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Glenda Austin (1951-     )

Glenda Austin received her academic training at the University of Missouri at Columbia, where she received both her Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education and her Master of Music-Piano degrees. Besides being active in family and church life, Glenda is involved in the local community through playing for local theater productions, club programs, and is a member and past president of the Joplin Piano Teachers Association. She has, of course, taught piano at all levels, from kindergarten through high school and advanced students. Presently, Glenda teaches at College Heights Christian School, with classes ranging from elementary music through high school choir. In addition to an already full, productive and blessed life in Joplin, Glenda is known regionally, nationally, and internationally. She has been composing for Willis Music Company for years and has been commissioned to compose music for various organizations, as well as Clavier magazine. Many of her pieces have been included in state piano repertoire lists, with the Federated Music Clubs, and she is often invited to judge music festivals and competitions. Her association with Willis Music has taken Glenda to states from Hawaii to Florida, where she presents workshops for conventions and teaching organizations. Now known internationally, Glenda's music is published in Japan by Zen-On publishers, Tokyo and recorded by Victor Recording, Tokyo. Glenda has had the good fortune of visiting Japan twice in recent years for the purpose of recording her music, and presenting workshops throughout Japan.

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Soloist(s) w/Orchestra

Chorus w/Orchestra



Classy Caper (Willis Music, ????) [EI]
Free! (Willis Music, ????) [EI]
Garden in the Moonlight (Willis Music, ????) [E]
Western Jamboree (Willis Music, ????) [EA]

