilmore)
    - The star-spangled banner (Anon.)
    - Bunker Hill (A. Law)
    - Tramp, tramp, tramp (George F. Root)
    - America (H. Carey)
Seldom Seen Hollow, piano (pub. 1963) [teaching piece]
The Scribner Music Library, Volume 1: for Beginners, piano and piano duet (pub. 1964) [7 teaching pieces as part of collection]
Byways, 29 pieces based on folk tunes from many countries, piano (pub. 1965)
    - Pilgrim hymn
    - Crooghan a Venee
    - Slumber song
    - Gentle Annie
    - John Anderson, my Jo
    - Shepherd maid
    - I thank you for your love
    - Goober peas
    - Cold blows the wind
    - The brown maid
    - Soldiers on the march
    - The gimcrack
    - The reel of Tullochgorum
    - Sad betrayal
    - The flibertigibbet
    - My Evaline
    - Putman's hill
    - A Kansas cowboy
    - Cavaleer Dansen
    - A sorcery
    - Fenesta vascia
    - Incantation
    - Garufali
    - Br'er rabbit
    - Eyes dim with love
    - La Scillitana
    - Nolichucky river
    - Lost star
    - The Hebrew children
Spirits and Places (Organ tracings), a cycle [12 pcs] with geographical connotations, organ (1966) [different from 1975 edition]
    - Uncompagre
    - Amherst   
    - Maine cabin in the rain [corrected from: The rain forest (Washington)] 
    - Nantahala
    - Acoma
    - Stony-Lonesome
    - The black canyon
    - Plymouth Rock
    - Lumkin County
    - Junction of the Hoosick and Waloomsac Rivers, N.Y.
    - Circles
    - Saluda River baptism
Spirits and Places (Organ tracings) [12 pcs], organ [pub. 1975] [Bicentennial cycle honoring American personages and
            geography of the native soil, pub. in honor of America's 200th birthday]
    - Uncompaghre (W. Whitman)
    - Plymouth Rock (J. Smith)
    - Junction of the Hoosick and Waloomsac Rivers (R. W. Emerson)
    - Amherst (E. Dickinson)
    - Cabin in the rain (H. D. Thoreau) [not in original 1966 version]
    - Acoma mesa pueblo, N. M. (W. Cather)
    - Nantahala (S. Teasdale)
    - Rattlesnake Bar (M. Twain) [not in original 1966 version]
    - Lumkin County (J. Thurber)
    - Big Bend (S. Butler) [not in original 1966 version]
    - Stony-Lonesome (A. E. Housman)
    - Saluda River baptism (G. Ade)
The Lobo Girl of Devil's River, piano (1967)  [LC: "Wild mustangs/Texas/Lobo girl of Devil River"]
Places, 10 pieces for piano (pub. 2004: Blue Cloud Pub)
    - Fog over Calais
    - Gnaw Bone, Indiana
    - Finger Lake Hills
    - Auxerre
    - Cañon de Chelly (N.M.), a chorale [from "Places", 20 pieces, 1962]
    - Mozart Haus in Salzburg [from "Places", 20 pieces, 1962]
    - Fording the Chama River [from "Places", 20 pieces, 1962]
    - Ruwenzori [from "Places", 20 pieces, 1962]
    - Yemassee River, South Carolina [from a spiritual slave song] [from "Places", 20 pieces, 1962]
    - Petticoat Slide, Tennessee [from "Places", 20 pieces, 1962]

