About Pytheas ...

The Pytheas Center for Contemporary Music, a Maine based nonprofit organization,
is a wide ranging web nexusfor contemporary concert music.
Our mission is to promote contemporary composers
and their music through information, understanding and performances.


The center gets its name from Pytheas (c. 380 – c. 310 BCE), a Greek explorer, geographer and merchant. He made a voyage of exploration to northwestern Europe around 325 BC,
traveling around a considerable part of Great Britain, circumnavigating it between 330 and 320 BC.
Pytheas is the first person on record to describe the beauties of
the Midnight Sun, the aurora borealis and Polar ice,
and the first to mention the name Britannia and the Germanic tribes.

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We would love to hear your input, ideas, feedback and comments
 email Pytheas at  vfuerst@maine.rr.com

Vinny Fuerst, executive director

Vinny Fuerst @ Pytheas
Pytheas Center for Contemporary Music
389 Cousins Street, Yarmouth, Maine, USA  04096
207. 846. 6658

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