Entrance of the Clowns (Willis Music, 1981) [EI]
Irish Jig (Willis Music, 1981) [MI]
Sea Nocturne (Willis Music, 1984) [EA]
Jazz Suite (Willis Music, 1985) [EA]
Promenade (Willis Music, 1986) [A]
Valse Brilliante (Willis Music, 1986) [A]
Tangorific (Willis Music, 1987) [LI]
Chromatic Conversation (Willis Music, 1988) [MI]
Blue Mood Waltz (Willis Music, 1989) [LI]
Etude in E Major (Willis Music, 1989) [EI]
Going Baroque (Willis Music, 1989) [LE]
Samba Serenade (Willis Music, 1991) [MI]
Silhouette Waltz (Willis Music, 1992) [EI]
A Little Mexico (Willis Music, 1996) [LE]
Springtime (Willis Music, 1996) [LE]
Tarantella (Spider at Midnight) (Willis Music, 1996) [LE]
Warm Summer Wind (Willis Music, 1996) [EI]
Flamingo Waltz (Willis Music, 1997) [EI]
South Sea Lullaby (Willis Music, 1997) [EI]
Sunset Over the Sea (Willis Music, 1997) [LE]
Summertime Blues (Willis Music, 1998) [EI]
Splattered With Style! (6pcs) (Willis Music, 1998) [LE]
 - Chuggin' Along
 - Irish Morn
 - Oriental Spring
 - Black Cat Bounce
 - Mexican Celebration
 - On the Right Track
Feel The Beat! - Pianovations (6pcs) (Willis Music, 1999) [EI]
 - "Sync" It!
 - Jamaica Me Happy!
 - Jivin' Around
 - That Bongo Beat
 - "Goodbye, Summer" Blues
 - Calypso Crazy
Lyric Etudes (Willis Music, 1999?) [LE-EI]
 - Rippling Waters
 - An Irish Lullaby
 - Tarantella Cromatica
 - Just Moseying Along
 - Rushing Waters
 - On a Tightrope
 - Dancing Triplets
Candlelight Waltz (Willis Music, 2000) [EI]
A Cheerful Jig (Willis Music, 2001) [LE]
Jazz Suite No. 2 (Willis Music, 2001) [MI]
Reverie (Willis Music, 2001) [EI]
Southpaw Swing (Willis Music, 2001) [LE]
Simplified New Orleans Jazz (Willis Music, 2001) [LE] [music by William Gillock; arr. by Austin]
     [also called "New Orleans Jazz Styles - William Gillocks's originals made easy"]
 - New Orleans Nightfall
 - The Constant Bass
 - Dixieland Combo
 - Frankie and Johnny (Theme and Variations)
 - Mardi Gras
Teaching Little Fingers to Play More Hymns (Willis Music, 2002) [E]
Amazing Grace (Willis Music, 2003) [A]
Teaching Little Fingers to Play More Familiar Tunes (Willis Music, 2003) [E]
Jazz Kats (Willis Music, 2005) [MI]
Razzle Dazzle Rag (Willis Music, 2005) [LE]
More Simplified New Orleans Jazz (Willis Music, 2005) [E] [music by William Gillock; arr. by Austin]
 - Taking It Easy
 - After Midnight
 - Mister Trumpet Man
 - Bourbon Street Saturday Night
 - New Orleans Blues
Still More Simplified New Orleans Jazz (Willis Music, 2005) [E] [music by Gillock; arr. by Austin]
 - Mississippi Mud
 - Uptown Blues
 - Downtown Beat
 - Bill Bailey
 - Canal Street Blues
Sizzlin' Salsa (Willis Music, 2015?) [EI]
 - Cruising the Caribbean
 - Carnival in St. Thomas
 - Mexican Fiesta
 - A Serene Beguine
 - An Evening in Jamaica
 - Calypso Cha-Cha
 - Rio Rumba
 - Samba Serenade (originally published , 1991) [MI]
Splattered with Fun! (14pcs) (Willis Music, 2005) [LE]
 - Backtalk (C major)    
 - Thunderstorm (C minor)    
 - Gliding High (D major)    
 - Procession (D minor)    
 - The Whiskery Walrus (E major)    
 - Shadow Tag (E minor)    
 - Tag Team (F major)    
 - Midnight Chase (F minor)
 - Smooth Sailing (G major)
 - Mysterious Visitor (G minor)
 - A Sunny Day (A major)
 - Autumn Morning (A minor)
 - A Sunday Stroll (B major)
 - Rolling Clouds (B minor)
Teaching Little Fingers to Play Familiar Tunes (Willis Music, 2005) [E]
Fifth Avenue Stroll (Willis Music, 2007) [EI]
Grand Sonatina in G (Willis Music, 2007) [MI]
Romantic Rhapsody (Willis Music, 2008) [LI]
Tarantella in G Minor (Willis Music, 2009) [EI]
Barnyard Strut (Willis Music, 2010) [EE]
Bow-Wow Blues (Willis Music, 2010) [EE]
Bye-Bye Blues (Willis Music, 2010) [EI]
Carousel (Willis Music, 2010) [MI]
Neat Beat (Willis Music, 2010) [EI]
Twilight Tarantella (Willis Music, 2010) [LE]
Lyric Waltzes (7pcs) (Willis Music, 2010) [EI]
 - Autumn Waltz
 - Carousel Waltz
 - Flamingo Waltz
 - Springtime Waltz [also arr. for piano 4-hands]
 - Valse Parisienne
 - Waltz of Winter
 - Wistful Waltz
Seven Major Moods (Willis Music, 2010) [EI]
 - Bass Clef Blues
 - Cancion de la Luna
 - Rodeo Roundup
 - Roundabout
 - Tarantella with a Twist
 - Terrapin Waltz
 - A Touch of Blue
The Blizzard (Willis Music, 2011) [EE]
Cherokee Prayer Of Peace (Willis Music, 2011) [E]
Hayride Hoedown (Willis Music, 2011) [LE]
My Grandfather Clock (Willis Music, 2011) [E]
A Waltz To Remember (Willis Music, 2011) [EI]
Flight Of Freedom (Willis Music, 2012) [MI]
Miss Kitty Kat (Willis Music, 2012) [E]
Chop Suey (Willis Music, 2013) [E]
The Galloping Ghost (Willis Music, 2013) [LE]
Composer's Choice - Glenda Austin (Willis Music, 2013)
 - Blue Mood Waltz (originally published, 1989) [MI]
 - Chromatic Conversation (orig pub, 1988) [MI]
 - Etude in E Major (orig pub, 1989) [EI]
 - Midnight Caravan (newly published, 2013) [I]
 - Reverie (orig pub , 2001) [EI]
 - South Sea Lullaby (orig pub , 1997) [EI]
 - Tangorific (orig pub , 1987) [LI]
 - Valse Belle (newly published, 2013) [I]
Uptown Rag (Willis Music, 2014) [MI]
Composer's Choice - Glenda Austin (Willis Music, 2014)
 - Betcha-Can Boogie (newly published, 2014)
 - Jivin' Around (originally published, 1999)
 - The Plucky Penguin (newly published, 2014)
 - Rolling Clouds (orig pub, 2005)
 - Shadow Tag (orig pub, 2005)
 - Southpaw Swing (orig pub, 2001)
 - Sunset Over the Sea (orig pub, 1997)
 - Tarantella (Spider at Midnight) (orig pub, 1996)
Seven Minor Moods (Willis Music, 2015) [EI]
 - Adieu l'automne
 - The Bungling Burglar
 - The Enchanted Moor
 - Midnight Escape
 - Mystical Maze
 - Perilous Ascent
 - The Super Sleuth
Valse en vogue (Willis Music, 2016) [MI]
Stars in the Sky (Way up High) (Willis Music, 2017) [MI]
My Boy, Scott (Willis Music, 2018) [E]