Canon, Photocopy of holograph for piano with annotations; 1 p.
Colorado, Photocopy of holograph for piano; 2 p.
Conversation, Photocopy of score for piano; 1 p. [The violin/see: Conversation]
The cool man (a nocturne), Holograph in ink for piano, 2 p./On first page: set for clarinet and piano Broude, Publishers
The Cool Moon (a nocturne), piano (????) [ - Syracuse University]
Copy cat (imitations), Photocopy of holograph for piano; 1 p. [Papa and mama/see: Copy cat]
Creede, (Colorado):(a chordal tones), Photocopy of holograph for piano; 1 p.
Night at the opera (Alberti bass), piano [1 p.] [Deep valley (folk song manner)/see: Night at the opera]
Degas: and the Paris Opera ballet, Photocopy of holograph for piano; 2 p. a black and white study
Didactic piano duets, Holograph scores for piano; 5 p. 3 pieces
Dolly asleep (a cavatina), piano [1p.] [ The boys' choir (a ground)/see: Dolly asleep (a cavatina)]
Drip-Drop Rain, piano (????)
First time skating (fermati), Photocopy of holograph for piano; 1 p. skating (shifting seconds)
    [Second time skating (shifting seconds)/ see: First time skating]
Flitericks, Holograph in ink for piano ; 1 p.
Flop-Eared Mule, piano (????)
Fog over Calais, Photocopy of holograph for piano; 1 p. each
The fox and the hens, Photocopy of holograph for piano; 3 p.
Frog in the well, Holograph in ink for piano; 1 p.
Gaspé, Photocopy of holograph for piano; 1 p.
Ground hog, Holograph in ink for piano; 4 p. [also CHAMBER]
Habañera, Holograph in ink for piano; 2 p.
Hanon (Familiar sequence on the white keys), Photocopy of holograph for piano; 1 p.
Heavy hangs the sky, Photocopy of holograph for piano; 1 p.
Heidi (11th chords in C), Photocopy of holograph for piano; 1 p.
Hopscotch (slurs over the beat), Photocopy of holograph for piano; 1 p. [Sunday (pedal)/ see: Hopscotch (slur over the beat)]
Iceberg, Photocopy of holograph for piano; 5 p. each 2 versions
Intrada, Holograph in ink for organ; 13 p. [Trumpet tune/see: Intrada]
Joshua Ebenezer Fry (a corn fantasy), Holograph for 2 pianos in ink; 3 p.
Jota, Photocopy of holograph for piano; 2 p.
Jota for guitar, Holograph in ink for piano; 10 p.
Klamath River, Photocopy of holograph for piano; 4 p.
Little girl walking to school (left hand syncopations), piano [1 p.] [Ancestors (menuet) see: Little girl walking to school]
Little jota, Holograph in ink for piano; 2 p.
Mother and child, Photocopy of holograph for keyboard; 2 p.
Mt. Blanc, Holograph for piano with annotations; 2 p.
Napoleon crossings the Alps, Photocopy of holograph for piano; 3 p.
Narcissus (where the left hand reflects the right in symmetric as well as pianistic inversion), piano [3 p.]
Neusiedler See, Photocopy of holograph for piano; 1 p. each
The [old gray goose], Holographs for 2 pianos; 3 p. 3 versions
Parliament of fowls, Holograph score in ink for piano; 41 p.
Parotta (or Polinacha), Holograph in ink for piano; 1 p.
Pecos Bill (black against white), Holograph for piano; 1 p.
The Pigtown Fling, piano (????)
The rain forest, Photocopy of holograph for piano; 1 p.
Ratattoo, Holograph in ink for piano; 2 p.
Riolama (ostinato of 4 chords), Photocopy of holograph for piano; 1 p.
Seldom seen hollow (melody in the left and right hands) [S.l.]: Theodore Presser Company, 1963. Piano; 1 leaf each
Soft air, Photocopy of holograph for piano; 1 p.
A stroll, Photocopy of holograph for piano; 2 p. each
Swamp and meadow, Photocopy of holograph for piano; 3 p.
The Tin Lizzie, Photocopy of holograph for piano; 3 p.
Toucanacha, Holograph for piano; 3 p.
Voyage to Ararat, Photocopy of holograph 2 piano score; 45 p. complete PIANO ???

Pieces for Solo Piano [Syracuse]
The Rolling Years [Syracuse]
Captain Kidd [Syracuse]
Lost Children [Syracuse]
The White Window [Syracuse]
Little Things [Syracuse]
A Western Habanera [Syracuse]
Reuben [Syracuse]
The Cool Moon (a nocturne) [Syracuse]
Hell in Texas (revised) [Syracuse]
The Ragged Rascal [Syracuse]
The Chucklehead [Syracuse]
An Ozark Story [Syracuse]

General Piano Scores [Syracuse]
Volume I (bound)
"Grey Days" (rep.), 1 page
"Falling Snow" (rep.), 5 pages
"Those Damned Foreigners" (rep.), 2 pages
"Delirium of the City" (rep.), 3 pages
"The Prairies" (rep.), 1 page
"Boisterous Fugue" (rep.), 8 pages
"Rain Dripping Off the Roof" (rep.), 1 page
"Organ Grinder with Monkey" (rep;), 1 page
"Gazing Out the Window" (rep.), 1 page
"Sweet Tones" (rep.), 1 page
"My Friends" (rep.) , 1 page
"Goodbye to the Princess" (rep.), 1 page
"Fuge" (rep.), 5 pages
"Canonische Fuge" (rep.) , 4 pages
"Fuge (drei stimmig)" (rep.), 3 pages
"Jazzing Shadows (Blues)" (rep.), 8 pages
"The Coal Shuttle Blues" (printed), 8 pages
Volume II (bound)
"Kankankee River" (printed) pub. by Wesley Webster, San Bruno, Cal., 11 pages
"To the Children" (original), 2 pages
"Organ Grinder with Monkey" (original), 3 pages
"Tender Hands" (original), 2 pages
"Sleepy River" (original), 3 pages
"In Hungary" (original), 1 page
"Gone Forever" (original), 1 page
"Poc Hiss Piv Lento" (original), 1 page
Miscellaneous Practice Pages (original), 2 pages
"Wastin' Time" (original), 6 pages
"Trio" (original), 6 pages
"Coda" (original), 2 pages
"Appendix" (original), 2 pages
"How Still the Bells" (original), 3 pages

Early Composition for Piano Bound (with lyrics in German and English) (original) (39 pages) [Syracuse]