Piano Duets
Valse Elegante, piano 4-hands (Willis Music, 1990) [MI]
Bavarian Holiday, piano 4-hands (Willis Music, 199?) [I]
A Little Salsa In Tulsa, piano 4-hands (Willis Music, 2004) [EI]
Bravo Brasilia!, piano 4-hands (Willis Music, 2006) [EI]
Fifth Avenue Stroll, piano 4-hands (Willis Music, 2007) [I]
All-American Ragtime Duets, piano 4-hands (Willis Music, 2009) [EI]
 - The Joplin Jubilee Rag
 - The Albuquerque Rag
 - The Kalamazoo Rag
 - The Kansas City Rag
 - The Omaha Rag
 - The Texarkana Rag
A Little Bit Of Bach, piano 4-hands (Willis Music, 2010) [EI]
Barnyard Strut, piano 4-hands (Willis Music, 2010) [E]
Rockin' Ragtime Boogie, piano 4-hands (Willis Music, 2010) [LE]
Springtime Waltz, piano 4-hands (Willis Music, 2010) [LE] [also for piano 2-hands]
Samba Sensation, piano 4-hands (Willis Music, 2012) [MI]
Toucan Tango, piano 4-hands (Willis Music, 2014) [MI]
Shake the Papaya Down!, piano 4-hands (Willis Music, 2018) [E]

Hymns Arrangements
Hymn Classics (9pcs) (Willis Music, 1997) [LE]
Teaching Little Fingers to Play More Hymns (10pcs) (Willis Music, 2002) [E]
Solos for the Sanctuary - Christmas (12pcs) (Willis Music, 2004) [??]
Hymn Classics, Volume 2 (9pcs) (Willis Music, 2005) [LE]
Solos for the Sanctuary - Hymns (7pcs) (Willis Music, 2011) [MI]
Solos for the Sanctuary - Spirituals (7pcs) (Willis Music, 2011) [MI-LI]
Solos for the Sanctuary - Worship (9pcs) (Willis Music, 2012) [MI-LI]
Solos for the Sanctuary - Gospel (8pcs) (Willis Music, 2014) [??]
Solos for the Sanctuary - Hymns 2 (10pcs) (Willis Music, 2019) [I]

Christmas Arrangements
Christmas Classics (8pcs) (Willis Music, 1995) [E]
More Christmas Classics (8pcs) (Willis Music, 1996) [EI]
Still More Christmas Classics (8pcs) (Willis Music, 1998) [LE]


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Austin @ Hal Leonard
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