[under construction]
see also Bacon @ American Art Song
Ten songs, voice and piano (pub. San Francisco, 1928)
    - Beat! Beat! Drums! [text:W. Whitman] [also for baritone and orchestra] [To George Fleming Houston]
    - Der du von dem Himmel bist (O Thou Who in Heaven Art) [text: Goethe] [also for baritone & orch, 1924?] [To Helen Beck]
    - Schilflied (Nocturne) [text: N. Lenau] [To Mary Prentice Little]
    - Ich liebe Dich [text: Rückert] [To Helen Beck]
    - Die Nachtblume [text: Eichendorff] [To Virginia Mandyszewski]
    - Was ist mir denn so wehe? [text: Eichendorff] [To Roland Hayes]
    - Gebet [text: H. Lecher] [To Sigrid Onegin]
    - Wanderers Nachtlied [text: Göthe] [To my Mother]
    - First Day [text: M. P. Lillie] [To Eugene Lombard]
    - Twilight [text: W. Whitman] [To Paul Horgan]
Songs from Emily Dickinson (16 songs), mediium/high voice and piano (pub. 1930)
    - O friend!
    - Is there such a thing as day?
    - The grass so little has to do [final setting]
    - As if the sea should part
    - From blank to blank
    - Savior
    - How still the bells
    - The grass so little has to do [early setting]
    - She went as quiet as the dew
    - My river runs to thee
    - I'm nobody
    - Let down the bars
    - It's coming--the postponeless creature
    - The sun went down
    - Wild nights
    - The heart asks pleasure first
Songs at Parting (8 songs), voice and piano (1930) [text: Walt Whitman]
    - Grand is the seen
    - The last invocation
    - Darest thou now, o soul
    - Twilight
    - One thought ever at the fore
    - Joy, shipmate, joy
    - Whispers of heavenly death [also for baritone or alto and orchestra] [Free Library of Philadelphia]
    - The sobbing of the bells
My River (5 songs), medium voice and orchestra (1931?) [text: Emily Dickinson] [? from "Songs from Emily Dickinson", 1930?]
Songs of Eternity (4 songs), baritone or contralto and orchestra (1932; fp. 1936) [text: Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman]
    - As if the sea should part [text: Emily Dickinson]
    - It's coming - The postponeless creature [text: Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman]
    - The Sun went down [text: Emily Dickinson]
    - The Sobbing of the bells [text: Walt Whitman]
Black and White (5 songs), baritone or mezzo-soprano and orchestra (1932)
    - Drivin' steel
    - Sucking cider
    - Low bridge or Erie Canal (Dec. 1929; pub. separately, 1942)
    - The Colorado trail
    - Brady
Twilight (3 songs), low voice and orchestra (1932; fp. 1936) [text: Walt Whitman] ????
Midnight Special (4[???] songs), medium voice and orchestra (1932; fp. 1936)
    - Midnight special
    - Take me back
    - Careless love
The Commonplace, medium voice and piano (1940; pub. 1946) [text: Walt Whitman] [also used in oratorio "Usania", 1977]
Six Songs, low voice and piano (pub. 1942)
    - The banks of the Yellow Sea [text: Emily Dickinson] [also know as "Yellow Sea"]
    - Ancient Christmas Carol [text: Anonymous]
    - Omaha [text: Carl Sandburg]
    - No dew upon the grass [text: Emily Dickinson]
    - A clear midnight [text: Walt Whitman]
    - World take good notice [text:Walt Whitman]
Five Poems by Emily Dickinson, high voice and piano (pub. 1944) [1943?]
    - It's all I have to bring
    - So bashful
    - Poor little heart
    - To make a prairie
    - And this of all my hopes
Along Unpaved Roads, songs (8) of a lonesome people, voice and piano (pub. 1944) [a collection of eight American folk songs]
    - Sourwood mountain
    - Sucking cider
    - Sinful shoe
    - Careless love
    - Common Bill
    - Midnight special
    - De boll weevil
    - My Lulu
Four Songs for Soprano, soprano and piano (1940-46; pub. 1946)
    - Lord of ev'rything [text: Janet Lewis]
    - These yellow sands [text: Shakespeare]
    - Where the bee sucks [text: Shakespeare]
    - Epitaph [text: E.S. Millay]
Songs From the American folk, medium and low voice and piano (pub. 1946)
    - Adam and Eve
    - The lonesome grove
    - Buffalo gals [also for voice and orchestra]
The Red Rose, medium voice and piano (c.1945-49) [text: Robert Burns]
Brady, bass or baritone and piano (pub. 1949)
Billy in the Darbies, baritone and piano (1940s; rev. 1976) [text: Herman Melville's "Billy Budd"]
O Friend, medium voice and piano (1940s) [text: Emily Dickinson]
Quiet Airs (12 songs), high voice and piano (pub. 1952)
    - Twilight [text: Sara Teasdale] [To Douglas Moore]
    - Gentle greeting [text: Emily Brontë] [To Yves Tinayre
    - The divine ship [text: Walt Whitman] [To Frances Crane Lillie]
    - Of love [text: Robert Herrick] [To Eva Gauthier]
    - Eden [text: Emily Dickinson] [To Albert and Elizabeth Elkins]
    - The little stone [text: Emily Dickinson] [To Albert Frankenstein]
    - Fond affection [text: anonymous] [To Giulio and Eveline Silva]
    - Stars [text: A.E. Housman] [To John Edmunds]
    - The heart [text: Emily Dickinson] [To Ethel Luening]
    - Song of snow-white heads [text: Cho Wēn-chün, tr. Arthur Waley] [To Henry and Sidney Cowell]
    - The lamb [text: William Blake] [In memory of Janet Fairbank]
    - To musique, to becalme his fever [text: Robert Herrick] [To Becalme His Fever, To Leo Eloesser]
The Woodchuck, bassoon and piano (pub. 1955) [?also for voice and piano?, see Library of Congress]
Of a Feather (5 songs), [voices and piano] (pub. 1975) [text: Marie Welsh]
    - The dove [Syracuse: I]
    - The condor [Syracuse: V]
    - The sparrow [Syracuse: III]
    - The pigeon [Syracuse: IV]
    - The vulture [Syracuse: II]

Tender Songs, voice and orchestra (????) ["To Emily Dickinson"] [Free Library of Philadelphia]
    - So well that I can live without
    - The Grass so little has to do
    - And this of all my hopes
    - My river runs to thee
    - The Heart asks pleasure first
Peace, low voice or unison chorus [and piano?] (????) [Library of Congress]
So set its sun in thee, voice and piano (????) [Library of Congress & Syracuse University]
. . . over 200 other songs

Song Collections
Grass Roots, soprano, alto and piano (2 Volumes, pub. 1976)
Fifty Songs, voice and piano (pub. 1974) ["Ernst Bacon: a contemporary tribute," by P. Horgan]
    Songs of exaltation
        - The unseen soil / Walt Whitman
        - Christ's Sunday morn / Old English
        - Sunset
        - In the silent West / Emily Dickinson
        - Sailing homeward / Chan-Fang-Shen
        - Solitude
        - Eternity / E. Dickinson
    Songs of love
        - As well as Jesus / E. Dickinson
        - Sonnet / Elizabeth Barrett Browning
        - Little boy / English, 17th century
        - Miranda's song / Shakespeare
        - To a loving husband / Anne Bradstreet ["a songlet for soprano and alto" - Library of Congress]
        - Nocturne / Nikolaus Lenau
        - A brighter morning / Helena Carus
        - Eden / E. Dickinson
    Songs of sorrow
        - She went
        - A threadless way / E. Dickinson
        - Late call / Cornel Lengyel
        - The imperial heart / E. Dickinson
        - Calm soul / Matthew Arnold
    Songs of nature
        - The bat
        - The swamp
        - A spider
        - Snowfall
        - Summer's lapse / E. Dickinson
        - Flowers and moonlight / Yang-Ti
    Songs of indignation
        - The Spanish Armada / John Still
        - To a newcomer / C. Lengyel
        - After Blenheim / Robert Southey
        - Caliban / Shakespeare
    Songs of Usania
        - Minding your own business / Trad.
        - Buffalo skinners / Trad.
        - The dodger / Trad.
        - My land / Anon.
        - Omaha / Carl Sandburg
    Songs of tenderness
        - Christmas eve / Tennyson
        - Sleep / Shakespeare
        - To music: a fragment / Shelley
        - Infant joy / William Blake
        - Ancient carol / Anon.
    Songs of whimsey
        - Weeping and sighing / E. Dickinson
        - Melody on a leaf / Western Chinese
        - I'm nobody / E. Dickinson
        - No more milk / Dr. Samuel Johnson
    Songs of death
        - Lingering last drops / Walt Whitman
        - We never know / E. Dickinson
        - Thou too / Goethe
        - On the frontiers / W. Whitman
        - Farewell / E. Dickinson
        - At the last / W. Whitman
Songs from Emily Dickinson, "Nature, Time, and Space",high voice and piano (reprinted 2002)
    - Is there such a thing as day? (c. 1940)
    - The grass so little has to do (c. 1931)
    - The spider (version 1)
    - The spider (version 2)
    - The snake
    - A drop fell on the apple tree
    - Alabaster wool
    - Eternity
    - Sunset
    - The simple days
    - On this wondrous sea
    - With the first arbutus
    - The little stone
    - Clover
    - Velvet people (1940-47; pub. 1958)
    - Angels on the sand
    - The bat
    - The mountain
    - Nature, the gentlest mother
    - The morns are meeker
    - A wind like a bugle
    - Yellow
Songs of A. E. Housman [S.l.]: [s.n.], n.d., Printed piano-vocal score; 30 p.
Songs of the people, Photocopy of holograph piano-vocal score; 32 p. each
Songs with lyrics by C. Lengyal, Holograph piano-vocal scores in ink; 12 p.
Tributaries, medium/high voice and piano (pub. 1978)
    [includes 31 songs on texts by Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Shakespeare, A. E. Housman, Robert Burns, and others.
    "Limited edition; 200 copies.]
    - World, take notice
    - Lingering last drops
    - The Spanish armada
    - The banks of the Yellow Sea
    - If bees are few
    - Sunset
    - Ariel
    - With the first arbutus
    - Sleep
    - Miranda
    - Summer's lapse
    - The bat
    - There's this to say
    - No more
    - Farewell to a name
    - This and my heart
    - Eden
    - Alabaster wool
    - Dusk
    - Vanity of vanities
    - Ancient carol
    - The last invocation
    - The divine ship
    - The red rose
    - Song of snow-white heads
    - Simple days
    - Water
    - The postponeless creature
    - Eternity
    - The unquiet grave
    - The unseen soul

[under construction]
Air, Photocopy of holograph piano/vocal score; 4 p./last song
American hymns, Holograph instrumental and vocal parts in ink; 27 p. CHORUS ???
Canticle of the sun, Photocopy of score for 2 pianos-vocal score; 63 p. CHORUS ??? [?1963 work by Howard Boatwright???]
Cricket, Photocopy of holograph piano-vocal; 2 p.
Dow-del-dey-dum, Photocopy of holograph piano-vocal score; 1 p.
Dusk, in memory of Douglas Moore, Photocopy of holograph piano-vocal score [?in "Tributaries", voice and piano, 1978]
A fish (a canon in symmetric inversion), Photocopy of holograph piano-vocal score; 2 p.
Flea or follow?, Photocopy of holograph piano-vocal score; 2 p.
Holy night, Holograph piano-vocal score with annotations; 1 p. incomplete
The politician, Photocopy of holograph piano-vocal score; 2 p.
[Rounds and canons 2, 3, & 4 voices], Holographs in ink for vocal with little or optional accompaniment; 31 p.
[Rounds and canons 2, 3, & 4 voices], Photocopy of holograph for 3 voices and piano or organ; 1 p.
Red Cross hymn, Photocopy of copyist's holograph of close score; 4 p.
The sophomore little hymnal [a collaboration of E. Bacon and students of Converse College] [9 p.] HYMNAL
Folk songs of various people (bound) (original) [Syracuse]

Death Mr. President, incidental music, 2 pianos (fp. 1940) [later scored for orchestra]
The Tempest, incidental music, 2 pianos, cello, clarinet, perc. and organ (fp. 1946)
    Tempest music, voice and [chamber orchestra] (????) [Free Library of Philadelphia]
            The Tempest, 1st Version (folio)
            "Storm Before Act. I, Sc. I" (original) (8 pages)
            "While You Here Do Snoring Lie" Act I, Sc. II (original) (1 page)
            Musical Fragments for "Tempest," Act I, Sc. II (original) (2 pages)
            Fragments for The Tempest Act I, Sc. II (original) (2 pages)
            "Enter Trinculo with a Burden of Wood" Act II, Sc.II (original) (2 pages)
            "Log-Bearing Music" (original) Act III, Sc. I (3 pages)
            "Caliban, "That's Not the Tune" Act III, Sc. II (original) (2 pages)
            "Ariel, "Is Nothing But Heart's Sorrow and a Clear Life Ensuing" (original) (1 page)
            "Introduction to Act IV" (original) (3 pages)
            "Prospero and Ariel Setting on Diverse Spirits" Act IV, Sc.I (original) (3 pages)
            "Music of the Shapes" (original) (2 pages)
            "No More Dams" (original) (2 pages)
            "Stephano's Song" (original) (2 pages)
            "Full Fathom Five" (original) (1 page)
            "Marriage Blessing" (original) (2 pages)
            "Music of the Goddesses" (original) (2 pages)

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Ernst Bacon, a Composer Known For Echoing America, Dies at 91 (Glenn Fowler, The New York Times)
Ernst Bacon Collection (Library of Congress)
Ernst Bacon Papers (Syracuse University)
Inventory of the Ernst Bacon Papers, 1926-1987 (Online Archive of California)

Composer website (The Ernst Bacon Society)

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Bacon @ Syracuse University Press, Mercury Music Corporation
Bacon @ Warner Bros. Publications
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    - Summy-Birchard
Bacon @ W. Webster
Bacon @ World Library Publications

Streaming Audio
Bacon @ Composer website
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Bacon @ Internet Archive/RadiOM - Elder Statesmen of American Music
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The ark, Holograph full score in ink; 92 p./incomplete/missing p. 2,17 ????
Bourée, Holograph score; 2 p. water damaged ????
Coming and going [from Concerto for piano no.2], Photocopy of copyist's full score with holograph markings; 23 p.
Four settings, Holograph of orchestra parts with annotations????
Four settings, Photocopy of holograph piano-vocal score; 6 p. each incomplete????
Furiante, Holograph score; 2 p. ????
Necklace of cambiatas, holograph melodic lines; 1 p. ????
The purple taffic, Holograph full score in ink ; 4 p. ????
White marsh, Holograph full score, with annotations; 8 p. ????
Far Away [Syracuse]
Simple Airs from Here and There [Syracuse]
Air des Bouffons [Syracuse]
Chittenango - orchestral parts [Syracuse]
Drum Taps (full score) [Syracuse]

Apothegms [Syracuse]
The Eternal Paradox
The Lasting Stone
The Passing Moment
Uses of Wit
Truth and Man
The Poet
Spirits and Elements
The Happier Sheep
Gifts from the Devil
The Levellers
The Camel
Our Friends

Sketch Books, bound [Syracuse]
"Canons and Rounds" (original) (29 pages)
"Cello, Sonata, Orchestra" (original) (74 pages)
"The Cockleburr Frolic" (original) (109 pages)
"Elk Lake" (original) (61 pages)
"Epigrams" (original) (42 pages)
"Further Sketches for 'Drumlin Garden'" (original) (59 pages)
"John Hardy" et al. (original) (60 pages)
"A Little Cycle of Christmas Carols for Cello & Piano" (orig.) (73 pages)
"Little Tunes for the Piano" (original) (44 pages)
"Lullaby" (original) (24 pages)
"March" et al. (original) (120 pages)
"Misc. Sketches incl. Choral Work for 'Farewell'" (original) (79 pages)
"Notes for 'By Blue Ontario's Shore" (original) (24 pages)
"Notes on 'By Blue Ontario's Shore"' (original) (55 pages)
"Of Love" et al. (original) (48 pages)
"Proverbs of Lao-Tsu" (original) (73 pages)
"Scraps" (original) (37 pages)
"Sketches of Overture and Piano Fugue Also College Song" (orig.) (51 pages)
"Songs" (original) (70 pages)
"Songs '50" (original) (46 pages)
"String Quartet in A Minor Incl. 4 Movements" (original) (31 pages)
"Table of Simple Newms and Song" (original) (53 pages)
"Tempest Notes" (original) (15 pages)
"Tunes for Drumlin Garden" (original & typescript) (78 pages)

Sketches, miscellaneous [Syracuse]
"The Bat" et al. (original) (190 pages)
"Love" et al. (original and rep.) (108 pages)
"Passacaglia" et al. (original) (300 pages)
Miscellaneous Scores [Syracuse]
"Never to Know" et al. (some with lyrics) (original) (131 pages)
"Tis Far Off Like a ( )" (some with lyrics) (original) (31 pages)

Contrapuntal Studies, Early (bound)
"Fugue" (rep.) (5 pages)
"Fugue" (original) (4 pages)
"Prelude" (original) (3 pages)
"Fugue" (original) (4 pages)
"Prelude" (original) (3 pages)
"Fugal Fantasy" (original) (6 pages)
"Fugue for Two Pianos" (original) (20 pages)


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